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Growing Up

"Our spiritual condition is the basis for a successful recovery that offers unlimited growth."
Basic Text, p. 43

When our members celebrate their recovery anniversaries, they often say that they've "grown up" in NA. Well, then, we think, what does that mean? We start to wonder if we're grownups yet. We check our lives and yes, all the trappings of adulthood are there: the checkbook, the children, the job, the responsibilities. On the inside, though, we often feel like children. We're still confused by life much of the time. We don't always know how to act. We sometimes wonder whether we're really grownups at all, or whether we're children who've somehow been put into adult bodies and given adult responsibilities.

Growth is not best measured by physical age or level of responsibility. Our best measure of growth is our spiritual condition, the basis of our recovery. If we're still depending on people, places, and things to provide our inner satisfaction, like a child depending on its parents for everything, we do indeed have some growing to do. But if we stand secure on the foundation of our spiritual condition, considering its maintenance our most important responsibility, we can claim maturity. Upon that foundation, our opportunities for growth are limitless.

Just for today: The measure of my maturity is the extent to which I take responsibility for the maintenance of my spiritual condition. Today, this will be my highest priority.


Yesterday I was honored with the arrival of an email from the Desk of Elviza Michele Kamal. Yeah, you got that right. The same Elviza Michele who graces on our National TV1's Blog programme which was aired last November 23rd, 2008. For those who had missed (definitely Mat Salo for one) that programme you can watch it now on Video Blog.

She is also the BlogMaster of the awesome Write Away. Mat Cendana, a dear friend from Recovery described our mutual friend way better on his Recovery From Drug Addiction. Head over there now. You can thank me later for introducing a great writer to you all.

In a very small way I hope by spreading this message I could help at least one Palestinian's child. I couldn't bear to read and hear about the bombardment on Gaza whereby most of the innocent victims killed were children. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I even cried my heart out on my beloved lap almost every night as though they were my own children being killed by the Israelis.

Well, enough of that. Crying will not solve any problems. We have to take some kind of action. Below is the rest of the message. Read on my friends;

If your heart bleeds for the atrocities bestowed on Gaza by the Israelis, do lend them a hand. Let us part with whatever we can afford to help Palestinians in their time of grief.

ArahMan7 moral obligations
Image from Elviza's Write Away.

Mercy Malaysia has, on 30th December 2008, formed an Emergency Response Assessment Team to face the humanitarian crisis in Gaza strip. The team has been promptly dispatched to Egypt led by President, Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood and Exco Member Norazam Ab. Samah.

Gaza's dare to care
Image from Annie's Letters

The air strike and ground offensive on Gaza - as reported by AlJazeera - have killed more than 700 Palestinians, 219 of which are children. More than 3000 have been wounded.

Atrocities bestowed on Gaza by the Israelis
Image from SignOnSanDiego[dot]com

Shin Bet boasts of 1,000 assassinations, included 150 children
Image from Sabbah's Blog

Therefore, Mercy Malaysia appeals to generous Malaysians to send it cash donations. Contributions will support Mercy Malaysia to procure emergency surgical kits, medicines and hospital equipments to help the hospitals in Gaza.
  • Cheque is to be made payable to “MERCY MALAYSIA” and addressed to Mercy Malaysia, Level 2, Podium Block, City Point, Kompleks Dayabumi, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Cash donations can be made via on-line transmission or deposit at CIMB Bank Account No: 1424-000-6561053.
  • Donation form can be downloaded from here.
  • Further enquiries are to be directed to +603-22733999 or info@mercy.org.my

Oh yeah, I have also opened a new thread on CARI Forum. Hopefully to get some positive feedback from those Bloggers over there.

Last but not least, let us make a difference by whatever little we have. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generosity.

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18 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

i so agree with this take on growing up. becoming sober has forced me to grow up, and i mean that in the best, most positive sense. drugs and alcohol halts our ability to grow. that's a fact.

Leonard Buschel said...

Thank you for your writings and the work you are doing.
Compassion, Peace and Understanding, although I don't know which comes first, but they all must come!!

Leonard Buschel
Los Angeles

ArahMan7 said...

# Shadow - Gee, thank you my friend. You have always been my inspiration.

# Leonard Buschel - Wow, it sure is an honour. The WebMaster of Writers in Treatment came visiting and leaving a comment on my humble blog.

Thank you Sir. Really appreciate it very much.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ArahMan7.
I like the way you start posts with something for NA - There is ALWAYS something to learn, reinforce or/and of immediate benefit. This one about "spiritual growth" - it's a reminder to me to do something... YES, it's critical; as all of us can attest to.

Having read how you handled the one on Gaza/Palestine, I appears that I will probably be able to link here and there while writing "something related" at "Cendana Blues". Another Thanks to you.

ArahMan7 said...

# Cendana287 - Thank you my friend. I'm glad you like it.

Did you know that I was once accused of spamming for doing that. She said I was using someone else material for my blog's content. She even went as far as to report me to a Social Network and had my account terminated!

It's ok coz this is a personal blog and she can report and had my account terminated for all I care.

You know, that's what the Longgeng people used to say, "One man's meat is one man's poison." Ironic isn't it? Our recovery friends seem to like it, but only ONE girl don't, kah! kah! kah!

Anyway, see you around my friend.

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

Anonymous said...

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ArahMan7 said...

Thank you Hapi. Yeah, I've published a post about adding AdSense on one of my blogs.It was published on Wednesday July 18, 2007. You can read it on Experience The Best Blogger Support Locally.

And thank you. I always visit my blog without anyone telling me to, hehehe!

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

On line Pharmacy said...

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ArahMan7 said...

Hola Online Pharmacy,

Thanks for leaving a comment.

~ ArahMan7

bokjae said...

Hey man! Keep up the good work!!! haha!

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" to you! Drop by to let U know that my new blog is now at http://www.jangbokjae.com Thanks and have a wonderful start to the Year of The Golden Ox!

Nicole said...

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ArahMan7 said...

Hola Nicole,

Thanks for the head-up. I might visit your blog if I'm in need of any full version software, ;-)

See you around.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

Gwen R said...

Hi ArahMan! Have a wonderful 24 in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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