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But they come & go

Even since the news hit the masses last Monday on October 13th, 2008, I was bombarded with questions via email and hand phone. Unfortunately my hand phone was out of order since last Saturday (as I stated on FaceBook) and I guess it's more practical to make a post about it to answer to all my friends inquiry rather than answering it one by one.

You can read about BuluhMas being busted by Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) here on The New Straits Times Online, and here on BNM Press Statements and here on Utusan Malaysia Online or you can just Google it.

This post is not about the legality of BuluhMas. The law can deal with it. If they say it's against the to make money with BuluhMas, so be it! If not, I can still live my life happily ever after. But one thing for sure, BuluhMas had been good to me. I didn't miss from getting paid, yet.

When I was still using heroin heavily, I would not tolerate if I were to be asked, "What going on with BuluhMas? I heard their office had been raided by The BNM!"

I simply felt the questioners are just being sarcastic. I could see them standing akimbo, sneering at me. "See, I told you so..., " I heard them say.

In a worst case scenario, it usually ended up with a fist fight. Oh boy, what a nut case I were before? I don't know, I just thought I were doing the right thing. I could never listened to any advises, no matter how sincere it was given. I just felt they were all being sarcastic and insincere. They were just jealous and wouldn't let me have my peace of mind!The story of my street using is pretty normal. I used anything and everything available every day. It didn't matter what I took so long as I got high. Drugs seemed good to me in those years. I was a crusader; I was an observer; I was afraid; and I was alone. Sometimes I felt all-powerful and sometimes I prayed for the comfort of idiocy - if only I didn't have to think. I remember feeling different - not quite human - and I couldn't stand it. I stayed in my natural state ... LOADED.

But now after several years of living clean and sober, I felt different. I'm grateful for their thought and concerned about me. If I meant nothing to them, would I be receiving those kind messages? It's a nice feeling. I'm being loved after all. Thank you.


The simplest prayer

"... praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out."
Step Eleven

How do we pray? With little experience, many of us don't even know how to begin. The process, however, is neither difficult nor complicated.

We came to Narcotics Anonymous because of our drug addiction. But underlying that, many of us felt a deep sense of bewilderment with life itself. We seemed to be lost, wandering a trackless waste with no one to guide us. Prayer is a way to gain direction in life and the power to follow that direction.

Because prayer plays such a central part in NA recovery, many of us set aside a particular time each day to pray, establishing a pattern. In this quiet time, we "talk" with God, either silently or aloud. We share our thoughts, our feelings, our day. We ask, "What would You have me do?" At the same time we ask, "Please give me the power to carry out Your will."

Learning to pray is simple. We ask for "knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out." By doing that, we find the direction we lacked and the strength we need to fulfill God's will.

Just for today: I shall set aside some quiet time to "talk" with God. I shall ask for God's direction and the ability to act on it.


Well, that conclude our session today. As usual, before I take my leave here's a warning to parents about 'Pharming' brought to you by The News Room.

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Anonymous said...

This will reveal just how clueless I am with many things ... I didn't know about BuluhMas (had never even heard about it) until I saw its name here!

But anyway, I've come across something that is more important than BuluhMas (to me at least): Your quotation from NA.

Prayer is a way to gain direction in life and the power to follow the direction

This is something that I badly need right now, which maybe is more important than the money that I'm working for ... IT IS!

When the "prayers are right", then the money would follow. Prayers have to come first and foremost.

Well, like it usually does, coming to read here and at other spiritual-centric sites have helped me again in a situation I'm facing right now... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ArahMan, Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment at my blog.

I had been meaning to reply your comment in the other post - plus that of others from my other blog - in a specific post there. Things have gotten a lot more hectic than usual, and with so many things to think and write about, I was having problems with time and self management. Then Mohd Zawi's pictures came in; so I decided to write about the AADK function instead.

If it were from "others", I'd get extremely nervous and worried if someone were to mention me "as a role model" for anything - especially as "a recovered addict, who is fully cured". To me, that's only to be said on the day when I die; and this is something that only people like you and I could understand. No matter how good or well I might be doing, it's a lifetime's journey.

I appreciate and need that reassurance from you - that "we deserve the good things life could offer us too". At times I may have been knocking and punishing myself unnecessarily; feeling that "I don't deserve these good things" when some fortunate event happens ... probably because of memories of the wrongs that I had done.

I'm also happy that you are also "moving around", and that it's important to show our friends - especially those facing similar problems and situations like us - that it is indeed possible "to be somebody" by keeping off drugs and similar addictive substances. Having the conviction that there is indeed hope is crucial for our daily living.

Thanks for the offer of WordWeb Pro. Yes, I had read that it's a lot better than the free version that I'm using, and it's definitely something that I'd love to have. After all, WordWeb is way up there in my list of "Must Have" when it comes to my daily routine.

Mat Cendana said...

Since the post mentions "Money", I feel this question might be proper...

I'm interested in this "PayPerPost" thing, and I've been meaning to ask someone IN MALAYSIA on how to go about this one: How do I register for a PayPal account? Does one need to have a credit card first? (I don't have one. "Used to" when I was working fulltime had not relapsed, and it was a major source of financial problems lasting until now)

Mat Salo said...

Brother ArahMan7,

Actually I posted a very long comment here yesterday but after hitting 'publish .. ke mano ilang teh? Now I'm getting smarter composing offline on wordpad before cutting and pasting back here. Please also go to Mat C's wordpress too because I posted' a dilemma' regarding my mother's house...

I suspect you are also a 'wareh den' variety and I believe we share humble roots at a place the natives call Langgiang. Also, Kuale is something we have in common too and Manong or Sayong is something I'm very familiar with. I won a lottery when I was in Dato Klana Primary that put me in boarding school there until I was expelled few months shy of my Pom 5. Long story bro. Lucky for me everything turned out okay in the end. Alhamdullillah.

BuluhMas is new to me but the one in Melaka, about the two bro-in-laws caught by BNM I know about. Because one of my friends works for them. Dulu early 90's kan dah ada Pak Man Telo. Now with the economy going the way it is, more of 'SCK' will sprout. You watch.

Brother, I like your style of writing... love the wit and humor. This is exactly the style needed to counteract a 'depressing' or 'harsh' subjects. Yin and Yang, something like that, makes it very human and readable. Along with Mat C, you guys are a breath of fresh air to the blogging community. Keep it up bro!


-Cucu Jaman #1-
Bt. 14-1/2
(umah kek simpang tigo soborang balai)

flowerdave said...

Hi, glad to see you still blogging. I have been on a dry spell as of late . maybe when winter settles in i will get some thoughts together
peace , Flowerdave

Mat Salo said...

Yes bro'.. you're right about the 'White House' where I spent my childhood being spoiled rotten by my doting Atok and Nenek. Hmm, the next door house, also seen better days as a 'port', among other things, was razed down a few years ago. The land that house sits on actually belongs to Datin Azizah (harta pesaka) whose late husband was Dato' Mokhzani, one time head of KFC. By sheer coincidence, their son, Charon, sat beside me in 4 Sc.2 in Kole Kangsor (he entered only after LCE) and is now no.2 to Dato' Nazir of CIMB. Deputy CEO or something. No kidding.

Such is rezeki orang bro' and all manner of impediments thrown by The Almighty for his hambas. We take what we can, be grateful for the lot we have. And you, wareh den, has seen more than most people will see in a lifetime. And I believe having been on the dark side is something that is special in the sense that it has taught you plenty. Apo den cakap nih?

Anyway, yes, the Dato Klana I referred to was up the hill from our house. We'll meet one day, God Willing, and there's definitely lots to talk about.

Bro', you ever met my cousin Ayoy? Ayah eh (whom I call Pak Lang Azman) is from our side but Mak eh orang Bkt. Chandan. He spent a few years in KK looking after her (sampai ckarang masih bujang li si Ayoy tu ) until the end, about 3-4 years back. He worked as a designer for that pewter company over there but is now back with Selangor Pewter. Mak er dulu was oftentimes declared as the fairest of them all. 'Jah Lawa' is what the Chandanites know her by... Just thought you might know her.

James said...

i have a friend who always got himself into fist fights... i dunno, but he once told me that that was his way of settling differences, it's weird... though i admit that i went through that phase but it was really brief...

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