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If you are struggling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, here's a very good news especially for my American's friends. This also involved for those who are searching for a drug rehabilitation center that will help someone that is close, friends or family.

Yeah, I know drugs and alcohol addictions is one of the most dreaded social problems even here in my country Malaysia. But my American's friends are very lucky because there's an easily reachable online service called 1800NoDrugs. Yes my friends, you can call them toll-free and speak with one of their high qualified counsellors.

1800NoDrugs is a drug rehab referral service. A free, non-profit drug rehab and addiction treatment placement service.

Just Call Now! Talk to the Most Experienced Drug Rehab Counselors. 1-800-NO-DRUGS (800-663-7847)
Call 1-800-NODRUGS now
"We offer an International network of drug rehab treatment centers for all types of alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and chronic relapse clients. Finding a drug rehab program that meets your individual needs can be overwhelming. We can help assist you in finding the right treatment solution for you."
Now that I know about 1800NoDrugs, I couldn't help it to compare what I've to face long long time ago when I was still using. I wish I had known about it then. Gee, I didn't know that there are so many types of drug rehab programs. I thought there were no help for me and I kept on using until I was caught by the narcotic policemen and eventually sent to a Government controlled rehab center.

Here, their drug rehab program mode were the notorious tough and ragged, where I was forced to march like an elite special force's soldier till I dropped. I'm not going to list what happened to me in detail because those were one moment in time that I wish to forget. What I'm trying to say my friends is that, there are so many rehabilitation centers and all of them offered differing in recovery approaches. Just thinking about all of the above can make an addict who is sincerely wishes to recover become confused but rest assure my friend, 1800NoDrugs can help you to choose which rehab center and/or program that is suitable for you or for your loved one, friends and families.

1800NoDrugs will make certain that you choose among the many rehab centers and programs that:
You have an absolute right to be treated with dignity and respect by the staff members. You may be an addict, but you are still a valuable person and should be treated accordingly.
I still remember what my beloved wife told me long ago. She is one of the top gun with the Ministry of Internal Security once said, "There is no graduation for an addict."

That's why even though it is now nearly five years I'm in recovery from drug addiction I've got to be aware all the time lest I shall fall back to the old way, living life as an addict. And I can tell you my friends, life as an addict was not very pretty I can assure you that. Been there, done that you see. Call 1800NoDrugs and they can tell you that recovering from any addiction, be it drugs or alcohol is more than that. Believe it or not, you've got to have knowledges and educations. You can learn a lot about yourself, your weakness, your limitations in a rehab center.

Just Call Now! Talk to the Most Experienced Drug Rehab Counselors. 1-800-NO-DRUGS (800-663-7847) At 1800NODRUGS.com Drug Rehab Referral Services know the nation’s drug treatment centers, and can place your loved one in the drug rehab center most appropriate for them at no charge.

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Julia said...

I am so grateful for the people who make it possible for addicts to find recovery and get help.

Thanks for spreading the word.
We do recover together!


moongoddesslae said...

Good thing you have recovered!I'm proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

Hey there! I'm Sam, one of the many who Micky graced in his list. Please pardon my putting the same comment on your site that I've put on so many others.

I've copied his list (with some omission of content!) and posted in on my site, www.raanch.com. You might want to take a look, for there are 82 blogs listed there. You're bound to find a new friend to follow. Also, I'm offering to everyone the code to put the same list in a post on their site. Lastly, there's a non-link to Micky's site, where folks can post a thank you to him for his service. After all, he really helped us out by compiling this list!

Take good care!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here buddy and i'm so happy for all those making good recovery. Stay strong.


Shadow said...

hallloooooo! where are you? what you doing? you are sooooo quiet?!?!?!?!

Shadow said...

thank you for the card!!! that was very sweet. nothing to worry about, nothing to forgive, just checking up on you, you know, heee heee heee

Addiction Treatment said...

great work !! do inspire others....

Anonymous said...


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