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An Added Gift

"We see it happening among us every day. This miraculous is evidence of a spiritual awakening."
Basic Text, p. 49

We watch them walk in to their first meeting defeated, their spirits broken. Their suffering is obvious, and their desire for help even more apparent. They collect a welcome chip and go back to their seats, shaken by the efforts.

We see them again, and they seem a little more comfortable. They've found a sponsor and are attending meetings every night. They still won't meet our glance, but they nod their heads in recognition as we share. We notice a spark of hope in their eyes, and they smile uncertainly when we encourage them to keep coming back.

A few months later, they are standing straight. They've learned how to make eye contact. They're working the steps with their sponsor and are healing as a result. We listen to them sharing at meetings. We stack chairs with them afterward.

A few years later, they are speaking at a convention workshop. They've got a wonderful, humorous personality. They smile when they see us, they hug us,and they tell us they could never have done it without us. And they understand when we say, "nor could we, without you."

Just for today: I shall find joy in witnessing the recovery of another.


We had a wonderful vacation, just the two of us. Bringing my beloved wife on a trip was such a huge blessing, and it was a dream fulfilled for myself. It's like our second honeymoon. We stayed mostly in our room. Rarely do we go out, but we live like king and queen. Room service took care of our need, what's more can you asked?

As always, I feel the need to make a disclaimer: I’m NOT telling you any of this to brag. However, I do think it’s important to mention occasionally that I am “living the dream” in many ways.

After all, WHY should you listen to what I say about recovery unless I’m actually DOING these things? Most of us in recovery aspire to experience more freedom, never worry about money, spend time with family, take vacations, etc.

Things of I won't never dreamed of doing when I was still using. I've got to have my 'stock' in my pocket before I felt safe to go anywhere. But now I'm free, free to do whatever I want without worrying where I gonna have my next fix!

That's why in my family's photo album, you will notice there's someone missing. Both my parent, especially my sisters has gone to many exotic places around the world except ME! I don't want to be left alone anymore!

Anyway, here's some pictures taken in Langkawi.

ArahMan7 in Langkawi
ArahMan7 in Langkawi

Vacation in Langkawi
ArahMan7's Vacation in Langkawi

A hotel in Langkawi
The Hotel

Beautiful sunset at the beach
Beautiful Sunset

Dinner for two

Tom Clancy's Executive Orders
The latest book book that I bought in Langkawi. I'm a Tom Clancy's fan.

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5 Comments thus far...

lankapo said...

bang patut lah lama tak online
jalan-jalan makan angin rupanya

awat tak ajak
takder ole2 ker utk saya hehe

lankapo said...

bang patut lah lama tak online
jalan-jalan makan angin rupanya

awat tak ajak
takder ole2 ker utk saya hehe

Shadow said...

your holiday sounds heavenly. and also something every couple needs to do. spend time with each other and only each other. that sunset is beautiful!

Wiellyam said...

halo Mr. ArahMan lama tak jumpa nih. saya dah sering kunjung blog awak.
btw, jalan-jalan tak kasih saya ole2. ternyata malaysia sangat indah.

hehe...i just want to try malaysia language.

Anonymous said...

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