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The message of our meetings

"The fact that we, each and every group, focus on carrying the message provides consistency; addicts cancount on us."
Basic Text, p. 64-65

Tales of our antics in active addiction may be funny. Stories of our bizarre reactions to life when using may be interesting. But they tend to carry the mess more than the message. Philosophical arguments on the nature of God are fascinating. Discussions of current controversies have their place - however, it's not at an NA meeting.

Those times when we grow disgusted with meetings and find ourselves complaining that "they don't know how to share" or "it was another whining session" are probably an indication that we need to take a good, hard look at how we share.

What we share about how we got into recovery and how we stayed here through practicing the Twelve Steps is the real message of recovery. That's what we are all looking for when we go to a meeting. Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the still-suffering addict, and what we share at meetings can either contribute significantly to this effort or detract greatly. The choice, and the responsibility, is ours.

Just for today: I shall share my recovery at an NA meeting.


First of all, I would like to share with you a couple of good news. Today, December 18th, 2007 is my third wedding anniversaries. And as a present to my beloved wife, this is what I got to say;

Special Woman In My Life

It's hard for me to find the words

That will very clearly say

How very much I love you

And how you're the meaning to each day.

I'm so very glad I found you

For, with all your gentleness

You have brought joy into my life

And untold happiness.

My life has been enriched

Since the time that I met you

For, in everything we share

I see a love that is so true.

I see a heart that always cares,

A nature that's so kind

Such a beautiful lady

Who I've been so fortunate to find

You make my heart beat faster

With you I am myself

And the love we share I treasure

For it is a love above all else.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Taking a bow - to a standing ovations) You're so kind! (Still bowing and bowing. Cat-calling and whistling are heard everywhere, interspersed with the the shout of, Bravo! Bravo!)

(Timidly.) Can I begin my Oscar's acceptance speech now? ;-)

Okay, here's another good news. I heard about these Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search from Steven Wong's blog. For your information, this award is for Malaysians only.

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt to identify the hottest and most innovative website, made by youths. With thousands of Malaysian websites including blogs and portals emerging daily, we are on the lookout for owners of super cool sites, giving them recognition for their work.

If you are currently into Internet Marketing, and you are looking for oppo-tunities to get funded into your business, here is the event you shouldn't missed. Established in conjunction with Youth ’08 - Malaysia’s Youth Lifestyle Showcase, The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt for websites, portals and even blogs with the ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor.

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is brought to you by, MIRC Incubator and

I never thought of winning the award. All I can think of is that I'm able to meet the A-listed WebMasters of Malaysia. Less than 24 hours later after submitting my registration's form, I received an email from, congratulating me for my blog, My Journey To Recovery has been accepted to be among the great nominated sites for the award.

Vote for My Journey To Recovery
(Click image to see the real things on

That's it my friends. And don't forget to vote for this blog.

Below are some news about China and their fight against drugs. brought to you by The News Room.

Have a progressive weekdays.

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9 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

happy wedding anniversary! you two deserve to be happy together!!!

and congratulations with the nomination! i really hope you win!!!

emanrais said...

My dear lovely pak ARahman.
Congrat with your beloved a never ending love story anniversary. We proudly waiting your next many years anni poem. Such deep loving are hard to say. It just easy in loving and caring. On 26th of November, we just begin our 35th, enter a silence wishfull marriage happiness. Due to my shoulder, so no action but smiles.
We love you keluarga ARahman!

recoveryroad said...

Yes. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!

sharonsjourney said...

Happy anniversary. That's a lovely poem. As for sharing the message, yes, we share our experience, strength, & hope. We share what it was like, what happened, & what it is like now.

Congrats on your nomination, I hope you win.

Merry Xmas to you & your beloved.

Shadow said...

i know you don't do christmas, but happy holidays to you anyway. i'm proud to have you as a friend!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Happy anniversary Noor! Have a great christmas! Its been very nice getting to know you on your blog. Long may it continue!

Michael said...

Hi Arahman, happy christmas and a great sober new year, oh and happy anniversary

msb said...

congratulations on your anniversary, Noor. And I loved the peice out of the basic text. Its just what I needed to haer.

therapydoc said...

Merry Xmas my friend!

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