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"We are no longer fighting fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, or depression."
Basic Text, p. 26

As addicts, many of us experience depression from time to time. When we feel depressed, we may be tempted to isolate ourselves. However, if we do this, our depression may turn to despair. We can't afford to let depression leads us back to using.

Instead, we try to go about the routine of our lives. We make meeting attendance and contact with our sponsor top priorities. Sharing with others about our feelings may let us know we aren't the only ones who have been depressed in recovery. Working with a newcomer can work wonders for our own state of mind. And, most importantly, prayer and meditation can help us tap the power we need to survive depression.

We practice acceptance and remember that feelings like depression will unquestionably pass in time. Rather than struggle with our feelings, we accept them and ask for the strength to walk through them.

Just for today: I accept that my feelings of depression won't last forever. I shall talk openly about my feelings with my sponsor or another person who understands.

  • Date: Saturday, December 22nd 2007
  • Place: Somewhere in Kuale Kangsor.
  • Occasion: The late Haji Abdul Manan's Annual Family Day.
  • Mood: Not depressed, but happy! :-)
  • Legend:
  1. Thursday and Friday - The family started arriving from all over Malaysia.
  2. There are nine families altogether and every families are designated with colours.
  3. Encik Husni and Puan Sikin are the largest family. Total twelve, enough for three Futsal's teams. For this year this year they are wearing black.
  4. The smallest goes to the family of Arah and Man - Just the two of us! Maroon is our colour.
  5. Saturday - The games begin. Started with Futsal and ended with X-Box's World Cup (soccer).
  6. Saturday - Late in the evening, the whole family gathered for Maghrib's prayer led by Dato' Mushidi. Taskirah by The Eminence Abu Bakar and the matriarch herself, my Mother-in-law.
  7. After Isyak, BBQ, prize giving, karaoke etc etc etc.
  8. Sunday - The cleaning of the late Haji Abdul Manan's graveyard.
  9. Before lunch, tahlil for the whole clan.
  10. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - The Family started leaving one by one leaving the three of us, Arah, Man and Mother-in-law.

Like they said in a song (The Bread if I'm not mistaken), "a picture can paints a thousand words." So, I'm going to let the photo do the talking for me. Here goes:

Preparing the field
Some of participants preparing the field.

Some of the prizes
Prizes to be won.

The games began with Futsal. My team (aptly called Liverpool) got third place. We gonna be numbah one next year!

The young ones - Collecting as many balls as you can
For our young athletes, collecting as many balls as they can in a basket.

Three legged running ladies
For our young heroine, the three legged race.

Catch as many balls as you can using a basket
Catching the most balls - won by Yours Truly's family. ;-)

The ladies - Putting in the thread into the sewing needle's hole
The ladies of the house - Threading the needle. Won by the House's doctor. When asked how could she do it so fast? She said she got lots of training during surgery!

Third place - Dart throwing.
I was third for dart throwing. Numbah one, next year!

The champion running in a sack - Yours Truly!
The Champ in action - Running in the sack. Maroon on the top of the world!

Receiving the prize
At night we had BBQ and prize giving. Yours Truly, the Maroon's skipper receiving the prize for the best athletic skill, lol!
For the whole Family - We gonna create that category next year. For this year Family's Day, I'm claiming it, lol!

The Haji Abdul Manan's Family
The Family preparing for photo shooting. For now, there are forty eight of us. More will be coming soon, I'm sure ;-)

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13 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

what a wonderful tradition and get-together. and again, congrats on your title of 'best athletic skill'. well done!!!

thanks for that starting piece. somehow i needed to hear that today - i feel better somehow after having read it!

happy holidays my dearest of friends!!!

jessie said...

arahman, i' so happy you're doing great progress my friend. keep it up and i hope you will never turn back to an old habit that will only destroy your life. be strong always

your friend,

What Have You

sharonsjourney said...

How did you know? I've been depressed over Xmas. I feel like your post was God sent to help me deal with it, & it did, it gave me the solutions. It just so happend I prayed this morning for help, & at the noon meeting, God gave me two newcomers to talk to, & offer my ph. no. after the meeting. I felt better. Thank you for your post, it's just what I needed!

kbguy said...

Are you ex ? Hmm.. but your are so good at writting and on blogging..
Anyway, drop by my site..I just updated them.
Happy New Year you !

recoveryroad said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. A happy and peaceful and sober 2008 to you!

rewardrebel said...

Your opening remarks are beautiful words which can inspire strength and courage when they're thin on the ground... Good Luck, Arahman

Scott W said...

That looks like much fun!

Sending you best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

lankapo said...

wow what a happy family
best gila leh siap wat sukaneka lagi
nice design do come to my site :)

Rosli said...

Great event! Certainly you have a Big Happy Family. Wonderful sight and would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and may it be the Happiest Year for you and your family.

EuroYank said...

My blogging addiction is worse than ever. How can I keep from coming here?

sharonsjourney said...

Just checking up on you. Where'd you go? It's been awhile. I hope you're ok. Miss you.

Your pics tell a wonderful, & fun story. Your post, at the time, was a God send, thank you again.

mon said...

Hello There, Visiting your site for the first time gave me the impression that you are an intelligent fellow. I have an older brother who had gone through what you are undergoing now.we gave him all the support and he successfully kick the habit. Keep it up and God will do the rest.

payeh said...

wow..what a great 'big family', what a cool family day,i didnt aspect it as my own 'big family' not familiar with that..huhu,well nice to blog into yours..

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