I signed up for PPP!

I still remembered the first time I heard about payperpost. I was in a local forum in my country, Malaysia when a friend opened up a new thread telling me to review one of his posts and I shall be paid seven fifty in US Dollar! Of course I said I'm interested. If converted to RM (Ringgit Malaysia), it's equivalent to RM28.50 (that was the time when every dollar equal to RM3.80). Not bad, considering just for typing up a single post!

So, on March the fourth, 2007 I signed up for payperpost. I was told that I've got to wait for at least 72 hours before payperpost's administration approved my application, but I received my confirmation email on the same day. I was impressed, they've got a very fast services. I immediately fell in love with payperpost.

That was my first impressions of them last March.How could you not loved payperpost? Let me asked you another question. How would you feel sitting in a restaurant waiting for your foods that you've ordered one hour ago? Yeah, me too. I shall wait for the foods to arrive no matter how long it going to take, but that will be the last time you going to see me in that restaurant, ever again.

And now a little bit of history. Hey, you got to know with whom you're dealing with, right? Well, on the second half of 2006, Mr. Ted Murphy, CEO of advertising firm Mindcomet, has launched a new service called It is a marketplace for companies to connect with bloggers like us who are willing to blog about their products or services - for a price. The companies or the advertisers can set guidelines for their requests such as whether an image or links to be included or not. It's very wise to learn more of their Terms of Service and read their frequently asked questions. It can be very helpful to know more about them.

Now, during the early days of payperpost, I'm sure you have heard many nasty things being said about them. Some said PayPerPost offers to sell your soul, while others said PPP bribe bloggers for positive posts! PPP has even been branded as evil and stupid! And would you believed it that most of the posts that said that came from an A-Listed Bloggers? But, after all that have been said and done, payperpost came through it all with flying colours. In fact, payperpost are taking over the world!

No matter, I still signed up for payperpost. As you've known by now, especially to all my recovery friends listed on My Sacred Links, I'm a drug addict. Life is harsh for an drug addict in Malaysia, even to a recovering addict like me. After trying many ways to earn a living, I've discovered the Internet and I believed I can made a living out of it, via blogging to be exact. So, for the past twelve months, I would spent most of my times learning the Internet, computer, trying to find ways how to make money online.

You see, when I was using, I know nothing about it all. So, when people see especially my mother-in-law that I spent most of my times sitting in front of a computer, what do you think they will say about it? Of course they will say that I'm wasting my times doing nothing! I've tried to explain to them what I'm doing, but no matter how hard I tried, they will not understand. Maybe they don't want to understand, even though I've never played any games using Play Station like their well-to-do sons or daughters are doing! If it is me sitting in front of a computer, it is just a matter of wasting my times doing unproductive thing!

So, I signed up with payperpost because I can get paid typing up a post about advertisers' products or services. I wanna earned some money until I can afford to buy a domain name and hosting for my blog. With my own domain name and hosting, I can looked more professional and hopefully more opportunities will be offered to me. That's the main reason why I spent so much times in front of a computer. I wanna show it to them that addicts are also capable to learn on how to make money online. And I also want to show it to them, especially to my mother-in-law that I'm not wasting my times staring at a computer's screen all these times!

Breaking News: As of today, November the First, 2007 PayPerPost, Inc. will be officially known as IZEA™. It’s less about getting paid per post, and more about social media and marketing all coming together into a whole suite of products and solutions. On November 10th, at PostieCon, Izea’s new service (code name: Argus) will be released to a select few. Look at their new banner below. Cute, huh?

My Journey To Recovery support IZEA

It was said that Mr. Ted Murphy came up with the name of Instead of continuing to operate all of the PayPerPost under the PayPerPost name, you will find sites stated below will be operating under the Izea umbrella:

Updates: After three long weeks this post has been published, I received an email from them that they will not pay me. It's alright with me.

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Shadow said...

well, i'm happy you're doing it because you want to do it. don't understand the concept though. but then again, today is friday, and on friday's, i've been told, i leave my mind behind... behind what i don't know either, heee heee heee.

maybe you can explain it to me??? remember to type really slowly...

kbguy said...


sharonsjourney said...

I'm with Shadow, I'm happy for you, but I don't understand the concept either. Will you still be writing about your recovery? I hope so, cause I enjoy reading about it, & learn from them too. Stop by sometime.

Shadow said...

hey! i mean, type slowly as in when you speak slowly to someone when they don't understand something? it's a joke....

i'll go check out pppdc now now. bit intrigued...

have a good sunday!

Zul said...

As a fellow Malaysian, I am so proud of you on what you have done and the journey you are taking. It is always difficult when dealing with negative people giving negative perceptions about us. You chose to ignore them. I salute u.

Latharia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & I'm glad you like the recipe I sent! Good luck with the money making opportunity!

Shadow said...

thank you for the birthday wishes, they are appreciated, whether early, on time, or late. have a super weekend... it's nearly over...

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