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From surrender to acceptance

"We surrender quietly and let the God of our understanding take care of us."
Basic Text, p. 26

Surrender and acceptance are like infatuation and love. Infatuation begins when we encounter someone special. Infatuation requires nothing but the acknowledgment of the object of our infatuation. For infatuation to become love, however, requires a great deal of effort. That initial connection must be slowly, patiently nurtured into a lasting durable bond.

It's the same with surrender and acceptance. We surrender when we acknowledge our powerlessness. Slowly, we come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves can give us the care we need. Surrender turns to acceptance when we let this Power into our lives. We examine ourselves and let our God see us as we are. Having allowed the God of our understanding access to the depths of ourselves, we accept more of God's care. We ask this Power to relieve us of our shortcomings and help us amend the wrongs we've done. Then, we embark on a new way of life, improving our conscious contact and accepting our Higher Power's continuing care, guidance and strength.

Surrender, like infatuation, can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. To turn surrender into acceptance, however, we must let the God of our understanding take care of us each day.

Just for today: My recovery is more than infatuation. I have surrendered. Today, I shall nurture my conscious contact with my Higher Power and accept that Power's continuing care for me.


Today, my good friend Mighty Morgan taught me about willingness. Here is her definition of willingness:
Willingness is that stretch of the road that leads you from where you are to where you wish to be. The inner journey of self- love that gently and softly guides you home towards the person you truly are.

Frankly, I'm not feeling well lately. But I'm not gonna use that lame excuse for not updating both of my blogs regularly like I used to do. I'm sorry my friends, it's not gonna happen again. God's willing, I shall try my best to update regularly, maybe like one post for every three days. How's that for starter?
Had enough? Me too. Just add “Life”, “Ramblings”, “Thoughts” or something similar to your “Tag Surfer” at Wordpress. You’ll be surprised by the number of posts that’ll pop up. Some people have all the luck. They live through every single minute in their lives twice - once, when they actually experience it; and second, when they blog about it.
~ by Ruhi

Ever since my beloved wife introduced me to the world of computers and the Internet, I got hooked immediately. Ever since then, I go no where. I would sit in front of my PC all day long. Looking on one side from my family's perspective, especially my dear Mummy - she's very happy that I'm able to stay home all the time. It's not like when I was using. I was never at home, making her worried all the time.

But on my beloved wife's family especially my mother-in-law, their perspective are totally different. I would like to tell you about it, but I think this cartoon's script below explained it well. I guess it's true then that a picture paints a thousand words. I found it at Ruhi's Time and Again.

This is me, wasting my time!
Click image to enlarge

Before I take my leave, here's another news about Voxant. Voxant's Newsroom has a huge collection of video, text, and photos from over 200 news sources. Find in-depth news, embed it to your site, and build community! Enjoy!

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Shadow said...

hey! good to hear from you... you make so much sense, that's why!! i like that willingness and acceptance bit. well put!

and my oh my, don't i also hear it daily: what, on the blog again... oh well, i like it!

sharonsjourney said...

Yes, it's good to hear from you! I like that about surrender & acceptance. I have surrendered, I believe I'm now accepting. One way I can tell, is that I'm not people pleasing so much. I don't need that validation from others so much. As I know & accept myself more, I know more what I stand for, whether anybody else agrees or not. It feels good. I'm glad to hear you're going to be posting more often. Hope you get to feeling better. Take care, my friend.

sharonsjourney said...

I posted the website on my blog. It is a wonderful website, has all kinds of valuable info. I want you to know, I have nothing against addicts, I am one, & I have friends that are. I just believe they (the ones coming into AA) are running from their disease by coming into AA, I'm talking about the pure addict, who is not an alcoholic, AA can't help them. Besides, an alcoholic should be able to come in to an AA meeting & get help for, & learn about alcoholism, & not have to listen to the addicts sharing about their drugs. Would an alcoholic go to an NA meeting for his alcoholism? This is a small town, & AA is being deluted, & seems to be shifting to the addict. It is kind of a lonely job, sticking by this principle. I blame the treatment centers who teach that a drug is a drug is a drug. Not so. Alcohol is not a narcotic, or addictive, if it were everyone would be addicted to it, but we have alot of normal drinkers out there, who can take it or leave it. I guess I'm being an AA nazi, why not? AA saved my life, & I intend to help preserve it for the next generation. I hope it is there for them. As well as NA, & the other programs.

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