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Through my experiences as a drug addict, one thing that stopped me from getting help was the thought of going through the withdrawal period. The pained and the horrors of delirium tremors of a withdrawal symptoms and what it is to really suffer is indescribable.

This is where Drug Detox Center, a dignified and compassionate drug and alcohol and substance abuse detox facility, also known as rehab play an important role. Their main mission is to provide a detoxification program that minimizes pain, suffering and the stifling confines of a sterile or confrontational institution. In other words, their whole mission is to make the detoxification process comfortable for those addicts who are trying to find ways to free themselves from the disease of addiction.

Drug Detox Center, is also available and seen on A&E Intervention series.

Their around the clock medical staff provides a liquid cocktail which is a combination of several potent medications which you will receive every four hours around the clock in reducing doses until you are clean. One of the medications is a short acting narcotic which will, in most cases, initially meet or slightly exceed your current "habit" to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay with them. Thus making rehab at Drug Detox Center as gentle as possible. The Drug Detox Center's staff, many of whom are also in recovery, is a group of compassionate dedicated professionals working together towards your goal of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

You may ask, "How could this be possible?"

Well, as we all know the ultimate weapon for recovery is the recovering addict. Those recovering addicts concentrate on recovery and feelings not what we addicts have done in the past. Old friends, places and ideas are often a threat to our recovery. Therefore, we need to change our playmates, playgrounds and playthings and they will show us the ways.

At Drug Detox Center, they believe that each individual is unique. They know from first hand experiences that alcoholics and addicts have often endured considerable suffering and they at Drug Detox Center want to make the option of getting clean and sober as appealing as possible. They know the horrors of delirium tremors, withdrawal symptoms and what it is to really suffer... They've all been there! No addict or alcoholic need suffer in the strict confines of a generic drug treatment institution where your identity is reduced to a mere number!

Drug Detox Center is also devoted to the process of becoming 'clean' without the discomfort and indignity of being sick. Patients also have the opportunity to engage with Drug Detox Center counselors and their dynamic team of recovering staff in a refreshing non-confrontational manner. This is where many people have struggled with addictions for some times experience their first glimmer of hope.

Detox is only the first step to a drug free life, making Drug Detox Center to act as a getaway to other alcohol and drug treatment programs. They help patients make these connection as well as with other community resources for the next stage of their treatment.

Drug Detox Center provide a wide variety of amenities so that the pressure of everyday life dissolve as the patients take time out to start a new and better life. The patients may use laptop computers, cell phones or enjoy DVDs and CDs on the huge entertainment system. Other amenities include acupuncture, Tai Chi, WIFI Internet, and Jacuzzi tubs. Optional services of massage therapy and salon services are also available.

Drug Detox Center program emphasizes group and individual recovery activities that are readily available to all patients. They encourage attendance at AA and NA meetings that are held on the premises throughout the day.

In short, here are several reasons why Drug Detox Center is our first choice to seek help from:?
  • They Make The Process of Detox Easy!
  • They Use Strong Detox Meds Every 4 Hrs
  • Comfortable and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Non Treatment Style Environment
  • Detox From All Drugs and Alcohol!
  • Over 10 Years of Detox Experience
  • They Know How You Feel... They Can Help!
Head over there now at Drug Detox Center and read all the amazing stuff make available for your comfort, to become clean and sober again. PDF brochure are also available for your reading pleasure and getting to know about them better. You can download the PDF brochure using this, Recovery Link.

You can write an email to Drug Detox Center anytime by clicking on one of the links below... Help is only a mouse click away.

If you have a question about Drug Detox Center or anything regarding detox, please fill out the form by clicking this link, Ask A Question and a specialist will respond within 20 minutes. Please be as thorough as possible so he or she can answer your question more accurately. Privacy Policy: This information is private and will never be shared with any other organizations.
~ Ask A Question

The amount of time someone stays at Drug Detox Center varies depending on what the patient is using, how much and for how long and age. Other pre-existing health issues other than drugs and alcohol also play a factor in determining the length of stay so please be as thorough as possible when filling out this form. Privacy Policy: This information is private and will never be shared with any other organizations.
~ Length of Stay

Please fill out their secure form so they can verify benefits with your insurance company. If you fill this out during normal business hours they will contact you the same day, If you fill this out after hours they will contact you the next morning. Privacy Policy: This information is private and will never be shared with any other organizations.
~ Am I Covered?

This is a sponsored post brought to you by substance abuse detox facility, also known as rehab, Drug Detox Center.

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