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Courage To Change

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Serenity Prayer

involves change, and change means doing things differently. The problem is, many of us resist doing things differently; what we're doing may not be working, but at least we're familiar with it. It takes courage to step out into the unknown. How do we find that courage?

We can look around ourselves at These, we see others who've found they needed to change what they were doing and who've done so successfully. Not only does that help quiet our fear that change - any change - spells disaster, it also gives us the benefit of their experience with what does work, experience we can use in changing what doesn't.

We can also look at our own recovery experience. Even if that experience, so far, has been limited to stopping the use of drugs, still we have made many changes in our lives - changes for the good. Whatever aspects of our lives we have applied the steps to, we have always found recovery superior to addiction.

Our own experience and the experience of others in NA tells us that "changing the things I can" is a big part of what recovery is all about. The steps and the power to practice them give us the direction and courage we need to change. We have nothing to fear.

Just for today: I welcome change. With the help of my Higher Power, I shall find the courage to change the things I can.


On September 14th, 2007, this blog My Journey To Recovery has made yet, another milestones. The readers of The Bestest Blog have voted My Journey To Recovery as The Best Blog of the Day at Blankest Blank's Directory

Okay! Here goes, ehem! Ehem! I would like to thank the Academy, my Pa, my Ma... Oh wait, wait - that’s my speech for something different! At another time, another era!

Seriously, I would like to thanks to all The Bestest Blog's readers who have voted for my blog for the Best Blog of the Day category. I thanks them from the bottom of my heart.

I've posted about them last August 8th, 2007 under the title Personal Inventory. I just want Bobby Griffin, The Bestest Blog's WebMaster to know that My Journey To Recovery is NOT about alcohol abuse. It's about I am a drug addict!

For twenty four long years, I've lead a life as an addict. They say (my many Councellors) I've the category of an addict. The way I talked, the way I eat, in fact every things in me looked like an addict! I tend to believe it. If not, how can I know that somebody is an addict or not - just by looking at him! Amazing! But can I change and NOT looked like an addict?

I realized, I've only been clean and sober for the past four years. I doubt that four years can wipe out things that I've done for the last twenty four years as an addict! I did many shameful things. I've lied, I've stole - you name it, I've been there done that. There's nothing that I've done to be proud of.

Here in Narcotics Anonymous (Malaysian Chapter) I learned from my (addict) friends about Step Four. It say, "We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."

The purpose of a searching and fearless moral inventory is to sort through the confusion and the contradiction of my life, so that I can find out who I am really. I'm starting a new way of life and need to be rid of the burdens and traps that controlled me and prevented my growth.

Let face it; when I was using, I was not honest with myself. I've been experts at self-deception and rationalization. I can only be honest with myself when I admitted that addiction have defeated me and I needed help. You know how many years it took me to admit that I am powerless, that I was beaten? Yeah! That's right. Twenty four long years. All that times I was living in denial. I thought I could controlled the drugs!

In Step Four, by writing my inventory, I can overcome all those obstacles. A written inventory will unlock parts of my subconscious that remain hidden when I simply think about or talk about who I am. Once it is written on paper, it is much easier to see, and much harder to deny my true colours. It is said that honest self-assessment is one of the keys to a new way of life. And that mean

That's it for now folks. Before I take my leave, here is some news brought to you by The News Room. A word of advise; "Don't start using and if you're in trouble, get help..."

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13 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

hey! and CONGRATULATIONS! another well deserved award my friend!!!

and change is hard. not just for the person who has to make the changes, but for those around them too, the immediate family most of all. 'cause they will be directly affected. and even when the change is for the better, change is hard for everyone to deal with.

spot on!

Scott W said...

I am not sure what the above is about, but congratulations on your award!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Noor Azman on best blog of the day -- way to go and well desrved, too!
Hang in there with your 4th Step.

sharonsjourney said...

Congulations! I'm in agreement, I love your posts. Don't take your 4 yrs. lightly, never say only. I'm just finishing up on my 4th & 5th steps, I'll be glad to move on to the rest of the steps. They've been hard, but so worth it. I love your congratulations speech, even if it was the wrong one, that is funny. I needed a good laugh.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your comments. Love you, Sharon

sharonsjourney said...

Thanks Norr for your comment. You're right, he doesn't deserve the airtime. He's visited me several times, & always has a whole bunch of loooooong comments. He's stalking the recovery bloggers. Poor guy, he's full of it.

I love your blogs, keep putting them out there.

recoveryroad said...

Congrats on Best Blog, noor! Go get em, mate!

Have a good and clean and sober and safe day, matey.


Michael said...

Congratulations Noor, well done, good on yer, love reading your posts as well, 4 years eh I am right behind you there just having had my third birthday

Landmark Forum said...

Congratulations for your achievement!
The articles give courage to accept changes in the day to day life. Change is the only thing which never keeps changing in Life.
This article helps to understand and accept the practicality of life. Expecting more such articles.

Mighty Morgan said...

Congrats on your award as well as your 4 year anniversary..Never forget how far you have come and what a miracle you are!!!! The 4th step is only one more step towards personal freedom so embrace the wonderful amazing changes that will come about once you become more aware of all the unnecessary stuff that had been driving you.
You are a Major miracle :)

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Back at work today and trying to catch up from my day off yesterday, I really didnt feel like going to AA yesterday but Im reallyt glad I did, they always say, dont they, that them meetings you dont feel like going to are the most valuable.
I came away feeling warm inside, I dunno I was feeling a bit low before I went.
I had a right job getting up this morning, felt so really tired, could of just slept in.
Yes you right I am starting to get a few visitors now it makes you feel less like a visitor to blogosphere and more like a part of it, did you kindly send them all to me?
If you did thanks!

Mighty Morgan said...

Hey you..just wanted to ask you a quick question...I know you wrote that you were i the process of going through your fourth step...are you using the step working guide??? i f your interested I'll scan a copy and send it to you if you don't have's really THOROUGH and offers a very nice perspective open the inner workings

Shadow said...

hey! i find myself popping in every day to read your jokes, heee heee heee

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Enjoyed todays joke about reading up on jargon to impress your boss, talking about jargon what is exactly RSS Feed? its everywhere but what do u do with it?
Anyway noor I have tagged you

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