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Practicing Honesty

"When we feel trapped or pressured, it takes great spiritual and emotional strength to be honest."

Basic Text, p. 81

Many of us try to wiggle out of a difficult spot by being dishonest, only to have to humble ourselves later and tell the truth. Some of us twist our stories as a matter of course, even when we could just as easily tell the plain truth. Every time we try to avoid being honest, it backfires on us. Honesty may be uncomfortable, but the trouble we have to endure when we are dishonest is usually far worse than the discomfort of telling the truth.

Honesty is one of the fundamental principles of recovery. We apply this principle right from the beginning of our recovery, when, we finally admit our powerlessness and unmanageability. We continue to apply the principle of honesty each time we are faced with the option of either living in fantasy or living life on its own terms. Learning to be honest isn't always easy, especially after the covering up and deception so many of us practiced in our addiction. Our voices may shake as we test our newfound honesty. But before long, the sound of the truth coming from our own mouths settles any doubts: Honesty feels good! It's easier living the truth than living a lie.

Just for today: I shall honestly embrace life, with all its pressures and demands. I shall practice honesty, even when it is awkward to do so. Honesty will help, my efforts to live clean and recover.


= useless propositions which have nothing to do with the subject at hand,
sometimes repeated again and again. Often deceptive.

Not Spam = a single proposition which is completely relevant to the subject at
hand and which people may find useful.

Life is not so bad after all. I woke up this morning searching for something to cheer me up in the World Wide Web. Then I found a question from somebody who needed help and I answered his question. I felt really good when he/she accepted my answer as you can see it here, How do I show HTML Code on a post?

I'm sorry I've to terminate my offer. For those you've already sent your request, you will still get your postcards and to avoid any future complications, your name, email and home address will be deleted as soon as I sent you your postcards. This is not an optin to get your email addresses. That's for my other WebSite. This Blog is for my friends, that is, if you want to call me your friend?

You see, after publishing my last post, I'm getting a lot of emails with the header of "postcard". I don't know how did they do it because my email address was not even listed on the the said email. It was blank, empty and yet I still received it. After asking around, I was told that they used some kind of "robot" (not the good one!) to surf around the Internet searching for any specific keywords that they chose.

I believed it because I still remember when I did a post on which I mentioned "car" "BMW" and the like. Not too long later, my inbox started to fill with emails offering me free cars, then one said I won a BMW in some lotteries, and something like that! I know I cannot do anything about it, because I've left my email all over the Internet. I love to subscribe newsletters especially from anyone who are doing Internet Marketing, in forums etc etc etc.

I've never ever deleted an email from a friend, but after a friend told about "robot" et al, I'm beginning to have my doubt!

That's all for now. I don't want anybody to get Especially from Noor Azman Bin Othman.

And here's some :

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5 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

as hard as honesty can be at times, it's usually the 'easier', more uncomplicated way out. and i hate complications....

have a good one!!!

Michael said...

Honesty, yes I just been on about that Noor, I wish people at AA meetings could be more honest when reviewing peoples shares, instead of "Oh I relate to every word you said..." we could have "What a load of aimless twaddle...".
Still like "Granny" says its the act of speaking that helps the speaker and nobody knows what someone might relate to in the room?
Oh Noor you got to be careful of those interbots on the net they can even get past those character traps now so im told and if they get your address you get zapped with tons of gibberish mail.
So how you doing, I used to imagine u in a mud hut now I see u as this rich guy in posh clothes with a cigar the head of some huge corporate conglomerate..

baLooT Don JuaNer said...

helo arahman..

aku taktau ape yang kamu maksudkan..

ape yg aku marahkan??

aku tak pernah marah sape2 kat forum cari..n aku tak pernah mencari musuh..n aku lebih suka mencari kawan...hahah..

lotis said...

Before a decision we always have a choice to be honest or not, the difference is as said above, so much complications. And once being not honest is started, people ends up telling more lies. There’s really no way out. Even "friend" will send spams and even actually deceive us. Take pleasure in spreading nonsense in our disappointment. It always begins with not being honest foremost in their selves.

an interesting read..

lotis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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