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Responsible Recovery

"... we accept responsibility for our problems and see that we're equally responsible for our solutions."

Basic Text, p. 94

Some of us, well accustomed to leaving our personal responsibilities to others, may attempt the same behaviour in We quickly find out it doesn't work.

For instance, we are considering making a change in our lives, so we call our sponsor and ask what we should do? Under the guise of seeking direction, we are actually asking our sponsor to assume responsibility for making decisions about our life. Or maybe we've been short with someone at a meeting, so we ask that person's best friend to make our apologies for us. Perhaps we've imposed on a friend several times in the last month to cover our service commitment. Could it be that we've asked a friend to analyze our behaviour and identify our shortcomings, rather than taking our own

Recovery is something that has to be worked for. It isn't going to be handed to us on a silver platter, nor can we expect our friends or our sponsor to be responsible for the work we must do ourselves. We recover by making our own decisions, doing our own service, and working our own steps. By doing it for ourselves, we receive the rewards.

Just for today: I accept responsibility for my life and my recovery.


Recovery over BlankestBlank!

The first time I heard about BlankestBlank was when I heard Inmatez Wife shouting happily at the top of her lungs when her blog was nominated finalist for The Bestest Blog of The Year. She was shouting, "OMG!!! ME???????"

BlankestBlank is gaining popularity each single day. The BlogMaster is Mr. Bobby Griffin. Since Mr. Bobby Griffin decided to reformat Bestest Blog, and launch the start ups of Blankest Blank and Fechr, he has referred in passing to a person he had working with him named Kevin. Well, now that the new and improved Bestest Blog is up and running, Mr. Bobby Griffin brought in Kevin.

Kevin and Mr. Bobby Griffin have been friends for a VEEERY long time. They met in 7th grade (1995) and have been friends since. Wow! That’s half of Mr. Bobby Griffin life. He didn’t even realize it was that long until he just typed it out. They went to the same middle school and high school in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and then completely by chance lived about a half hour away from each other, a state away in New Jersey (until about a month and half ago).

Right this very minute, both of them are very very busy presenting the daily picks for,
  • The best Blog of the day
  • Funniest Video of the day
  • Funniest Picture of the day
  • Funniest Joke of the day
  • Most Fun Game of the day
Head over there now to see the results. Maybe your blog was nominated and voted in any categories above. Making contests like they did is one of the tools to promote your Blog(s). It's a great traffic booster!

The ONLY way to nominate your blog in the running for "Best Blog of the Day" and get a link back in a few highly visible locations and a very unique directory, you are welcome to their Blankest Blank Blog Directory. You can add your link and be creative naming your blog as the ---est blog. I named this blog as The Cleanest and Soberest Blog! Take note of that name and vote!

That's it. I shall write another great fechr, oops sorry! I mean another great feature, to promote your blog on BlankestBlank.

And now for some news brought to you by The News Room. Hear the news of Angry Blogger and many more.

Have fun everybody!

And here is a very good news ;-)

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9 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

hey! very true that... i've never considered responsiblity from that angle.... have a good one!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I guess we have to look from all angles, huh Shadow? Anyway, there are always two sides of everything.

Michael said...

It still doesnt work Noor, I clicked on that mailbox and not got anything except the page not found white screen!
How is Malaysia, is there big jungles there with wild animals such has lions and tigers?
I never been out of UK all I see of other countrys is on TV.
I gotta admit I still dont really "trust" anyone anymore, its one thing that I feel I cant undo, if you dont trust you dont get hurt do you.
I mean I have not had a relationship with a girl now for 11 years! much has I would like to!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Something is wrong with your PC, Michael. I received many emails from those you're using he same method I recommended. Have you tried the "Email Me" button?

Michael said...

I never bother with these bestest blog thingys well cos I never get any votes except if I vote myself sniff sniff.
Yes I try and take responsibility for my sobriety but I dont think I help others enough compared to some people.
I just never been any good at people things like sponsorship or seminars or well I have done a few shares, maybe a dozen over the three years and they scare the life out of me, still I usually get everyone laughing.
Its amazing in it I never met u Noor but I feel we are good friends, we always post on each others blogs, maybe we will meet in about 40 or 50 yrs in the afterlife, it would be nice that, we can have a chat about our latest incarnations.

Michael said...

Email me button still dont work but I got your email havent I

recoveryroad said...

Interesting post, Noor. Thanks for sharing it. GFood for thought.

Hoe you're well today.

My blog is back.

Warmest regards from England


awannabe said...

grrr. I hope I am commenting on the right post... tis in regards to Blankest Blank... I added mine under writing blogs. I'm trying to find yours so I can vote on it.

Eileen said...

I enjoyed those thoughts about a sponsor's role in one's recovery.
I got a new sponsor back the end of March and we have had a hard time actually finding time to work together over the summer. One thing is made VERY clear to me...she is there for me day and night, but will not make decisions for me. She is amazing at guiding me through things and offering suggestions that I have not thought of, but ultimately the decision is mine to make, with the guidance of my higher power.
From 'day 1' Recovery has been THE most important thing in my life. My children (being a single mother as well) are up there as well, but I know that without AA and my program I won't have my children or anything else.
I am very blessed and can see now how my HP has helped me, even more so now that I believe HP is the to help, not to hinder.
I am enjoying your blog and will take time over the next few days to follow some links.
Thank you, Noor.

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