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Active Listening

"Through active listening, we hear things that work for us."

Basic Text, p. 102

Most of us arrived in with a very poor ability to listen. But to take full advantage of "the therapeutic value of " we must learn to listen actively.

What is active listening for us? In meetings, it means we concentrate on what the speaker is sharing, while the speaker is sharing. We set aside our thoughts and opinions until the meeting is over. That's when we sort through what we've heard to decide which ideas we want to use and which we want to explore further.

We can apply our active listening skills in sponsorship, too. Newcomers often talk with us about some "major event" in their lives. While such events may not seem significant to us, they are to the newcomer who has little experience

Our active listening helps us empathize with the feelings such events trigger in our sponsee's life. With that understanding, we have a better idea of what to share with them.

The ability to listen actively was unknown to us in the isolation of our addiction. Today, this ability helps us actively engage with our recovery. Through active listening, we receive everything being offered us in NA, andwe share fully with others the love and care we've been given.

Just for today: I shall strive to be an active listener. I shall practice active listening when others share and when I share with others.


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9 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

sometimes i forget how important listening is. and with my add i often find myself trying to remember what i want to say about something i heard, that i concentrate so hard on that, that i also stop listening. listening actively is not that easy. it does take practise...

hope you're having a good sunday out there, my friend!

Shadow said...

9 months of not drinking, silly!

Meg Moran said...

I know I didn't do much active listening at all...but I sure thought everyone wanted to hear me talk! Thanks for a good reminder to listen up so that others can share

Inmatez Wife said...

Active listening.....what a great thing that is. We had a lot of that this weekend at visits. It helps so much.
I know I still need to be reminded of that, thank you for helping me today my friend.

Spread the love.........

Determined1 said...

Glad to find your blog. It looks great. Was reading your profile and Forest Gump is one of my favourite films too. I love it.

eastcoastlife said...

In my job (I'm a consultant), I have to listen a lot in order to advise the best course for my clients.

Many people have their own ideas what they want and sometimes they are the ones who don't listen after they ask for advise.

Thanks arahman7 for your recent visit. :)

sharonsjourney said...

I didn't used to listen well, I have ADD too, & my mind wonders. But there came a time in my recovery, I started listening with my heart, & guess what? I could hear. My mind sometimes still wonders, but more often my heart hears. I thot I used to be hard of hearing LOL.

Michael said...

Talk about listening, my friend I took to AA yesterday was too busy putting his "own opinion" forward, why would a group of sober people want to listen to a drunken bloke with two years to live?
But thats the way most of us were on our first meetings wasnt it, full of our own importance.
Anyway I hope he keeps going, he has everything to gain and only his life to lose by not quitting now, he was the bloke I must of sunk countless drinks with in the nineties before I took to solo drinking cos I was fed up of sharing with him.
Anyway I am back and I will email you a full holiday report as soon as I finish, for now I got my youtube vid for u to watch on my blog

Mighty Morgan said...

"Listen to learn & learn to listen"....excellent point. We do listen..but often to only what we want to hear. So an important note to remember is to be aware of what and who you listen to as well....
I think that has something to do with the art of selective hearing which is part of our self centeredness...

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