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Trusting people

"Many of us would have had nowhere else to go if we could not have trusted NA groups and members."
Basic Text, p. 81

is a risk. Human beings are notoriously forgetful, unreliable, and imperfect. Most of us come from backgrounds where betrayal and insensitivity among friends were common occurrences. Even our most reliable friends weren't very reliable. By the time we arrive at the doors of NA, most of us have hundreds of experiences bearing out our conviction that people are untrustworthy. Yet our
demands that we trust people. We are faced with this dilemma: People are not always trustworthy, yet we must trust them. How do we do that, given the evidence of our pasts?

First, we remind ourselves that the rules of active addiction don't apply in recovery. Most of our fellow members are doing their level best to live by the spiritual principles we learn in the program.

Second, we remind ourselves that we aren't 100% reliable, either. We will surely disappoint someone in our lives, no matter how hard we try not to.

Third, and most importantly, we realize that we need to trust our fellow members of NA. Our lives are at stake, and the only way we can stay clean is to trust these well-intentioned folks who, admittedly, aren't perfect.

Just for today: I shall trust my fellow members. Though certainly not perfect, they are my best hope.


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5 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

me. trust people. that's a hard one. does believing you trust people but keeping a back door open all the same, count as trust?

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Yeah, you're right. Next time I'm gonna keep a back door open as a permanent option!

recoveryroad said...

Hey Noor

I hope you're well. The trust thing fascinates me. I still struggle to trust people.

Best wishes


Shadow said...

hey! love todays quote! hope you doing good out there...

Michael said...

You try and trust people but time and time again your trust is broken. My dad has recently rented my brothers old house out to a an addict after being asked to recommend him by a friend of mine.
All went well at first, the addict appeared to have turned over a new leaf and promised to complete a lot of the much needed work on the house.
However about a month and half ago he was reportedly back using again and so far he has been back to my dad for sums of money which I know are going on drugs.. my dad has Parkinsons disease and is 70 years old but I have told him not to give him no more money.
I know its gonna turn ugly any time soon, I have had scenarios turning over in my head, i feel so angry...
Thats where trust has got me this year, I just give the "poor" bloke a chance when no one else would.

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