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Regular Inventory

Continuing to take a personal inventory means that we form a habit of looking at ourselves, our actions, attitudes, and relationships on a regular basis.

Basic Text, p. 41

Taking a regular inventory is a key element in our new pattern of living. In our addiction, we examined ourselves as little as possible. We weren't happy with how we were living our lives, but we didn't feel that we could change the way we lived. Self-examination, we felt, would have been a painful exercise in futility.

Today, all that's is changing. Where we were powerless over our addiction, we've found a Power greater than ourselves that has helped us stop using. Where we once felt lost in life's maze, we've found guidance in the experience of our fellow recovering addicts and our ever-improving contact with our Higher Power. We need not feel trapped by our old, destructive patterns. We can live differently if we choose.

By establishing a regular pattern of taking our own inventory, we give ourselves the opportunity to change anything in our lives that doesn't work. If we've started doing something that causes problems, we can start changing our behaviour before it gets completely out of hand. And if we're doing something that prevents problems from occurring, we can take note of that, too, and encourage ourselves to keep doing what works.

Just for today: I shall make a commitment to include a regular inventory in my new pattern of living.


I'm sorry my friends for not posting for the past two weeks. Or is it three weeks already.? You see, I was quite busy trying to promote my business online and offline. And I'm still trying my best to introduce my second blog, Web Directory into the

She is still a baby, with only ten posts. At first I thought I wanna fill it with all the that I can find in the Internet and make a review about every single one. But then I received emails requesting how to create a blog? I find it very interesting to help others, especially when they thanks me back. Now, the purpose of that blog has changed. I shall find any subjects in forums that I registered and looked for any threads requesting help. Usually I would looked anything that got to do with Blog*Spot or Blogger.

I found that many Bloggers who are using Blog*Spot as their platform to create blogs are still blurred about it. Most of them want their blogs to different, especially about their template! They want different templates from the normal standard Blog*Spot issued one. Then they want to add some widgets or some other add-on. All that needed some hacking on their HTML!

That's where most of them got in some sort of trouble and problem with their blogs. Most of them turned to Blogger Help Group, but still can't get that needed answers. Even Blogger Employee with the help of some A1 Bloggers, they're still under staff to answer every question. They only have so much time, and even with the title of Blog*Star issued to them, many questions are left unanswered!

That's where I shall come in with my baby Web Directory, I shall published some sort of tutorials in my post. Did you know that forum marketing is the oldest method of Social Marketing. It is also the most effective, coz Social Marketing is the next Wave of Marketing online! I implore my friends to join forums and provide solid content, coz this will show that you are a decent person and people will grow to respect your expertise.

Add links to your blog, and blog to your forum signatures and posts. This is where posting valuable information to your sites/blogs comes in handy. If you've already answered a question that someone asks, just post a link to your blog and tell them that the answer awaits them there. Not only will the person you are helping visit your blog, but many others will as well.

Thank you for still reading these far, my friends. And here comes the main menu. Keep on reading, I'm sure you'll get as excited as I am. I'm sure by now, you all have already known about my involvement in Internet Marketing. Beside AdSense which was obvious, I've been doing a bit of reviewing, publishing ads for Amazon, Auction Ads and many more including our very own local advertising firm, Advertlets and NuffNang.

What I want to tell you is this, I've been doing quite well with my project. No! No! No! I'm not going to snap every cheque that I've received nor do I going to take screenshot of my PayPal account statement! Let just say, I'm doing well.

Of all my making money online projects, the least I earned are from Advertlets. Before these, I've allocated three prime spot for them, being Malaysian and all that, but I still didn't earned much. Maybe it's not for an old man like me, even though I'm still young at heart! I don't know, I guess maybe I failed in my demographics poll submissions. So, please my friends, I implore you to take the Advertlets' poll which is located near the top of my right sidebar. It will not takes you more than a minutes to answer the four questions.

To tell you the truth, about 75% of my earnings goes to several favourite charities of my choice and the other 25% I intend to give it back to you, my friends. Yes, my friends. You heard me right! This is what I had in mind. For starters, I would like to send you

Let just say, this is my way to give back just a portion of all the blessings I have received. I believe in "the more you give, the more you get!"

Since I shall be using the faithful old snail mail. Please leave your home address by clicking "Email Me" button. Don't be surprise, I'm using Contactify. It's an email service, a link but without an address. You can click on it and send me messages without revealing my email's address. Cool, huh?

I hope to reduce spam emails that has been invading my inbox full of promises to make me several times richer than Bill Gates! There's also some magic stuff that cam make my boobs firmer! Yeah! Yeah! Even I received boobs firmer magic pills advertisement emails. Not to mentioned Viagra, that can make "Junior" bigger, stronger, firmer, longest! Grrr! I don't need that. I'm happy with "junior". Beloved wife happy too. Ask her if you don't believe me?

Ok, ok! Back to the story. Where was I? Aaa yes! Please don't leave your home address on the comment columns, unless you want the www to know where you live. This offer will be opened without any expiry date. I shall leave a logo on the sidebar as you can see on the right sidebar as a reminder to every readers of this blog to leave their home address if they want to get postcard from exotic Malaysia in their mailboxes!

As a conclusion, let's recap what I've been saying;
  • Exposing Web Directory.
  • Using Forum to expose your blogs
  • Some making money online tools
  • The concept of the more you give, the more you get.
  • Using Contactify to avoid spam
  • How to get postcard from exotic Malaysia?
  • Don't leave your home address on comments!
That's all my friends, see you soon.

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10 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

strange how you mention inventory taking. last weekend i decided it needed to go back to basics, just to get a bit centred again.

and you have been a busy bee i see. good luck with getting the business started, off the ground and running smoothly. gonna check out your other site now....

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

hey there Noor! my god you've been busy by the looks of things! Well I hope it all takes off! you don't do 'half measures' do you?..
Yeah inventory taking always helps. the ego is nearly always trying to run the show. often with disastrous results, so its always good to keep an eye on the ol defects!

Michael said...

I have been busy taking inventory as well, looking back at how much better my lifes got and this weekend here in the UK it was... SUNNY..
So we , me and my friends did a video which I am the cameraman of us celebrating the fact with our own sundance, you can see my son, Red Riding Hood, Stig and my mate Master Shrek all having a laugh without any drink or drugs to be seen.
Life is good when you are sober!!!
I have missed you Noor while you been away building your empire, I clicked on your mailbox but just got "website not found screen" so I guess I wont be getting an exotic postcard from Malaysia.

Have you discovered Youtube yet, now I got my camera, media software and You Tube I can finally do online vids, hope you enjoy my third of many..
Once again welcome back NOOR!

msb said...

well i just fini step 2. I'm sure 4 is just down the way. good luck with your add ventures. :+}

Meg Moran said...

Yes, great to see your post and that you are using the Basic Text so faithfully. Love to you in exotic Malaysia!

sober Chick said...

Stopping by to say HOLA! Inventory, as long as it is mine than someone esle yes? :)

awannabe said...

Hey... there! I found the comment button :-)
Now what is it you wanted me to see? You said you had something 4 me here...

sharonsjourney said...

Oh yes, the inventories. I try to check myself every day, check my motives too. Am working on my 4th step now, am almost done with it. Am having a hard time with 'my part' haha.

When you said you had something for me, did you mean help with my blog site? I hope so, cuz I need help! A friend set mine up, & he's no longer available, & I haven't a clue how to change, or finish it. I also want to change the template, & I want to put my blogger friend's links on it. I'm embarrassed it's been like this for this long. Can you, would you help? That would be so great!

Thanks for stopping by. I had to get a new blogger account, I forgot the password to my old one, is why I haven't stopped by. It is always good to hear from exotic Malaysia!

Scott W said...

I couldn't find the comment link before. What is it you are waiting for me to do?

Michael said...

I have pressed it a few times and it dont work Noor, it could be cos I am at work, ill try it when at home.
Did you watch my video on my blog of us lot dancing in the sun and did you get the Jungle Telegraph?
Anyway glad u r ok

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