Old Dreams Needn't Die

Old dreams needn't die
"Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise."
Basic Text, p. 88

Most of us had when we were young. Whether we dreamed of a dynamic career, a large and loving family, or travels abroad, our dreams died when our addiction took hold. Anything we ever wanted for ourselves was cast away in our pursuit of drugs. Our dreams didn't go beyond the next drug and the we hoped it would bring.

Now in we find a reason to hope that our lost dreams could still come true. No matter how old we are, how much our addiction has taken from us, or how unlikely it may seem, our freedom from active addiction gives us the freedom to pursue our ambitions. We may discover that we're very talented at something, or find a hobby we love, or learn that continuing our education can bring remarkable rewards.

We used to put most of our energy into spinning excuses and rationalization for our failures. Today, we go forward and make use of the many opportunities life presents to us. We may be amazed at what we're capable of. With our foundation of recovery success, fulfillment, and satisfaction are within our reach at last.

Just for today: Starting today, I shall do whatever I can to realize my dreams.


Not too long ago, I received an surprise email from the A&E Television Networks
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How's that for my sales pitch? We've a local joke about how talented we addicts are at selling things! It is said that we addicts can even sell a refrigerator to the Eskimo whenever we open up our mouth! I don't know how true it is, but we are known like to sell things to get our daily fixes!

Ok, enough of that. After having problems after problems with my last Thur's classic version of Blogger Minima template, I decided to migrate to Blogger New Layout. I've always been comfortable with a classic template, and I found it hard to understand the new layout. After several tried and errors, I finally got the hang of it.

So, how is the new look? I hope it will load faster than before. I've got to delete a few images to achieve that, but the tweaking and hacking are not over just yet. I would like to thanks a few people for making this project (I called it "project" whenever I've done something to My Journey To Recovery.) possible. They are;

  1. My fabulous friends listed on My Sacred Links for having the patience with me even though I've not published a new post for quite some time and rarely do any blog-stalking anymore. I really like to type up their names one by one, but I prefer you to click on My Sacred Links located at the bottom right sidebar and see for yourself who they are. All I can tell you is that they are all amazing people.

  2. All my friends listed on Non-Recovery Links.

  3. Blogs and Sites that are listed on Recovery Links. Thank you for making me clean and sober.

  4. Liew Yee Piao of Simple Life for teaching me to type in "Peekaboo link list Beta Blogger" to Google many amazing stuffs to learn new things that you can do with your blog. Why not give it a try?

  5. Azlynne Naranek of Life After Work for showing me the way how to "drop down menu" this blog's Label.

  6. Here started the credits due to Blogger from whom I learned and exploring the beauty of Blogger (Beta). From Hans of Beautiful Beta, I learned adding Social Bookmarking as you can see at the bottom of this post. Actually there are ten bookmarking sites but I only uses seven of them to suit the width of the main/center column.

  7. I also add a menubar as you can see on top of this blog. Who else?

  8. Oh ya! From Ramani, I have my Labels listed in Drop Down Menu style. I've noticed that I've a very long list of labels, thus the drop down menu.

  9. And from Anne, I learned to use +/- Click To Expand as you can see at the bottom right sidebar.

  10. Yes! Template by the awesome Charlemagne Stavanger. I'm using the three column Washed Denim template. There are many more template to choose from. If you don't wanna use Blogger type template, there are WordPress template and many more. Go ahead, make your choice.

I think I've mentioned all the Blogger's hackers from whom I've used their widgets, javascripts and wisdom. If I've left out anybody, please let me know and please read a disclaimer notice which I've pasted at the very bottom of this page.

For your information, I would like to use their Table of Contents hacks and I've used Hans's Table of Contents hacks, but I deleted it later coz when I used it, it didn't include the date and labels. I shall write to him and ask for his permission to use his javascripts that will include the date and labels as well.

One more thing, the Recent Comments hacks, I stole it from Blogger in Draft. I don't know whose it is, but I took it when I viewed the source Blogger in Draft. I saw and read many posts about Recent Comments and I don't know whose does it belong to?

That's all for now. Before I took my leave, I wanna ask you a question. Have you seen Bruce Willis latest film Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free Or Die Hard)? How I wish to own that kind of computers and be a hackers like them in the film. In one scene the FBI boss related how the bad guy (I think it was acted by Timothy Olyphant) penetrated NATO defence system using only a LAPTOP! Wow! That's awesome.

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16 Comments thus far...

Shadow said...

to be without dreams seems to me a bit like living without hope. my dream at the moment? to learn and enjoy the everyday, the life sustaining tasks.

Ithoy said...

Dare to dream and have the courage to make it comes true.
I forgot where I grab the words above, but they stick to my brain since a very long time ago...And up to this moment, I still dream to step on every country in the globe. A dream I've had back in my first year in elementary school :)

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Your blog looks really proffesional now, you are getting all posh, pretty soon you wont be letting rif raf like me in.
I still have very few dreams, in fact I am content still just to live for now, in the present, I rarely plan more than a few days ahead, though I have booked another camping holiday in August.
I certainly am not too bothered about being rich and famous, its just too much hassle, I guess I am content to be me and be unique.
Its nice that you have put me in yopur sacred links and the drop down list is fantastic.

sharonsjourney said...

My dream today is to learn more about using my computer, & fixing up my blog. I haven't made that a proity. Thanks to you all for being so patient.

Your blog looks good, & it does come up much quicker.

Thanks for stopping by Nor, am always happy to have you.


Anonymous said...

It looked all nice now. Your're welcomed, just email me if you think that I can help out.

Scott W said...

Mr Azman, it's much easier to see and read now. Not so cluttered like before. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Hello My Sultan of Swing!
Your blog looks awesome, Noor Azman! And , yes, it does load much, much quicker than before.
Now I am going to look at your sidebars more closely. Fun!
Glad you are well!

Meg Moran said...

I love the new look..and thanks for the new quick load and the hard work you put into it. I hope my dreams never die.

Shadow said...

hey! what you up to? you're awfully quiet... hope you are well though and having fun whatever you are doing...

Michael said...

Where are you noor, I had no , i.e. zero visitors today to read my twaddle, I feel like a lonely outcast in the frantic world of blogs, a place no one ever visits, am I truly so terrible, I promise I am going to change and start writing about sensible stuff Noor if you will only come back
A lonely blogger

sharonsjourney said...

Lost dreams awaken & new possibilities arise. Oh I so love the BB, & all it's wisdom.

msb said...

Glad I stopped by tonight because here you are. This new blog IS much better.n And thank you for your share. I've been in a funk and you just gave me a shot of hope.

Michael said...

Noor where you gone, will u please post to me just to say u r ok I aint heard from u now for over a week!

Christine said...

sure did load much faster
good work!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sober Chick said...

Without dreams we would be lifeless. It is good that we can adjust them however, and that sometimes they get modified and we get to experience dreams we could have not dreamt of. LOL!

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