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New updates (June 18th, 2007): Yeeessssss! Thank you Scott W for solving my problem. It's very simple really but I was too messed up trying to solve the problem, I can't see the answer that was staring right in front of me all along! (Usually I wrote my post in Edit HTML mode.) But Scott W, even though I clicked on Align Left button, The title of this post is still centered. And that included my welcome message, "Hello there. I see you are from..." and the date. FYI, I have to center the flags to justify it with AdSense. Anyway, my heartest thanks to Scott W. I salute you ...

is the beginning of the struggle that will set us free. It will break down the walls that imprison us."
Basic Text, p. 80

Many of us came to NA emotionally shattered. Years of using people and allowing them to use us had taken their toll on our ability to trust anyone, ourselves included. But the love and acceptance we found in encouraged us to reach out and get close to others.

The longer we stayed clean, the more we began to long for greater intimacy with our loved ones. We began reaching out in deeper, more meaningful ways, even though we might get hurt. Despite our fears of rejection, we decided to risk revealing ourselves, our beliefs, and our needs. We decided to let down our defensive walls.

The freedom we've found has been worth the risk involved. We know there is still work to do before we will be completely free of the barriers built by years of But by reaching out to other addicts and allowing them to reach out to us, despite our human failings, we have come to know that we have a great capacity for love and intimacy. When set free of their restraining walls, our hearts hold great power.

Just for today: I shall let down my personal walls and reach out to others. I shall allow my heart the freedom


Before I type-up this post I dropped by browsing around reading some threads at a local forum to which I'm a registered member. It has been a while since I was there last. I took an interest to one thread. It was a question. Someone asked, "is your blog popular?"

I began to ask myself. Am I popular or My Journey To Recovery popular?

So, I decided to tell the truth. Yes, I considered my blog popular among us, I shall tell you why I considered my blog is popular;
  1. For keeping me clean and sober all this while;
  2. My posts still received comments by the readers;
  3. I was invited to join a carnival and write a post;
  4. I was sent presents by snail mails all the way from Lawndale, when I post about my grief-stricken NA Book;
  5. An Irish friend of Bill sent me the secret. (I shall tell you more about it later, at the end of this post.);
  6. My (Recovery) friends misses and asked for me when I didn't post anything for quite sometime;
  7. My posts are not the only mean of communication. It goes beyond that. E mails and IMs are standard;
  8. Eric of Feedburner left a comment on one of my posts;
  9. Last but not least (there are many more), Google love me. [Hint: See my PageRank...]
Ironically, my blog is not well-known among my countrymen/women. I guess the topic of addiction and drugs are still a no-no! There are many times in many of my posts I published about the love-hate relationship between the people of Malaysia in particular and the dreaded addicts. It does not make any different whether you're a recovery addict or not. They still holds dear the maxim, "once an addict will always be an addict!" Here is another one, "once a dog will always be a dog! Even if it doesn't eat it, it will lick it!"

Wanna hear more? I think that will be enough. Let us change the subject, it's getting warmer here, (lol!)

After I was able to get my post published, I noticed that my main(center) column looked centered, as though I have used "div align=center" tag. You will not notice it, if you clicked the post from the header "Previous Posts."

OK, I shall explain it again. See this post ("The Secret") that you're reading now? OK, now scroll down to "Previous Posts" and click the same post, "The Secret" from under it. Can you see the different of the main(center) column between the two posts?

Reluctantly, I post a question at Blogger Help Group. Till now nobody answer my question. Thanks God for that or I shall get some sort of question in a sarcastic ways! I preferred not getting an answer because you don't know the answer than posing a question back to me like, "what do you mean by centered...?"

So, I post the same question to Blogger Team and I've yet to receive an answer from them. Please, if any of you readers know what causes it to become centered and how to rectify it, please let me know. You can leave the answer at comment or use my email address, located at the top of my right sidebar.

Gift from An Irish Friend Of Bill
This is The Secret that I told you about, delivered by The Royal Mail UK. Thank you My Irish Friend of Bill.

Wanna more about it? Read about it here, The Secret is Great and learn about The Law of Attraction.

That's it for now. See you later.

Updates: Come and view my new blog @ Web Directory.

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17 Comments thus far...

Scott W said...

The only time my text is center justified is when I click that particular feature in the compose window of Blogger. I assume you have tried to post by using the left justified or the block feature in the tool bar?

Have a great week whether you are centered or not!

Shadow said...

hey noor! it's been a long time, but i knew you'd be back! welcome...

Meg Moran said...

So glad to see your post after a long time. I am glad you didn't give up. Yes you are popular, but it doesn't matter really. What matters is that we are sober and love ourselves today. I remember when I did not want to even look at myself in the mirror. Today I am glad my mind is "centered".

msb said...

Glad your back. I hate writing in HTML. I love templetes that someone else makes. I can't say I'll never build a websight by hand again, but with dreamweaver an and all the other great WYSIWYG's out there that do everything but tap dance.... Good luck Noor. and thank you for your comment on my blog.

sober Chick said...

You can align a block of text by adding a {div align="left"} then close the block with a closing {/div}. You would change the "{}" to "<>". I heart HTML, CSS and PHP, they are my world :) Anyhow if you want more clarification you can shoot me out an email and I can explain better with visual screen captures.

I heard in a meeting that we get physically clean and sober first then we grow spiritually. It is a process, and if anything I am grateful that we all are at different places during our growth and it is ok.

recoveryroad said...

Hi Noor!

Have a great Tuesday!


Michael said...

Where You been Noor, I aint seen you for ages I was starting to wonder where u gone.
If your blogging keeps you sober and gives your life meaning thats whats important in it.
It must be 2 or 3 weeks since you last posted and I was asking around where you had gone and here you are.
I noticed you had another blog in your profile that wasnt there before called "Man Teaches" but it wont let me in to have a look.
Anyway welcome back even though I dont know if you have been anywhere

Michael said...

Noor, that dropdown list works fine on mine which has IE6 at work.
I am still none the wiser where you have been I must have missed reading a post somewhere.
Anyway whereever you have been I hope you have had a good time and I have sincerely missed you

flowerdave said...

I read your post too. Thanks for keeping it going. It is summer here so I havent been inside very much to be on the computer but I have put 4000 miles on the bike this year,Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment.
peace FD

Michael said...

Noor, it works perfect here at work on IE6 and your layout looks ok here as well but I am not a perfectionist so i probably arnt the best person to ask.
I gotta go to my sons parents evening tonight, its the first time I have ever been asked by his mum so I will try my best.
Any ideas on how to act that resembles normal?
I know not to get dressed as Darth Vador

Student said...

i study html. do you write about it?

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

wow noor. i'm glad ONE of us inderstands all that ?? crazy web page stuff... sounds like you've got your work cut out there to figure it out. Anyway, glad you are back posting and that you got the copy of the secret in the end. Yay! good luck getting your head round all that technical stuff! your page is very elaborate so you've obviously done a TON of work on it. Hope it all sorts itself out!

Ocha said...

Hi, interesting blog. many of usefull article do you have here, i like it.

recoveryroad said...

Your blog has a reader in London. It's popular with me, anyway!

That HTML can be awkward to get to grips with at the beginning. There are good and free websites which can help. Just google "html, blogs, tips". It spits out so many, you'd need to see which suits you best.


Anonymous said...

Hey, landed on your blog, nice stuff. I found a cool new tool for our blogs... It helps get latest news for our keywords directly on to our blog. I added it on mine. Worked like a charm.

Michael said...

I am still not invited on Man Teaches blog, but I can get on your Web directory one, you aint posted on this for a while though have you.
Awful day Monday, massive floods here and the wettest June ever, couldnt get home took me hours.
I also felt dreadful for absolutely no reason, have u ever had those days well I suppose u have.
Just learned the character I call Diesel is back on the heroine after over a year without.
I dunno much about the stuff but from what I have heard he seems to inhale it?

Michael said...

Noor your blog looks fine to me, I have sent you our works mag again hope u like it though quite a bit of it has appeared on my blog over the last few weeks.
I was going to stop writing it but my boss insisted that I continue saying it boosts morale.

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