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Coming out of isolation
"We find ourselves doing and enjoying things that we never thought we would be doing."
Basic Text, p. 98

Active addiction kept us isolated for many reasons. In the beginning, we avoided family and friends so they wouldn't find out we were using. Some of us avoided all nonaddicts, fearing moral backlash and legal repercussions. We belittled people who had "normal" lives with families and hobbies; we called them "uncool," believing we could never enjoy the simple pleasure of life. Eventually, we even avoided other addicts because we didn't want to share our drugs. Our lives narrowed, and our concerns were confined to the daily maintenance of our disease.

Today, our lives are much fuller. We enjoy activities with other recovering addicts. We have time for our families. And we've discovered many other pursuits that give us pleasure. What a change from the past? We can live life just as fully as the "normal" people we once scorned. Enjoyment has returned to our lives, a gift of recovery.

Just for today: I can find pleasure in the simple routines of daily living.


I had a wonderful weekend. My town, Kuala Kangsar is very beautiful especially at night. Neon lights are everywhere turning Kuala Kangsar into the city of light. It was estimated to be about 25 thousands people flocked into Kuala Kangsar to celebrate the royal wedding of Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah to Zara Salim Davidson.

Traffic along several roads was jammed. I better stay at home surfing the Internet rather than letting myself be crushed by all the well wishers from all over the states of Malaysia. I have to take a rain check from attending the jamuan rakyat (people's feast).

Last night I was able to sneak up between the throng of people to watch firework's on displayed. I took a video clip of it. If everything turned out alright, I shall be able to post it here.

One thing for sure, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah set a very good example for us to follow especially to those who have money. His Royal Highness said, his marriage is his own personal thing, so he gonna pay for it. Why should the state has to pay for his marriage? No wonder the people fall in love with him. Unlike, especially the artists whose marriage costs million, that never last! See last post;

“As the chief executive of the state government, I really appreciate the concern of the Raja Muda of Perak not to permit the state government to spend money for his marriage,” he said.

Tajol Rosli said Raja Nazrin conveyed his wishes when he had an audience with him recently.

“During the audience, Raja Nazrin politely thanked the state government for allocating funds for the royal wedding.

“Instead, he advised the state government to spend the money for development projects to meet the needs of the people,” he said in a statement issued to Bernama yesterday.

Tajol Rosli also said Raja Nazrin had told him that he would pay for all expenses incurred for his wedding.

“Hence, if there are expenditures involving the state coffers, they are to repair and upgrade infrastructures that benefit the people in the long term,” he said.

Raja Nazrin also said expenses for the feast for the common folk would also be borne by him.


As a reminder people, you're still able to help me out by answering several questions set up by Advertlets by clicking the callout button and to leave a comment or two by clicking the refresh button. You can see it on my right sidebar.

And then, on my left sidebar, you will notice Blogger's Choice Awards' badge. This blog, My Journey To Recovery was nominated for Best Health Blog. If I'm not mistaken, I have sent an email to most of you listed on My Sacred Links, pleading for your help to vote and leave a comment or two for me. You can cast your vote by clicking the Blogger's Choice Award's badge or click on this link.

I thank you in advance, my friends for helping me out when I needed it. I know I can always depend on you guys and gals. To show how grateful I am, I going to tell you something that I found very useful to me. If you know the difference between a good web browser and a bad web browser, you'll have ditched IE in favour of Firefox a long time ago. If you are indeed a Firefox user, you will know about the thousands of add-ons that are available for this browser.

I'm still using both browsers and I had to keep switching between Firefox (my main and by far preferred browser) and IE to see what the pages looked like in both browsers, in order to resolve any issues. Yup, you guessed it, it was a bit inconvenient. Switching between them, having to start IE every time I wanted to see how a page rendered in IE.

While browsing the Internet I found, IE Tab and it became my favourite Firefox Add-on. Instantly. Why? Because

  • It offers convenience - no more switching between IE and Firefox!
  • It proved to be invaluable in aiding my venture into web coding
  • And of course...It's free!
This is a great tool for web developers, since you can easily see how your web page displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox, all in the same page. (Right-click and select "View Page in IE Tab")

You can install IE Tabs - FireFox Add-Ons, HERE!

This other add-on is a unique one for Firefox too like the one above. Its actually an add-on that can install itself into Internet Explorer. FireFoxView will add a shortcut to the context menu of Internet Explorer, not Firefox, that will provide you the ability to view your current IE page in Firefox. This shortcut will also appear when you are in an IE Tab in Firefox. This one would be helpful for those of you that fix all your families computers out there. Just quickly tell your 80-year-old aunt to right-click and select "View This Page in Firefox" to quickly walk her through the problem.

I hope you will enjoy installing either one of the add-ons or both.

Wait, wait! I'm not finish yet. I still got one more. Do you still remember Scott W's Museum HNT posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2007?

I have also joined Stumble Upon, hoping to find wonderful blogs/sites so that I can be in a Museum just like our friend, Scott W.

StumbleUpon lets you share *any* webpage by simply clicking I-like-it.
Friends and like-minded websurfers will then automatically 'stumble upon' relevant pages which you like! Rating pages also improves your stumbles - as you rate pages StumbleUpon learns what you like and starts to show you more interesting sites.

You can also join Stumble Upon, by clicking Stumble Upon's button on my left sidebar or by clicking this Stumble Upon's link here.

That's all folks. Please, don't forget to cast your votes, and leave a comment or two for your friend in need. Remember, the more you give, the more you get!

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6 Comments thus far...

Meg Moran said...

I love the selection from the basic text that you chose today. I also isolated alot when I was using because I thought I was so different from everyone else and they would never understand or help me. My life is so different today.

P.S. I voted for yur blog today....

vicariousrising said...

Hello Noor!

Thanks for letting me know what the public opinion of the prince was due to his decision to pay for his wedding. I thought it seemed a wise move. I am glad he was well received for it.

I voted for you in the Blogger's Choice awards. Good luck to you!

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
When there was no comments link yesterday on this post I thought you had banned me from posting them, thats just how weird I think.
Anyway Noor thanks for voting for me and giving me a comment on that "Top Blog Sites" website.
I still havent posted your DVD, listen, have you got MSN messenger well if u havent you can download it from here,
if you have my addy is, i could then send you it accross the net

Shadow said...

thanks for that bit about isolating oneself. i did just that. just to keep my addiction hidden i'd prefer my own company, to not get found out.

and i want to vote for you, i think i did, but got a bit lost in the process, i hope it registered... i looooove your blog and all the advise it offers! stay right where you are!!!

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
I am just coming off those "Nicorette" chewing gums and going through the craving yet again so I am going back nearly 3 years to remember those awful cravings I used to feel for a drink.
We soon forget the hell we went through dont we though I know ciggies dont drive u insane like drink or drugs.
Does it mean I need to get Yahoo Messenger to chat, ill sort it out when I get home as its just dinnertime here at the lost world.

recoveryroad said...

Nice choice of text.

I hope you are well today, Noor.

Sometimes I am unable to post on your blog. Bits sometimes disappear. Not today, though!

best wishes


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