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" We have learned that it is okay to not know all the answers, for then we are teachable and can learn to live our new life successfully."
Basic Text, p. 93

In a way, addiction is a great teacher. And if addiction teaches us nothing else, it will teach us humility. We hear it said that it took our very best thinking to get to NA. Now that we're here, we're here to learn.

The NA Fellowship is a wonderful learning environment for the recovering addict. We aren't made to feel stupid at meetings. Instead, we find others who've been exactly where we've been and who've found all the answers, then listen as others share what's worked for them.

As a recovering addicts and as human beings, we have much to learn. Other addicts - and other human beings - have much to teach us about what works and what doesn't. As long as we remain teachable, we can take advantage of the experience of others.

Just for today: I shall admit that I don't have all the answers. I shall look and listen to the experience of others for the answers I need.


The other day someone asked me how to answer the questions on Advertlet's advertising system? It's very easy actually. Just answer the question asked. For example if they asked you what is your gender, just clicked on either male or female. Then click on next.

You can also;

  • 1. Comment on the featured ad/polls by clicking this Recovery on Comment button. button located at the bottom of the poll and

  • 2. You can also view all available ads/polls, without having to refresh by using this Recovery on refresh button. button.
For those you've not answer the poll, please do it now and add your comments. I really appreciate your cooperation.

Since I've pasted the poll on my blog, so far only twelve answered that poll. Below is the Demographic Results;

For the question, what is your gender? I got as many double female readers than the male. I've been thinking why I got that many female readers? Yeah, I know I'm good looking but then, I'm not available. I'm a happily married guy. So, it's not about my look or the availability. Whatever it is, I shall make my blog a bit feminine to cater my many female readers. So, beware guys! If you want this blog to be masculine in nature, answer more questions and leave more comments.

What is your age? I got three categories for this question, all with the same number of readers. They are between in the age of 21 - 25 years old, 31 - 40 years old and 41 years and above. What can you say about that? It seem that I attracted everybody, from the young guns to the all wise matured readers. That's good news for me.

What is your profession? It looked like I attracted students mostly. They got 33%. A close second are the professional with 25%. Believe it or not, 17% of them are the managers and last but not least with 8% are the freelancer, the entrepreneur and the unemployed. Wow! that's well spread. I guess the students came for informations about recovery and addiction. And so does the others.

And the last question, do you blog? It seem that 75% of my readers are bloggers. That's good, I can learn a lot from them online. For the non-bloggers, about 25% of you, I have to create a new blog specifically for them on how to blog. Maybe in my own language, Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu.

To read or know more regarding Advertlets's demographic poll and statistics, you can read it @ Mr. Josh Lim's Advertlets - We Blog because a blog advertising network needs a blog too. Lol, that is a nice caption, Mr. Josh Lim. There is a birthday announcement too but beware she is not available until she is forty. Yeah, you hear me correct. It gonna be the big four zero. Eat your heart out guys!

Makan Time

Well, I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish my Brother-in-Law a very, very happy birthday. We @ ArahMan7 (that is my darling wife and I) wishes you all the best in your future undertaking. Hopefully more books will be coming my way, lol!

The pic above was taken about a week ago during lunch (makan time) at my family home in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan. That's him (the Great Wan Nazri in the middle) being flanks by my adorable sister (his wife) on the left and the patriarch of the family, my father on the right. That was the day my darling sista let me test drive her awesome BMW 320i.

A few days ago I came across a blog, by a Malaysian blogger and she/he is making a public statement. Yeah, a public statement coz that's what a blog is all about. Every posts published is a public statement so that everybody in the world wide web can see and read about it. This is she/he has to say and I quote;

You know Malaysian Businessman very well. Most of them are un-IT (buta IT?) and that’s why most of people who are really making money online is at the age of 20s. Unquote.

So, is it true that Malaysian Businessmen are really that stupid or un-IT as she/he put it, or buta IT as in blind to IT? Wow, that's a bit too harsh, don't you think so? The rest of the statement stated that these stupid un-IT person needed to be taught a lesson by an advertising company to convince them to accept the possibilities of advertising to do any business!

I don't know what to believe anymore. I might not know any Malaysian Businessmen like she/he do but telling the whole world about how un-IT or damn stupid those Malaysian Businessmen are when it come to IT thingy is totally unacceptable. *I did leave a comment telling someone my view about it but I found out later my comments was not published. Their comment was moderation enabled and I guess my comment did not pass the qualification test to enable it to be published or maybe they themselves endorsed the blogger's view about how stupid, un-IT Malaysian Businessmen are?

Now please bear with me. This question I gonna ask is specifically directed to Malaysian readers. Is Malaysian Businessmen that stupid un-IT? A simple yes or no will do. I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in answering this question.

*Updates: My comments was published, eventually about half an hour after this post was published.

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9 Comments thus far...

Meg Moran said...

well, I sure don't think you're stupid! thanks for reminding me to stay teachable today.

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
When it said proffesion on your survey I wasnt sure what to put u see I am none of them really.
My job is on a despatch desk at a brick works but I am not a manager or owt, guess I am a secretary really but u dont have that as an option neither so I put entrepaneur, not sure what it meant.
Anyway I done my 28 mile walk well all of us did and so far just the three of us raised £438 for McMillian nurses see http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Home.aspx

Anonymous said...

To me, everything starts with humility, my Sultan of Swing. Thanks for the good reminder today.
Glad you were not edited through comment moderation.

msb said...

Thanks Noor for the teachable reminder. Sometimes I just get to smart.

Michael said...

You know Noor,
I feel really good for putting all that effort in for someone else for a change, you know getting sponsors, doing the walk etc.
It makes me feel good but I often wonder if its selfish that you do it for that good feeling it brings?

I think its only going into my head slowly, that is learning to live using the 12 steps but sometimes I glance back and realise just how far I have come, i bet its the same for you in it?

lushgurl said...

Ah, yes it is so good to know that I don't know everything! Today I will do my best to remain teachable! Thanks Noor Azman!
love and HUGS

Scott W said...

All the buttons, pics, etc in your post are just little squares with little red Xs in them, so I can't participate in your survey, sorry.

recoveryroad said...

Hey Noor Azman!

thank you so much for your kind words today. Thank you for helping me stay sober another day.

God bless and I pray to my HP that you have a good day today!

Kenny :)

Anonymous said...

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