Bling, bling.......

Hello my friends. Long time no see. Hope you're in the best of health. As for me, what can I say. I wish I could prolong my vacation days with my beloved wife till next week.

Come nearer. I got something important to tell you all. (I'm looking left and right. Up above and below.) Please don't tell her. (Whispering...) I couldn't get enough of my sweet wife. Do you think another honey-moon is advisable in the very near future? Maybe I shall take her to one of the exotic islands, say like Pulau Tioman. I'm sure my darling wife would like to spend some quality time with dear husband. What do you think?

Ok, seriously. As you can see on my right sidebar, I have sign up with Advertlets, a Malaysian advertising network.

Advertisers make their message count. Bloggers make money doing what they love. It all makes sense on Advertlets. com
Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network.

So far, this blog has been monetize mostly by AdSense. I'm trying to make more money by doing what I like most, that is by blogging. This is for starters, my online business. It centered around something that I enjoy doing, something that I'm passionate about. This will go a long way in determining my success, as my passion will shine through in every area of my business.

Hopefully, when my visitors to this blog and prospects sense my excitement, it will rub off on them, and greatly enhance my success. This is what I hope to gain...

Recovery With BMW

Ha! Ha! Gotcha! No, no, it is not mine. That beautiful BMW belong to my dear sister, Noor Azlinda. Still remember my brother-in-law, the great Wan Nazri? The one who always buys me books. The latest is "The World is Flat." He bought it (the BMW, not the book!) for his wonderful wife, my sister.

I've never been that crazy about cars before. I'm a motorcycle guy but when she let me test drive her BMW, I fell head over heel in love with that BMW. It's an awesome piece of machinery. Do you think by placing AdSense alone on my blog will get me enough money to buy me that type of car? I'm sure you will say, "Keep on dreaming, ArahMan7. Keep on dreaming!"

Like what you see? Click on the BMW, it will open to a new window, to hAAlf nAAked Thursday an awesome blog where all my recovery friends having fun with their pictures every Thursday. Thus the peculiar name. Head over there now...

Now let me tell you a little bit about this new exciting Malaysia's advertising network, Advertlets. It is headed by Josh Lim & Associates. Advertlets. offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers.

Bloggers get better advertising that is relevant to their readers, and advertisers make their advertising dollars and their message count.

Advertlets Lets You Know Your Blog Visitors & Real Time Earnings!

Recovery DemographicIn creating Advertlets, they wanted a system that would benefit bloggers through not just the ability to earn - but also the ability to find out more about my readers, and to use that informations for my benefit and to take my blog further... even before I earn my first cent! They spent a large part of the development to create a convenient, embedded poll system - which could be used to gather information about my visitors without inconveniencing them.

As you can see above (on my right sidebar) I've installed Advertlets, new hybrid polling/ advertising system which is pretty cute.

All you have to do my faithful friends/readers are to answer all the questions given.
The poll is set up so that Advertlets, can analyze the demographic data of my readers. Advertlets do that so they can place what type of advertisement suit my readers.

For those who have installed their Advertlets poll code and have been logging into your account in, you would notice two things - real time earning statistics, and also, you can view the results from your demographics poll! You will be able to see the statistics on your blog visitors in percentage, including:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Profession
  • Whether Blogger Or Not
  • And many many more

Just imagine how much that important informations will be beneficial for you, especially to create your blog's contents to suit your readers?

After all that have been said and done, that is where the sound of Bling, bling... came from. Isn't it a wonderful sound to hear?

Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara! as in Onward you Bloggers for your country!

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9 Comments thus far...

Anonymous said...

Hello, Noor Azman! I am happy to see you return even though it means your holiday is over. Glad you had a lovely time with your lovely wife.
I did your survey for you. Bling. Bling, dude.
Hey, I just got an Infinity G35S -- try that one before you decide on the BMW. All the mags say it's better hands down. Try it!
Peace and love to you my brother,

Michael said...

Hey Noor,
Welcome Back, I have missed you my friend. You seem to have come back all commercialised with this Adthingy, how do I survey you maybe I am a bit stupid.
I think you and your wife should go on another honeymoon. I have been experimenting with turning my workmates into Teletubbies, I dont know if you have heard of teletubbies in malaysia, they are a childrens program I used to watch with Luke when he was 2.
Anyway glad you got the Jungle Telegraph let me know what u think

Michael said...

I have done it Noor, I didnt see the survey there and I was trying to join Advertlets itself because I thought that was the survey...
Silly Me
Anyway I am looking forward to our 24 mile walk up three mountains on sunday, I have raised 162 pounds for Mcmillan Nurses

lushgurl said...

Hey Noor Azman, your love for your wife is awesome! You are both so lucky to have that special someone. Me? I'm looking to share my life with a Mustang rag top...

recoveryroad said...

Hey! Noor Azman! Great to see you back.

I hope you're doing okay today.

best wishes


msb said...

Welcome back oh great blogger dude from afar. Always a delight to see your smiling face on my comments. One day at a time is Word.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Hey Noor, enjoy your time with your wife. Love should be romantic no matter where you are.
Enjoy the vacation.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a very impressive blog, if not a bit cluttered. I had trouble finding the comments link. Like you, I want to use blogs to make money, and I see a lot of helpful tips here. Can tell me where I can learn more about 3 column templates? I would like to make my blog as wide as yours.

Anonymous said...

im just wondering why i cannot view that hAAlf nAAked Thursday link on your post?

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