Not long ago, I decided to join a local popular forum. It is my attempt to give back just a portion of all the blessings I have received. I want others to hear my story and have the courage to keep trying. But then the stigma of being an addict is too much for them to accept.

Two threads in particular attracted my attention. In one of them, one of the moderators were asking a question about HTML. There was a blog he like and wanna do it on his own blog. After experimenting a bit, I manage to answer the question and I was rewarded for my effort. I thank him in my PM (private message). It feel great when you're acknowledged for your effort. I was told when I was studying TC, (therapeutic community) compensation is valid. But that's after personal growth before vested status.

I told him whenever I saw an interesting layout on someone blog, I would clicked view source to study the HTML how did they do it and that was how I did it to answer his question. Then someone else said about the morality of copying someone else template.

I don't see anything wrong with it. HTML is for everybody and it's up to us how to create it to make our blog nice looking. Have you ever seen a trade mark template? As if to say, "This is my private template. No one can copy it or I see you in court!" And I also said, what is wrong is when you hot-linked someone's image or text without prior permission.

I would like to add that I copied 101% from Blogger's Minima Template or Thur Broeders's three column classic Minima Template that I'm using now. And I shall congratulate you if you can do it on your own which is much better. I've to bit my tongue from saying it. I have answered the original question and that's that. It's
not my intention to cause any friction.

And there's a new thread. It's about a game played among the forummers that suppose to make the forum livelier and attract more subscribers to the forum. It's easy to play it. You answered a question by the person above you in the thread and leave a question for the next forummer.

I was among the first to participate in the game. I answered a question by the person above me who asked what is my blog's address? I answered truthfully and leave a question, have you read my posts?

I was shocked when a person, an old timer in the forum answered, "why should I read your blog?" Now, this is suppose to be a game. Not only the SOB breaks the rule by asking a question back but he/she's making a public statement telling others not to read my posts!

I went to his/her site/blog and I cannot blame his/her attitude after seeing it. It seem he/she is making tons of money and teaching others how to be millionaires. The usual business-minded mentality, condemned others so that I shall smell like roses type of person.

A Gift From My Brother-in-Law

Wan's Book Gift For Me

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Below is part of a newsletter by Yaro Starak - The Blog Traffic King with the topic, Dealing With Cowboys.

Cowboys usually have loud mouths and are very
negative. For whatever reason one day you may
become the focus of a cowboy who decides they
don't like something you have done, something you
have said or just take offense at you in general.
They make it a personal mission of theirs to
attack you in public places like forums and blogs,
throwing accusations at you left, right and

The anonymity of the Internet gives cowboys
freedom because they don't feel the social
restrictions or expectations they might impose on
their communication in the real world. In other
words - because they can be anonymous online or
feel safe behind a computer, they are comfortable
to attack people in ways they would never do so in
the real world.

Most cowboys use strong language which is overtly
negative and very accusatory. They often lack
maturity which compounds your frustrations because
you can't respond to them with maturity, they will
just throw more accusations at you without
acknowledging your point of view. You can't
compete with them by arguing because that's what
they specialize in. That's how flame wars begin
and as we know, in war, there are no winners.


The issue we face as publishers of blogs is how to
respond to comments that are negative.

- You could delete them.
- You could censor them (delete parts).
- You could respond in anger.
- You could respond in kind.

In my experience I've sometimes let comments get
to me. I can get really angry, especially when the
comment is clearly something aimed purely as a
put-down for the sake of saying something

I've gone as far as writing an equally angry
response, full of defensive and argumentative
commentary, however I don't actually publish the
response since I know it won't do me any good - I
just want to get the anger out in the moment.


You should know that phrase - it's one of those
our mothers teach us when young. It's perfect for
situations like this, apply it to yourself when
dealing with cowboys.


Methadone plays major role in drug treatment

By Sarah Zopfi Hubbard
The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON -- Sitting in the outskirts of downtown Huntington is a glass and brick building.

At first glance, it looks like your normal business venture. But look a little closer, there is an immediate signal that this building is different.

A sign on the front door reads: "Enter from the rear."

This building, the Huntington Treatment Center, takes up to 650 patients a day.

But this isn't a doctor's office or an urgent treatment center. It is a methadone clinic.

Medical experts agree methadone is a rigorously well-tested medication that is safe for the treatment of narcotic withdrawal and dependence when used correctly.

They report about 20 percent of the more than 800,000 heroin abusers nationwide use methadone as a withdrawal treatment. Thousands of others use the drug for withdrawal from methamphetamine addictions.

But is this drug helping addicts come clean or is it replacing an opiate for a soothing narcotic?

Nancy Price, clinic director of the center, said methadone is one of the safest treatments around for drug addiction.

"Methadone is not a highly sought after drug on the street," Price said. "It is a safe way to treat certain types of drug addiction."

Despite the fact that Huntington Mayor David Felinton wants to shut down the Huntington clinic, many clients are aimed at continuing their treatment.

And at approximately $100 a week for treatment, it isn't difficult for most people to afford.

Candy Webb, who has been receiving treatment for about 14 months, said the methadone clinic not only saved her life, but turned in around.

Addicted to a variety of pain killers after five surgeries, Webb came to the clinic high and in need of a wake-up call.

"I didn't want to take the pills and chase that high the rest of my life," Webb said. "You can't get any more than you put into (the treatment)."

The methadone clinic does not receive federal or state funding. Instead its funding comes from billing insurance companies and paying clients.

While methadone clinics are regulated in part by the Drug Enforcement Administration, it is often up to the clients whether or not they want to lower their prescribed dosage.

The DEA Web site states that chronic administration of methadone results in the development of tolerance and dependence. The withdrawal syndrome develops more slowly and is less severe but more prolonged than that associated with heroin withdrawal.

Webb said it took a while to find the correct therapeutic dose for her, and she has remained on that dose for months now.

She said that dose combined with counseling provided by the clinic help keep her on track. But is weaning yourself off one drug, just to replace it with a therapeutic dose of another drug really getting off drugs?

According to Webb and many at this clinic, it is.

"I am still in treatment, and I am still learning," she said.

Nick Reuter, senior public health analyst with the substance abuse mental health services administration, said methadone's role in drug treatment is just part of a larger picture.

He said as many as 130,000 patients nationally are being treated in methadone programs.

"Methadone is a medication, and it is provided to patients with the requirement that patients are also provided with counseling, rehabilitation services and other services," Reuter said. "I think methadone treatment in the United States is one of the highest regulated uses of drugs in the country.

"Part of the program is to periodically talk about stepping down and getting off of the treatment. A lot of patients think about discontinuing treatment who want more freedom."

Reuter said the average length of treatment is 6 years.

"There is no rush to get someone out of treatment if they are a responsible member of the community," Reuter said. "I don't view it as just another drug. It is prescribed by a doctor."

In 1999, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the use of methadone. This allowed for the drug to be used as a clinical tool in the treatment of addiction.

This rulemaking also allowed for doctors to have more control and flexibility in the establishing the use and management of methadone.

But with this ease in dosage also came widely reported overdoses and abuse.

Dr. Ahmet Ozturk, director of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Regional Pain Management Center, said methadone is an important and effective pain killer.

However, without proper dosing and communication, it can be a death sentence.

"It has been used in pain control for a long time," Ozturk said. "In 1976, the DEA allowed methadone to be used as an analgesic."

Ozturk said there are two main dangers surrounding methadone: the accumulation of the drug in the blood and mixing it with other drugs.

"The medicine can cause problems itself," Ozturk said. "If the patient takes a month's dose at one time, this can happen. There can also be problems when it is combined with other drugs like Valium or alcohol."

Ozturk said in the past he has tried to contact the methadone clinic to find out how much methadone a patient has taken there, and no one at the clinic will return his calls.

"The important one is the stigma attached with the drug," Ozturk said. "Second, it can accumulate. Many primary care physicians do not feel comfortable monitoring the patient that closely.

"Patients go (to the clinic) and take an ungodly amount of methadone, and they won't return our calls," Ozturk said. "The problem is there are medical regulations and physicians need to communicate with each other."

Without that communication, there is a greater risk for methadone overdose.

"I think that is my main concern," Ozturk said. "After all, even if methadone is for maintenance, it is still a medical treatment."

Copied and pasted from Herald-Dispatch.

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12 Comments thus far...

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Really interesting post about the net, I love the internet I remember doing projects at school and it took ages to find information before the internet now its almost too easy.
Its all about sharing isnt it, there is bad in everything though and those critics who just sit around causing trouble well all I can say they dont build statues for critics do they.
then again statues just get sh*t on

Anonymous said...

Comments can sometimes hurt, yes. Sometimes I turn them off when I have written something I don't want feedback on.
Before I started blogging I ran into some attacking stuff on a google addiction forum. It really bummed me out at the time. I simply stopped going there altogether. I no longer participate anywhere I am being victimized. I just won't do it to myself anymore.
Another good article on Methadone posted. I think we are on the brink of seeing big, big changes though, Noor Azman. Once it's use hit the "regular population" to withdraw from pain meds and was no longer "just for junky's", the Feds started actually caring that people are dying from it. I don't think it's too long before we don't see it any more, especially since there is Buprenorphine as another option.
Thanks for the post. Good to have you back.

vicariousrising said...

Cowboys. Heh. My favorite way to handle cowboys is to hand them a mirror. Most of them need a shave.

Great post, Noor. I am so glad you are back online. I missed ya!

lushgurl said...

Hey Noor Azman, I'd have to agree with our Scouter gurl here. If I feel I am being attacked I will not visit a person (place or thing). You deserve to be validated for all of the hard work you do for you and other people...don't let the nay-sayers get you down!
Love to you my brother!

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

unfortunately, bullies exist everywhere, and they are usually allowed [for a variety of reasons] to get away with their bad behaviour, which of course perpetuates the problem. And as you say, the anonymity and impersonality of the internet helps keep these cowboys going.

I gotta say, I'm not good at confronting/dealing with bullies/flamers/negative people in general. Usually I'm so affected I go into brain-breeze and just can't respond. So I don't confront the "attacker", but after the fact I kick myself over and over as I think about what I could have said in response,,, although as I have matured I know that all I'd achieve is just perpetuate the confrontation, and I hate confrontations, so hey, just let go and walk away...

Zane-nawwaa said...

Glad you are back. I haven't been posting regularly recently because my world has gone crazy. Meaning I am getting my house ready to sell so I move closer into the City of Houston. Tomorrow the remodeling of my kitchen should be done and everything moved back into place. Good to hear from you.
Thanks for the GIFT.

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
I dont know if I have told u yet but on the 6th May I am going on the three peaks challange which is a walk of 26 miles up three mountains in my county of Yorkshire.
I am currently asking all the drivers that come in for loads to sponsor me, its in aid of the Macmillan Nurses and has been organised by our works.
Both Luke my son and Red Riding Hood my niece are going to attempt it as well.
I hope I make it 3 years ago I wouldnt of stood a chance!

Meg Moran said...

Hi Noor, thanks for another interesting post. Sorry to hear you have trouble with negative comments. I too stay away from sites where negative threads exist. There is just too much negatitivy in the world today. I need to keep my focus on my recovery and feed my soul. Best to you my friend.

Shadow said...

hey! nice post! and re. comments i don't like, well i just ignore them. mostly people post stuff to get a reaction. when they don't get a reaction they generally go away....

pastcustomer said...

Cowboys usually crap where there are no toilets, enough said. But seriously, I agree with your points, and encourage you to keep it up in Malaysia!

exceldream50 said...

Very interesting posts.Just Fuel your blog just now.Keep it up.
Many things can learn from you.

P/S:Your comments column should have blogger name. Visitors may not have google acc.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

nice to see you back posting noor and thanks for another interesting post. i can't be dealing with people that love to argue. i try to avoid them as much as possible. apart from anything it's actaully very difficult to read that stuff without getting sucked in to the bait, so i find it best just not to read it in the first place. and when i got that crazy aa-hating guy emailing just I deleted the emails without bothering to read them. some people just love the flaming thing. i just leave them to it. its not my thing, and I can't be bothered trying to get them to see sense.
anyway. hope your pc stays on the mend!

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