Gratitude changed my life, and since today I got back my beloved PC even though it does not function up to par, I'm still grateful. Since lightning struck down and damaged my hard disk, I've been trying very hard to get back all the important and some have sentimental valued emails/info, I tried hacking it on my own. I read a post by one of our Recovery Friends, was it Lash505 or Scott W I don't seem to remember. But the post is about how she/he recovered back his important photo. I wish to find out how does he/she do it.
I think I've to do a bit of upgrading on my PC. Right now I'm using a the latest toys available and using a genuine hard/softwares which will please Mr. Bill Gates if ever he find out about my PC. I know I've been contributing to Gates's fortunes and I was satisfied with it performance before. But after getting a new hard-disk with more memory, it's getting very slow (but faster than a dial-up version) and decided to become Oreo's biscuit. One minute it here and several minutes later it vanishes into thin air leaving me with an empty window! Grrrr!

OK, back to gratitude. I'd like to know what you are grateful today. You don't have to email it to me, just write it down. Send the gratitude out to me through the airwaves. Sound silly? To us Recovery Bloggers it is not. You can click any of the links on My Sacred Links and you will notice most of them have gratitude lists on their blogs. Some even have more than five gratitude lists. Give it a try.

Here's what I'm grateful for:

  1. I'm grateful for my darling wife Arah. Her support and love is what sustains me.
  2. I'm grateful for my family, my Daddy, Othman Bin Salleh (I call him lovingly Pok.), my beloved Mummy, Sariah Binti Jenait (Umie to me), my three dearest sisters, Noor Zihan, Noor Azlinda and Noor Azriq. And to Wan Nazri and last but not least my four little nephews, Noor Azericca Eleadora (Eka), Mohd Nasif Hakeem (Hakim), Noor Izatul Hakeemah (Kak Cik) and Muhammad Niyaz Ehsan (Ehsan).
  3. I'm grateful for the special people who gave me such fantastic advice, direction and encouragement in My Journey To Recovery. You know who you are, and many of you are reading my thanks right now. (Clue: Listed on My Sacred and Non-Recovery Links.)
  4. I'm grateful for the quality people I've had a chance to write, read and comment for, all over the World Wide Web especially Malaysian. In a business of blogging where they say "all writers, readers and commenters suck", I have not experienced sulky clients. I call them all friends.
  5. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to help others change their life. I shall continue to give as long as you are willing to accept.
Happy grateful day - Malaysia's First Recovery Blogger.

This offer are for non-recovery readers who have stalking my blog, maybe wishing to learn what's this Anonymous thing I'm talking about. To know more, come back again and again. There are many links on my blog except NA. I know NA played an important part on My Journey To Recovery but when I wrote to NA World Service, I was not granted the permission to paste NA logo on my blog. Below is a copy of the said email;

Subject: FW: An Addict From Malaysia
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:19:49 -0800
From: "Steve Rusch"

Hello Noor – Thank you for writing to NA World Services. In response to your question, we are not able to give you permission to use the NA logo on your blog. The NA Fellowship has determined that only NA groups or service committees can use the logo or NA’s recovery literature. With that said, feel free to place a link to on your site if you want to.

Thanks again for writing. Take good care.

Warm regards,

Steve Rusch
Fellowship Services Team Leader
NA World Services
818-773-9999 x173

After reading it I decided not to place a link to them.

Below is a small part of an article which I copied and pasted from German Court Orders A.A. Books Destroyed;

I Plead Guilty

In solidarity with this individual AA member and the over 130 other members named in the court papers and the hundreds of others whose names will publicly be revealed as the result of this case, I will plead guilty.

* I plead guilty to carrying the message of recovery to the still sick and suffering alcoholic.
* I plead guilty to freely giving of what I have been freely given.
* I plead guilty to not believing that newcomers should be forced to pay about ten times more for an AA book that we pay in the US.
* I plead guilty to believing in our Tradition of Anonymity and not placing AA member's names in the public record.
* I plead guilty to believing what it says in the AA Service Manual under the Concepts that AA WILL NEVER BE PERSONALLY PUNITIVE towards AA members and that what we have we must freely give away.
* I plead guilty to believing that AA is supposed to be a spiritual entity, based upon principles of honesty and not upon money, property and prestige.
* I also plead guilty to distributing free books to the still sick and suffering alcoholic and anyone else in AA who wishes to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

You can read more about "Early History of Alcoholic Anonymous" by Mitchell K by clicking the link.

Note: I have nothing against NA, AA or any other Anonymous Groups. See disclaimer at the bottom of this post. I shall say it again, NA played an important role in My Journey To Recovery.

Here is another interesting article by written by nationally recognized historian and oft-quoted Alcoholics Anonymous archivist Mitchell K.

The Saddest Day In A.A. History
The history of Alcoholics Anonymous is constantly being made. Events that happen today comprise a page in the overall picture that future generations of alcoholics who seek A.A.'s help will eventually read. Recent events, sad to say, are part of the darkest days in A.A.'s future history.

A member of Alcoholics Anonymous in Germany, a brother in recovery, has been attacked by the very organization espousing spiritual principles - Alcoholics Anonymous.
As a student of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous for the past 18 years, and in almost 23 years of sobriety, this writer is having a difficult time reconciling what A.A. has stood for in his own personal recovery journey with recent actions. These actions taken and endorsed by the General Service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous worldwide have disturbed this writer to the point of questioning his own continuing membership in this fellowship.

This writer has believed that the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions stood for a way of life, based upon rigorous honesty and spiritual principles. However, recent events brought to light have caused personal questioning of the actual validity and placing into practice of these principles.

A member of Alcoholics Anonymous in Germany, a brother in recovery, has been attacked by the very organization espousing spiritual principles - Alcoholics Anonymous. This brother has been vilified and ostracized by Alcoholics Anonymous to the extent that his membership and personal continued sobriety could be in jeopardy. All in the name of unity, but in reality, due to problems relating to money and property.

The "Crime"
The individual in Germany and the group he belongs to had translated and printed A.A.'s basic text into their native tongue. They printed first 164 pages of the original text, now in the public domain due to the lapse of the copyright. Their purpose was to carry the message of recovery in accordance with A.A.'s 5th Tradition: "Each Alcoholics Anonymous group ought to be a spiritual entity having but one primary purpose - that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers." (Long Form)

The legal action demands that this A.A. member in Germany no longer purchase, lend, own or give away ANY literature related to recovery.
These little blue books were being distributed at no charge to A.A. members at no charge. They were given away to members as well as in treatment centers, jails and prisons. Now, due to personally punitive legal measures initiated by the General Service Office in Germany (AAeV) and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. in New York City (AAWS) this carrying the message of recovery may have to cease.

The individual in Germany has been taken to court by AAeV and AAWS not only to stop both him and the A.A. Group he belongs to from printing and distributing literature in the public domain, but to, in effect, throw him out of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The legal action demands that this A.A. member in Germany no longer purchase, lend, own or give away ANY literature related to recovery. This includes all A.A. literature, and literature relating to recovery from alcoholism by any other publisher. He cannot give a newcomer a Big Book, go on Twelve Step calls with any literature, or have in his possession A.A.'s basic text.

Third Tradition
According to the 3rd Tradition (Long Form): "Our membership ought to include all who suffer from alcoholism. Hence we may refuse none who wish to recover. Nor ought A.A. membership ever depend upon money or conformity…" By taking away his ability to carry the message to the still sick and suffering alcoholic, AAeV in Germany and AAWS in New York have refused to allow the German A.A. member continued membership in A.A. They have in essence, placed his continued recovery in jeopardy by his not being able to keep what he has by giving it away. This is the cornerstone of Alcoholics Anonymous - one drunk helping another.

The German AAeV wants to take all of the literature owned by this individual A.A. member and the Group he belongs to and destroy it.
This legal action taken by AAeV in Germany and endorsed by the General Service Board of Trustees of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., George D., General Service Manager of AAWS and others in the General Service structure also includes possible incarceration of this A.A. member in Germany and fines running into the tens of thousands of dollars. A.A. World Services desires to place this A.A. member in financial ruin as well as kicking him out of A.A.

AAWS refused to consider recent proposals regarding continued litigation to be placed on the agenda of the upcoming World Service Conference. Even the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Gary Glynn (non-alcoholic Trustee) had been reported to have said that there are times when the Traditions must be cast aside. At a recent meeting in Germany, Al H., Chairperson of the General Service Conference of Great Britain stated that he didn't care if this German A.A. member went to jail or drank again. The German AAeV wants to take all of the literature owned by this individual A.A. member and the Group he belongs to and destroy it. This writer wonders if the German General Service Office remembers in the world's not too distant past, the practice of book burning once so prevalent in Germany?

In Warranty Five of the Twelfth Concept for World Service it states: "That no Conference action ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy." The endorsement by the Board of Trustees, AAWS and therefore, the Conference of taking an individual A.A. member into the public courts, threatening his financial future, his freedom (with possible incarceration), his ability to remain a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and by causing the A.A. name to be placed in a position of incitement to public controversy is appalling.

If, as members of Alcoholics Anonymous, we allow a fellow member to be placed in this position who or what is next?

In many parts of the world, A.A. books sell for as much as $45.00. In an effort to bring recovery to as many people as possible by giving away free books, can we allow Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. to kick someone out of A.A., place them in financial ruin and give the message to the public that we don't care? This member's trail begins on March 26, 1998. This will be the saddest day in A.A. history.

Copied and pasted from The Saddest Day In A.A. History

P/s I believe there are still many good folks in NA AA or any Anonymous group. For example, (Just to name only one. There will be not enough space if I were to quote everybody) Ms. Meg Moran who gave me NA's Blue Book and Just For Today as a gift. I cannot thanks her enough. My older Photostat version will be kept on a proper place.

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19 Comments thus far...

sharonsjourney said...

I forgot to tell you in my last comment It is ok that you emailed me, I was glad to hear from you, I was getting worried! So thanks!

As for the gratitude list, I shall give you a short one, not because I have a short one, but because it's in this comment. Here goes.

I am grateful for:

My sister, my father, mother, & brother are not living. So I am very grateful for my sister, we are all we have in our immediate family, we hang on to each other.

I'm grateful for the rest of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, no living grandparents.

I am grateful for my family in recovery, both AA, NA, Bloggers, as well as for.

I am grateful for the program, the steps, the literature, the service work, all of it.

I am grateful for my dear cat Riley, he is so sweet, he's quite the loverboy. I wish I were the person he thinks I am.

I am grateful for my apt. & the home I've made of it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to change.

I'm grateful for the things I get to do.

I have more, but don't want to take up any more space, sorry for the long one.

Love, Sharon

Sober Chick said...

Thank GOD for that precious little thing called "Gratitude" that helps us embrace all the gifts we have been blessed with.

thejunkyswife said...

I'm going to write a grateful list right now. Thanks for reminding me with your writing that I have things to be grateful for, even on this terrible day.

Inmatez Wife said...

I am sorry to tell you my friend, that with everything I am trying to deal with, right now, I find I have nothing to be grateful for. Well, my children, and my friends, but that is all.

recoveryroad said...

I'm glad it was only the hard drive that got zapped and not you! Good to see you back again. :-)

Gwen said...

Welcome home Noor~

Hope you have a wonderful 24 hours.


vicariousrising said...

Hello Noor! It is sooooooo good to have you back again! I missed your blog posts very much.

I hope all is well for you in Malaysia. Thank you for the excellent post about AA literature in Germany. I had not heard about it. I hate the idea of people who cannot afford it not having access to the Big Book and the AA and NA message. Great info.


Michael said...

Hi Noor
I too have just come back from my Easter Holiday after having finally met Squeaky Chair/The Stone Princess.
I did as you requested and posted the apology for your absence on all your sacred links and have really missed you.
What do you want a logo making for, sometimes I make my own others i go to google pictures and cut and paste stuff from it.
Anyway I will have to go cos dinnertime is coming to an end, its my first day back so I feel a bit funny

Meg Moran said...

Gratitude is a good topic to keep at the front of my mind. Thank you and WELCOME BACK!

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
What am I doing wrong then, why does no one except you ever visit my blog.
A few people started coming but they have all got bored and wondered off again now.
I will design you a nice logo on my next post does it need to say "Noors Blog" or something like that?

Scott W said...

Welcome back, again! That article says his trial starts in 1998. Do you know the outcome of said trial?

Gratitude is one of the mainstays of my recovery, hence the title of my blog.

Have a great day, sober and sane.

Michael said...

Blimey Noor, Im sat in bed on my laptop reading about that bloke in Germany taken to court by AA, unbelievable isnt it how things have changed, the world is run now by the money and greed isnt it.
I have took aboard what u said about posting and i am off to go on sharrons blog now.


Love you.

lushgurl said...

Hey Noor Azman, like the others' here I am very glad that you are back. Today I am grateful for you and all of my blogging friends who leave nice little gifties in my comments' box!
I am also grateful that you have a computer, even though it's not up to speed!
love and HUGS

Michael said...

I have left you a nice logo on my blog entry today and a link to an excellent logo generator.
I cant seem to get my logo to animate though

Shadow said...

hey! one item on my gratitude list today is being able to read your blog, thoughts and comments...

Sober Chick said...

now iu r having Internet/computer issues . . . just wanted to stop by and say Hola!


*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

hi, am stopping by via the Blogger Network, checking out fellow Malaysians' blogs registered there. I wish you all the best on your life journey.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

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