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If you noticed my WishList, one of my wish is to attract more Malaysian readers to my blog. I've already done that, that why I've strike off the list. I've listed ArahMan7 in CARI, a Malaysian Directory. I placed it under Personal Home Page. I've also participated quite actively on their forum. Asking questions and having pep talks with other forumner (gee, is that an English word?). Anyway, it's a great place to meet new friends.

What will they say if they knew who I am?

Reading the forum threads, give me a brand new idea. I wanna create a new blog in my own language about setting up a blog. I may not know much but I gonna gives my best shot. This new blog will have all the info needed, from A to Z, no hold bar to be a Blogger. I see that most of them wanna be a successful Internet Marketer, creating as much money as possible. Well, I hope my new blog will give them just that.

I think I've been tagged again, The Meme -Why Do I blog? It's from the greatJedi Master himself. This meme is suppose to be fun and I love doing it. For your information, I still owed Shadow, six weird things about me. I hope she can read this coz she's in Namibia now visiting her sister all by herself for a two week break. I'm sorry Shadow. One of these days I gonna write it up.

It's already Sunday here, in beautiful Malaysia. I'm still awake trying to finish up this post. For the whole day (Saturday), I've been very very busy. I got a bagful of emails waiting for my reply especially from my dear Sista in Swing, SCoUt.

Updates: March 4th, 2007. 2:04 pm

I was reading some threads on
Cari's Forum and I came across this, MiriGuy's thread. I was curious about he got to offer and I went over to his post. He's talking about a new program released by PayPerPost. It’s called Review My Post. What’s interesting about this new program is, you are getting paid everytime someone signs up and reviews a post on your blog. Basically, now hold on to your breath, GET PAID TO BLOG!

I didn't waste any time coz I went straight to
PayPerPost to signup with them. This's their Bloggers Overview: Get Paid for Blogging. You've been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate. That's about to change. With PayPerPost advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It's that simple.

So, from now onward there’s a PayPerPost's banner on top and bottom of my post, and it will say Review My Post. So, if you think there’s a particular post that attracts your eyeballs and you feel like you don’t agree with me, or better still, you agreed with me, you can just blog about it. By doing that, you and me will make USD7.50. Does that sounds attractive to you? I know it’s not USD750, but hey, no one is going to give away money just like that right?

So, what are you waiting for? Just select one of my post and review it on your blog. You will feel wonderful that you did!

My day started with a trip to the market with my adorable wife. We usually buy a week worth of foods every Saturday. It's her day off and going to the market is not my cup of tea. I'm just her driver. After letting her off at the market, I gonna find a cool parking space. Usually, my sweet wife will spent a couple of hours doing her chores. To pass the time, I would take out my book and do some reading inside the car with the engine running!

After we got back, I still can't go to my beloved PC. My clients (ooppps! my dear wife clients actually coz nobody want to do business with an addict!) started coming. I would stay out of sight but still between hearing distance coz my delighted would need a pen or a calculator or whatever. So, again as usually, lunch will be late. Sometime I felt sorry for her but she insisted to cook lunch for her darling husband!

After lunch, I prayed alone today coz my attractive wife is having her once a month sickness! On other normal days, I made it an habit to pray together. By four in the afternoon, we're off to Ipoh to buy some stocks for our clients. I got to get back in Kuala Kangsar before 9 pm because we're having an appointment with an important client. The meeting lasted for a couple of hours and I'm free. Free to sit in front of my sensual PC.

It's now 2:44 am and I'm still awake.

I'm not gonna tag nobody but to listen to JJ Cale's I Got The Same Old Blues.


Replacing opiates can’t stop addiction
By Anonymous
Thursday, February 22, 2007 - Bangor Daily News

I’m writing to offer a different perspective to the addiction problem that has destroyed the lives of many people in Maine and across the country. Let me start by telling you that I am a recovering drug addict. My addiction caused me to lose a business, a home … the list goes on forever. My drug abuse also sent me to federal prison, a place I never thought I would be.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about drug replacement therapy, namely methadone and Suboxone. Being part of the recovery community, I am saddened to see how these two drugs are misused and misprescribed to hundreds of people who are attempting to free themselves from the chains of active addiction.

I have been substance-free for almost four years. The strongest drug I have put in my body in that time is aspirin.

When I first got into recovery, I thought using drugs was my problem. What I have learned is that the urge to use drugs is just a symptom of my problem; the problem itself is addiction. I have learned that addiction is a disease that I must work on every day to keep in remission, just like a lot of other diseases.

Addiction is a disease of attitude, personality and a generally negative outlook. It is rooted in fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. The main components of addiction are obsession and compulsion. Obsession is that fixed idea that takes us back, time and time again, to our particular drug, or a substitute, to try and recapture the feelings of ease and euphoria that we once experienced. Compulsion is being unable to stop ourselves from acting on that idea.

Knowing this, how could I think it would do me any good to put a replacement drug in my body? It would only support the obsession and the compulsion.

In early recovery, what most of us want is to find an easy way out. We don’t want the discomfort and pain that comes with not having our drugs. The pain of withdrawal, mental and physical, is a lot to bear. I would have done anything to get an OxyContin or a bag of heroin just so I wouldn’t have to go through the sickness of withdrawal. Even after not using for 30 days, I thought about getting high a lot.

All I would have needed was for someone in the medical community to tell me that I couldn’t stay off street drugs without the "miracle" of Suboxone or methadone. Looking back at it now, I know that if it had been offered to me, I would have taken it. For me to be able to get high, legally, would have been just the ticket.

I read all the articles in the paper about the opiate addiction problem in our state. I know I don’t have the definitive answer, but I do know that it is not drug replacement. Every single person I know of who has used methadone or Suboxone as an opiate replacement has relapsed.

The other thing I know is that I haven’t relapsed, and there are many others who haven’t and are living drug-free, crime-free lives. The people who make the decisions about chemical abuse treatment in Maine should reconsider the value of opiate substitution.

The writer of this week’s column lives in Brewer.

Copied and pasted from Bangor Daily News


Artist : J. J. Cale
Song : I got the same old blues
Album: Okie

Have you heard that rumour that's going around
You got it made, way across town
It's the same old story, tell me where does it end
Yes, I heard the news, it's the same old blues again
When I wrote you a letter, you must have read it wrong
I stood at your doorway, but you was gone
I took a lot of courage and let the telephone ring
It's the same old blues, same old blues again
When you give me the business, you know I get a mind
'Cause I've got a lot of patience and I've got a lot of time
It's the same old story, tell me where does it end
It's the same old blues, same old blues again
I'm gonna find me a mountain, I'm gonna hide out
I ain't talking to you and I ain't coming out
Yeah, I heard that rumour, tell me where does it end
It's the same old blues, same old blues again

Lyrics courtesy of ST Lyrics

I Got The Same Old Blues
By J.J. Cale

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8 Comments thus far...

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are reaching some of your country people, Noor Azman. It's an awesome thing that you blog there and important work.
As for the article you posted from the misinformed dude in Maine....Man, he needs to let other people have their own process! He has absolutely no experience with ANY of what his OPINIONS are based on. He never even USED either of those drugs!
As you can see, he really got under my skin. I will email you about the rest, o.k?
Good thing to post his opinion, though. It's important that we hear as much of everyone as we can.
Peace, My brother of Swing,

Miriguy said...

Hi Azman. Would love to know more about how u overcome ur addiction :)

Inmatez Wife said...

Noor, reguarding this article. Hmmm, well, that is all I have to say about that. He is clueless.

Ithoy said...

I'd love to do the pay per post thing. Sounds great. Monetizing blog, hehe... And, this newbie can't wait to learn more bout blogging from you in your new blog!

Meg Moran said...

Hi Noor, I guess the ultimate goal is to be absolutely drug free. If Suboxone can get you off the opiate then it is a life saver. Then a new life can begin. But suboxone has to be stopped after the opiate detox per the original intention. It is not a substitute, it is a way to get off of heroin or methodone.

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Really enjoyed reading your latest post as usual, I promise I will write about why I started blogging.
I have also sent you a copy of our Jungle Telegraph so u know what it is.
Fascinated by your account of quitting heroine without a substitute chemical well done to you, u inspire hope in many thousands of others no doubt throughout the world.
My problem was alcohol and cannabis, yes u might say no big deal but for me it brought me to suicide and even meant that I poured petrol on myself and lit a match.
so just cos its legal in our country to drink doesnt mean its okay!

Michael said...

Hi Noor,
Just written my post about starting blogging, glad u enjoyed the Jungle Telegraph ill put u on the distribution list if u like

lushgurl said...

HI noor...I finally figured out how to put someone on my links list!!! The best part? It is actually working! And , yes, you are one of my links...*HUGS*

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