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I'm very tired. Just got back from Ipoh, buying some stuff for my company. From morning till mid-night, I've been my wife's chaperone. After my business collapsed, I set up this new company. After all, I got to feed my family too. Even though this new company is under my name but my wife is running the show. I'm content to stay in the background and be the innocent bystander.

I learned a valuable lesson despite my failure. I've learned that nobody wants to do business with an addict! Even, with a recovering addict! After a lenghty discussions with her, we decided to make her the front(wo)man. It was the right choice. My business slowly built up. That's something to be grateful about.

Still remember the problem I had with my blog? I told you that my texts become red when viewed using Mozilla. I've been searching for the answer all over the Internet trying to learn what causes it. My treads can be seen at Blogger Help Group among others. I even wrote to BloggerTalk. My last choice is to migrate using New Blogger Beta Layout.

While searching for something (I forgot what it was) at my Favourites, I came across this blog. I've Favourites this blog during my early blogging days. So, I wrote to the BlogMaster telling him my sad sad predicaments. Between a few hours, I got his reply, telling me maybe the font tag or span tag did not closed properly.

When I do a complete checked on my template, sure enough, there was an incomplete closing tag for my marquee texts. After rectifying my mistakes, you can view this post now using Mozilla. Voila! No more RED texts. I was so happy, jumping around, and shouting with joy, attracting the whole family. Maybe they were thinking, "Now what?"

My God, all this while it was due to an incomplete tag! And the best part is that, Mr. Peter Chen is a honest to God Malaysian. An expert Blogger at that. In fact Google even honoured him with a Blog*Star 2006 Award. You can check it here. Thank you, Peter.

Pssst! I have an on-going project with him. Tell you about it when everything is done.

Lastest news I heard, there are many Malaysian WebMasters and BlogMasters been selected and appeared among the 2000 Bloggers. Every sites or blogs I visited, almost all of them are selected and their master's faces appeared on 2000 Bloggers.. This made me curious (hope I'm not the CAT!). I thought their sites/blogs must be very good to be selected. Check it out, here!

So, how about it Gwen or maybe SC? Both of you are excellent, computer genius. Used Tino Buntic's idea but with a twist. You can call it The 100 or 500 Recovery Blogger Faces or whatever. It can be used as a platform to join us Recovery Bloggers together. With our strenght and experiences, we shall bring hope to our brothers and sisters who are still out there on the street. This is just an idea, my 2 cents.

As I told you, for the past few days both me and my dear wife are very busy especially my adorable wife, promoting my new business. One day back at home, while I was at my workplace (staring at the computer), I heard somebody singing. Curiousity (again!) makes me searched who was singing. I heard it coming from the shower, unmistakenly my lovely wife singing her heart out. At first I couldn't make head or tail what was she singing about but the melody was kinda familiar.

I came closer, (No! I'm not going to peeping Tommy my luscious wife) and this is the song you're hearing now. I knew she worked hard for dear husband. Of course I gonna treat her right.To top it all up, here is another article from wiseGEEK.


The 12 steps make up the defining recovery process of those belonging to Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). Bill Wilson and Bob Smith first developed them. Together Wilson and Smith developed a program to help alcoholics recover. This included working the 12 steps, and then later assisting other recovering alcoholics to practice the 12 steps.

Since writing the 12 steps in the A.A. “Big Book,” as it is termed, the steps have been somewhat adapted to recovery of other forms of addiction. Narcotics Anonymous uses 12 steps almost identical to A.A. Others may use a modified 12 steps program to recover from gambling, sexual addiction, or to quit smoking.

The 12 steps must initially be worked step by step. The first step is admitting one has a problem and recognizing that one is powerless to fix that problem. The second step is believing that a higher power could help restore one to sanity. Next the alcoholic turns the problem over to the higher power in Step 3.

A higher power does not have to mean God. The phrase is a higher power, as we “understand it.” Thus many atheists and agnostics are able to work the 12 steps without having to embrace a form of organized religion. How much the higher power is a religious figure depends very much on each individual A.A. group.

Some groups are very religious, and may end an A.A. meeting by saying the “Our Father.” Other groups forgo this. Almost all A.A. meetings end with people holding hands together, and at least observing their fellowship as a group. The group itself can be the higher power.

Step 4 is a difficult one, where one takes a moral inventory of oneself. This means recognizing faults, behaviors, and patterns that lead one to drink. A sponsor usually guides this step.

Step 5 takes the moral inventory further. One must acknowledge and admit one’s faults, confess them to a higher power, and also to a person. Usually the sponsor acts as a confessor in this case.

Step 6 is a statement of readiness to a higher power, and to perhaps a sponsor. One recognizes again, as in Step 2 that a higher power can remove one’s faults. Step 7 then asks the alcoholic to “humbly” ask the higher power to remove faults.

In the 12 steps, 8 and 9 are active steps. One acknowledges wrongs one has committed to others and asks their pardon. Step 9 specifically calls for restitution to be made, where possible, to those one has harmed.

Steps 10 and 11 continue the process of moral inventory and of closer connection to a higher power. Step 12 is another very active step in which one commits to helping other alcoholics.

People in A.A. continue to work the 12 steps, perhaps for a lifetime. Some find they have sufficiently recovered to only attend meetings occasionally. Others find they need regular meeting attendance to remain committed to recovery. Additional study groups may be offered on each of the steps. There are also books that elucidate each step in further detail, which may direct study groups.

Working the 12 steps is an intensive and committed process. It has been found effective however, and many people owe their recovery from active alcoholism to working the 12 steps and to the philosophy and support of A.A.


She works hard for the money lyrics
by Donna Summer

She works hard for the money
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She works hard for the money
so you better treat her right.
She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey. . . .
Onetta there in the corner stand
and you wonders where she is
And it's strange to her
some people seem to have everything.
Nine a.m. on the hour hand
and she's waiting for the bell

And she's looking real pretty
just waiting for her clientele.
She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey. . . .
She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey. . . .
Twenty eight years have come and gone
and she's seen a lot of tears
Of the ones who come in
they really seem to need her there.
It's a sacrifice working day to day
for little money just tips for pay.
But it's worth it all
just to hear them say that they care.
She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey. . . .
Already knows she's seen her bad times.
Already knows these are the good times.
She'll never sell out
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-She works hard-

She works hard for the money
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Hard for the money
so hard for it honey. . . .
Hard for the money
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Lyrics courtesy of http://www.mp3lyrics.org/

She Works Hard For The Money
By Donna Summer

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Inmatez Wife said...

I have always believed that the 12 wonderful steps should be a way of life for everyone. No matter what the addiction is, alcohol, drugs, negativity,judgements. I truly think that if we do the 12 steps for everyday life, people would be happier, and more thoughtful of others.

flowerdave said...

Hi Noor,
so what kind of business ya got going? please send a prayer out for me as im going to quit smoking next saturday, it is my sons birthday. maybe you should send a prayer out for all tha come in contact with me in the week following, they are in for it.
peace FD


Good post and I'm glad you worked out the Mozilla problem. And I bet you both work hard for the money.

dAAve said...

That's a cute story about your wife.

Michael said...

That was a great read Noor, I hope your business does well and you prosper, u definately deserve it.
Do u think I am not doing Gods will by wanting a girlfriend I mean is it my will or Gods will and how do I know the difference?

Cindy said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog. I go to Overeater's Anonymous, another 12 step program. We deal with the compulsion of overeating. It is just as hard for me to abstain from overeating as it is for some to abstain from other things. I truly have enjoyed applying some of the principles you have shared to my life. If you would like to see my blog... here is the link. http://justfortodayinoa.blogspot.com/ Maybe you can add some pointers that would help me on my journey! Thanks so much for being willing to share with others. We truly need one another!

Hugs...Cindy Dillon in West Virginia, USA

Shannon said...

You and your wife make a great team!

Have a great evening

lushgurl said...

Hey Noor... You and your wife sound adorable! Don't forget to have some fun amidst all the busy-ness of your life. It's great to be in recovery One Day at a Time :)

Michael said...

Noor, I think I am in love with Claire even though I havent met her yet!

Michael said...

Noor, I think I am in love with Claire even though I havent met her yet!

maria said...

I love how you talk about your
wife. It is so sweet.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

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