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Just got back from my short vacations with dear wife. Can't wait to get home but I still drive between the law. Don't wanna receive any unwelcome tickets for speeding. As we say in NA, Speed Kills! The first thing I do after reaching home is to open up my beloved computer, leaving my sweet wife to unpacked the baggages. For that I received a loving smirked from her. Thank you, my sweetheart for your understanding.

As predicted, I got bagful of emails which I gonna sort out later. The best is I got a new comment for Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps - Step 8. It was from the highly acclaimed free-lance writer, TwoDogsBlogging.

On Thursday (Feb. 22nd) is my birthday but last Monday my sisters held a surprise birthday's party for me. Actually it was held for the three of us. First it was for my wonderful niece who is celebrating her Sweet Severteen birthday on Feb. 16th. Then it was for my mother too. She's celebrating her 65th birthday on the same date as mine. That's why I'm her "Anak Umi" as in Mamma's Boy!

They said a picture paint a thousand words. So, below are pictures taken last Monday, celebrating birthday Malaysian style. There's also an article about Methadone and the song, a live version by Dire Straits because I'm the Sultan of Swing. Enjoy it as much as I do.

Mother in Green with AuntFather Deep in PrayerPrayers

To see more pictures click HERE.


Methadone Today is the official newsletter of Detroit Organizational Needs in Treatment (DONT). DONT is a methadone advocacy group organized by methadone patients to return dignity to methadone maintenance treatment and to protect the rights of patients. The idea of a methadone advocacy organization was conceptualized in March of 1995 when the DEA raided a Detroit methadone clinic. The groups agreed that there was a great need for patient unity to correct the damage that had been done and to thwart further involvement of the DEA in methadone treatment. DONT works to correct the misconceptions about methadone maintenance treatment and overcome the prejudice directed against methadone patients, strives to educate communities and policy makers about the benefits of methadone treatment, responds to the negative and sensationalized media, advocates for treatment on demand, and provides a platform whereby methadone patients can express their concerns about their quality of life.

Detroit Organizational Needs in Treatment is dedicated to:

  • improving the quality and accessibility of pharmacological treatments for opiate addiction, specifically opioid replacement therapy (including but not limited to methadone maintenance treatment)
    eliminating discrimination against patients of these treatments

  • creating a more harmonious relationship between patients, treatment providers, and the community

  • empowering methadone patients with a strong, unified voice

  • educating patients, medical personnel, policy makers, and the general public about the numerous life-saving benefits of opioid replacement therapy

  • From my experience, they are "beyond" that sort of thing. To them, we who are on methadone, are not "clean", whatever that means! It is telling to me the use of the word "clean", opposite of the word, "dirty", to describe themselves (which also gives you some indication of their thoughts re: methadone patients, conscious or not). Methadone is chemotherapy--just as insulin is to the diabetic, methadone is to the opiate addict. I went to N.A. and A.A. for awhile (a long while to be exact--about 10 years), and I was surprised at how many doctors were at these groups (heavy sarcasm). But, to be fair, it is not their fault--this is what they were taught--just as some children are taught to hate other races, etc. - Editor

    Copied and pasted from MethadoneToday


    Sultans Of Swing Lyrics
    By Dire Straits

    You get a shiver in the dark
    It's been raining in the park but meantime
    South of the river you stop and you hold everything
    A band is blowing Dixie double four time
    You feel all right when you hear that music ring

    You step inside but you don't see too many faces
    Coming in out of the rain to hear the jazz go down
    Too much competition too many other places
    But not too many horns can make that sound
    Way on downsouth way on downsouth London town

    You check out Guitar George he knows all the chords
    Mind he's strictly rhythm he doesn't want to make it cry or sing
    And an old guitar is all he can afford
    When he gets up under the lights to play his thing

    And Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene
    He's got a daytime job he's doing alright
    He can play honky tonk just like anything
    Saving it up for Friday night
    With the Sultans with the Sultans of Swing

    Amd a crowd of young boys they're fooling around in the corner
    Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles
    They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band
    It ain't what they call rock and roll
    And the Sultans played Creole

    And then the man he steps right up to the microphone
    And says at last just as the time bell rings
    'Thank you goodnight now it's time to go home'
    and he makes it fast with one more thing
    'We are the Sultans of Swing'

    Lyrics courtesy of LyricsDomain

    Sultans Of Swing
    By Dire Straits

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    20 Comments thus far...

    Anonymous said...

    Well, then! I get to be the first blogger to say Selamat Pagi, Noor Azman, and Happy Birthday to you!
    Nice to have you "home" after your holiday. Thank you for sharing your family with us -- they are beautiful and everyone looks very happy and peaceful.
    I will be a sultan of Swing with you, o.k? Mark Knopfler is one of the best guitarists in the world and this song has one of the greatest solos ever put on plastic (used to be vinyl -- ha ha!)
    Peace and Happy Brithday again!!!!!
    P.S. Send me your questions. I am ready!

    NMAMFQLMSH said...


    I hope you have a kickass day.

    Shadow said...

    hey noor! happy, happy birthday... looks like you had a great party there. i enjoy getting your messages and thanx for the travel wishes. i'm sure i'm going to have a relaxing break. we all need one, now and then. see ya soon.....

    Christine said...

    I sing badly but here goes

    Happy Birthday to yyooooouuuuu

    Happy Happy Noor! and Mom too

    johno said...

    I lurve Sultans & Swing. Happy Birthday to you

    Sober Chick said...

    It is really beautiful to see your culture and more so, that you can enjoy your life and all the beauty in it because you are clean today.

    Michael said...

    Happy Birthday Noor, its great to be back on your blog, I couldnt get in before I dont know why.
    Really enjoyed reading your latest post, I have been talking to this Russian lady by email which is very interesting as well.
    I dont know much about methodone and I am so thankful for that but I did get hooked at one point to inhaling petrol fumes so it seems I can get addicted to anything.
    I soon stopped that though when I wound up in Pinderfields burns unit for 13 weeks!

    lash505 said...

    Happy b day. I thought the sultans of swing were Dire Straits

    lushgurl said...

    Happy Happy Birthday Noor, what a great gift to be able to share All of You with your family and friends! You are proof of the miracle!

    Mary Christine said...

    Happy Belated Birthday Noor. It sounds like a grand celebration.

    An Irish Friend of Bill said...

    Hey happy birthday Noor! I'm nipping in to a Sponsees birthday in the west end in a mo.
    I LOVE the pics of your 'do'. very cool if you ask me. They look like LOVELY people.
    Have you heard of 'spirit' photography? Its not exactly an art or anything. more a happy accident. But do you realize you have a 'special' photo? the one at the bottom. See the two funny looking circles on the guy with the blue shirt? Those are 'energies' or 'spirits' of some sort. spirits aren't the same as ghosts. spirits are more cool than that. they are a GOOD sign. like a guardian angel or something. as opposed to a random etheric person wandering about. Its a good omen! I've seen loads of these before in pics. they just show up randomly. it might mean that your friend has powerful friends on the other side, or that he has guardian spirits. or that he is an old soul with connections to other beings. who knows. obviously this is totally unproveable and could be utter hogwash, but i thought you might be interested. I always look for these if i ever take photos and I havnt got round to 'catching' on eon camera, which always p***es me off when i see a bunch of new photos. They only show up next to 'good' things. I've seen them in pics of religious ceremonies and in some building photos. they are very cool i think..

    Shannon said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! ((((((hug)))))))

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

    hope you and your wife are having a great weekend this weekend

    Rex said...

    Happy Birthday, a few days late! Glad you had a good holiday.

    Meg Moran said...

    Much love in those pictures! Happy Birthday Mamma's boy!

    flowerdave said...

    I Just checked back into life, sorry I missed your birthday so celebrate it again. many more for ya ,

    Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

    Hey, sorry I missed your B-Day too.

    Thanks for your sharing.

    Sober @ Sundown said...

    Happy belated Birthday, Noor.

    Michael said...

    I am going to finally meet Squeaky Door this sunday!!!

    penile implant said...

    That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

    Urology Surgery in India said...

    Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!.....

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