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I have been blogging as a Recovery Blogger for nearly half a year but I have never had a comment from my own country. Yes, I admit I did received a comment who called him/herself Anonymous. I knew he/she was from Malaysia because I have a free IP Locator which I set in my blog. His/her comment had got nothing to do with my post. He/she was telling me how ugly my blog looked in Mozilla!

If you're using Mozilla, my post's text will be in red! That's why I pasted a notice on top of my post asking my visitors to try reading my post in the original version using Internet Explorer.

Back to Anonymous, I didn't pursue him/her any further because he/she obviously don't want to be known or maybe he/she don't want to be associate with an addict! From my IP Locator, I knew I have nearly two hundred visitors from Malaysia excluding my own visit. But did you see anybody leave a comment?

The trend nowadays is to do business using the Internet. I too got caught up with the buzz. I tried to register as a ClickBank Affiliate but unfortunately ClickBank don't do business with Malaysia. If you surf Malaysian's WebSites you will notice that almost all of them are selling informations how to make money, how to be millionaires? And ironically, almost of them as ClickBank's Affiliates!

I sent emails to some of the WebMaster asking them how did they become ClickBank's Affiliates, when it is clear stated that ClickBank don't do business with Malaysia? Only two of them replied. They said if I really want to know, I have to pay for that privilege informations because one of the WebMaster have the 'patent right' how to make business with ClickBank and he claimed to make tons of RM (Ringgit Malaysia) selling that informations.

I wish them good luck and may more millionaires are born in Malaysia. After that I receive no more answer for my inquiries. Maybe because they soon realised that they are receiving emails from an addict. Only Dorothea Carney is still finding answers for me. Now and then she would send me updates news about her investigation. I don't know what else to say to her but I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge, huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me.

As a loyal Malaysian, I wanna play a small part to promote "Visit Malaysia 2007" on my blog. So, I wrote an email to Enquiry Center 2 and somebody from The Enquiry Team (no name will be mentioned) was having a hard time or maybe too busy promoting Malaysia, sent me an email intended for someone else! When I wrote back telling her the problem, I receive no answer.

I also wrote to the elite Pengasih, the born-again human being from their addiction. This the biggest organization for an ex-addict in my country, a no-profit NGO (non-government organization). During my addiction days, I knew some of the top chieftain and in fact did receive their help. So, I wrote wishing them well and I did receive a reply... from an autoresponder! (In my mind - "Nah! it can't be?") And so, I sent everyone and each of their representatives in every states (all thirteen of them) a New Year Greeting's Card...

Aaa yes! Thank you for guessing.

Yesterday (Sunday), I wrote three emails which I sent to Biro Membasmi Dadah UMNO Malaysia, Agensi AntiDadah Kebangsaan and Pemadam. The first two are our main political wing to fight against drugs in Malaysia and the last one, another NGO. and so I'm waiting who gonna be the first to reply my enquiry...

Below is an article about NA 12 Step which I copied and pasted from Healthcare Resource Guide. God willing, I shall post articles from Malaysia just as soon as I receive replied emails from the said political wing and organizations. For the mean time, I present you "The 12 Step Program Guide".

I dedicated this post to Mike. The background song is for your listening pleasures and remember, PEOPLE DO CHANGE.


The 12 Step Program Guide

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization well-known for helping people with addiction problems. The 12 step program is the operational basis for the organization’s program.

Countless people attribute their success to the program. Many individuals have incorporated the 12 step program into their lives for all kinds of addictions besides alcoholism and drug problems. Anyone who wants to take control of his life and behavior may benefit from following a 12 step program. As suggested by the title, there are twelve levels to the program. The first step is to surrender power. In other words, the person’s life spins out of hand when alcohol, drug or other damaging elements take control. People like to pretend that they can manage the situation. However, there are certain cases in which trying to effect any kind of control is impossible. Admitting that cold hard fact is the first step towards success.

The next two steps urge the person to attempt to reach a higher power. Many critics of the 12 step program claim that in this respect, the system is too religious in nature. The second step asserts that the person needs have faith in a higher power and the third insists that the person needs to hand his life over to God.

The forth step is the moral inventory. This step is another one closely affiliated to religion as anyone who has attended a confessional session will testify. The moral inventory leads to the fifth level of the 12 step program in which the individual honestly confesses his wrong-doing to himself, those close to him and to God as well.

The sixth step is ironically similar to step one. The individual surrenders power. Instead of being powerless to the harmful element, he admits himself to be powerless to God. The higher being is entrusted with the responsibility of removing the negative aspects from the individual’s character. This passive approach to recovery has been under heavy criticism as well.

The next three levels involve making apologies and trying to compensate for the wrong doings the individual had committed. From there, the tenth level seeks another moral inventory and the eleventh step encourages prayer and sense of oneness with God. The twelfth level of the 12 step program promises a spiritual revelation and encourages the individual to spread the word of his success to others.

Critics of the 12 step program claim that the system is too religious in nature. Others criticize the program because the individual is viewed as helpless instead of pro-active. He does not really take matters into his own hands when he surrenders and leaves everything up to the mercy of an invisible higher power.

Taken from


Kenny Chesney - Some People Change Lyrics

His old man was a rebel yeller, that boy to the bone, and say can’t trust a color feller, he
judge em by the tone of their skin. He was raised to think like his dad narrow mind full of
hate on the road to no where fast till the grace of god got in the way then he saw the light n
hit he’s knees n cried and said a prayer, rose up a brand new man n left the old one right

Here’s to the strong, thanks to the brave don’t give up hope some people change
against all odds, against the gray love finds a way, some people change

She was born with her mothers habit guess you can say its in her blood she hates it that
she’s gotta have it she fills a glass up n she love to kill that bottle but all she could
think about is a better life, a second chance for everyone she’s letting down she throws that
bottle down

Here’s to the strong, thanks to the brave don’t give up hope Some people change
against all odds, against the gray love finds a way, some people change

Thank god for those who make it let them be the light…

Some people change

Here’s to the strong, thanks to the brave don’t give up hope Some people change, against all
odds against the gray, love finds a way, some people change

Some people change
Some people change…

Lyrics courtesy of AnyCountryMusicLyrics.

Some People Change
By Kenny Chesney

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Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

I am honored.


Scott W said...

Hope this finds you well.

Shannon said...

people do change. I love Kenny Chesney

mAAry-AAnne said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. Wishing you another 24 hours of contented sobriety. Appreciate you dropping by!


Awesome post. Thanks!

Sober Chick said...

Totally awesome that you are doing what you are doing in your community.

In regard to the red text:
Mozilla is a more stable web browser than IE. It supports web standards (W3C). The code in your blog just needs to be adjusted so it renders right in all browsers. There is so much going on within the blog it is possible that something is clashing with something elses.

Steve said...

hi-thanks for the note. i'm overdue for an entry in the blog. lot's
going on, difficult but,most importantly, i'm still sober! with God's Will, I'll remain so,as will you, one day at a time.
all the best and feel free to drop me a note anytime. it's great to
know that even half a world away, we can help each other stay sober!
Blessings to you and your family

SoberSteve said...

Great Song, and great post.

Zahir said...


You have a great blog and very informative post. Keep it up bro.

All the best.


Meg Moran said...

Keep up the good effort you are spreading the recovery message. People do change, all over the world.

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