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Recently I wrote an email to Narcotics Anonymous World Wide Service, asking their permission to use their articles for my Blog. It has become my habit to write to the owner or WebMaster asking their permission whenever I used their articles. I received not one but two replied email from na@org. Below are their replied email in full.

To whoever asked me about NA, please go to na@org. Permission to use their articles are not granted for this Blog. Anyway, I thank Elaine Wickham and Jeff Gershoff for taking off their precious time to reply to my query.

Subject: RE: Permission To Use NA's Articles

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 08:32:53 -0800

From: "Elaine Wickham"

To: "noor azman othman"

Dear Noor,

We’ve received your email message and want you to know that it’s important to us. The appropriate Board members will see the information or question you sent, if it pertains directly to the Board’s business. Otherwise, a member of the WSO staff will send any further response to you very soon.

In order to avoid duplication, any follow-up to your message should be addressed to me at Please also keep in mind that all other questions can be sent directly to

Thanks very much for writing to NA World Services. We send you our very best wishes in your ongoing recovery and service efforts.

In fellowship,
Elaine Wickham


Subject: FW: Permission To Use NA's Articles

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:09:42 -0800

From: "Jeff Gershoff"


Hello Noor.

Thank you for writing to NA World Services. As an NA member you have certain rights regarding the quoting or printing of NA copyrighted literature. I am providing a link for you to our main website where you can access a series of bulletins regarding fellowship intellectual property. Regarding your specific request, we cannot grant your permission to reprint NA copyrighted literature, however we would suggest that providing a link from your blog to will enable readers to access NA literature on-line at the NA World Services site. Please let me know if we can be any further assistance, and wishes for success in your endeavor and your on-going recovery.

Jeff Gershoff, Fellowship Services
818-773-9999 x-131


Breaking The Habit - Tonight

Do you have a habit that has been haunting you since years? Do you suffer from an inner self conflict, because you were unable to quit that habit? Do you feel pain each time you repeat doing that habit again? Have you tried every possible method to quit smoking or over-eating, yet failed? Do you think that you can’t?

Most of us have suffered from a certain habit through our lives, whether this habit was lying or letting go of our rights, wasting time or over-eating, smoking or even drug abuse. We have all done our best to stop it, we have all felt the pain of emotions that arises from doing what we don’t want to do, but yet, very few of us have succeeded, do you know why?

Because we have never thought of what’s below:

If you think that you can break a habit using will power alone, then you are wrong. Here's the story of Sam, an iron-willed guy who decided to stop smoking. The first day passed, the second day passed and still he resisted the urge to smoke a cigarette. He started to feel happy and confident. Time passed, until one day, he had a car accident. Fortunately he wasn't hurt, but the damage to his car cost him $200. On that day, Sam returned back to smoking...

But why?.... Wasn’t Sam iron-willed? Yes he was, but will power is not constant, it changes with time, it changes with life circumstances and it changes with the ups and downs in our lives. When you are happy, your will power will be strong but when you are disappointed it will become weak. When you're at the top of your achievements your will power may be an iron one, but when you hit your bottom, your will power will reach its minimum level.

So, returning to Sam, what could he have done? Not that hard to guess. He should have taken his decision to quit smoking on a very bad day. He should have chosen a day where his will power is at its bottom, instead of choosing one of the best days in his life to start quitting. If he did succeed to quit while being at his lowest level of will-power, then any other day would be much easier for him because his will-power will be much stronger.

Sam tried to run away from his problems by smoking, he didn’t want to face his real feelings - he just ran away. He ran away to a cigarette, because he couldn’t stand it by himself; Sam had an external dependency. He was dependent on smoking to lift his mood.

You too must know if you have any kind of external dependency that is causing you to continue embracing a habit, and unless you eliminate that dependency, you wont be able to stop nor break your habit. Don’t run away, if you want to escape... then escape; but escape forwards instead of backwards.

Unfortunately, the end of the story was much worse. Sam started to think that he was weak, and that he couldn’t quit, and started to look back at his history to find that he has failed to quit smoking more than ten times; so he just gave up trying again. He gave up because he has built a fake belief, a belief that is composed of two words: “I can’t”. Who knows, maybe if he tried again only once, this would be the one.

Another factor is will-power misuse. Will-power should be channelled to the correct destination instead of being wasted somewhere else. Will power misuse is like trying to break through a wall, instead of opening the door using the knob. An example of will-power misuse is getting very enthusiastic one day then running to do a certain task until you get bored and lose your enthusiasm. To channel your will power correctly, write down a plan when you are enthusiastic, instead of quitting a habit for three days then returning back again to where you started from.

Finally, if you haven’t tried anything addictive yet, then don't. Never try it. Lots of people imagine that trying everything provides them with necessary experience, but they're just doing so to in order to compensate for their lack of knowledge or self confidence, and that’s wrong. Trying something makes the fear of trying fly away. Usually we all have some fear regarding trying something new, this fear is some a protection mechanism that God gave us, so don’t break the wall of fear of trying, and leave your non-constant will power in charge. Never break your first line of defense... Fear of trying. Trying cigarettes will make trying weed much easier, trying weed will make trying drugs much easier, and so on. Each step you go down, makes something worse more accessible and closer to you.

By M.Farouk
more than 200 personal development articles on self confidence, anger management, body language, depression, NLP, loneliness and much more.

Article Source:


Here is another article by Mohamed Farouk taken from his WebSite,

External dependancy and addiction

External dependency is being dependant on an external object or a person in order to feel good or escape a bad mood. That does mean that a person who suffer from external dependency have got problems with his own internal feelings, he feels bad and irritated on his own and so the only solution available for him is to escape to an external object to regulate this bad mood.

External dependency may be in the form of drug intake where the person over take drugs in order to escape a bad mood that he can’t handle. External dependency can also be in the form of smoking cigarettes to reduce stress and even over eating to forget about problems.

As we said external dependency may be concerning a certain person, in this case the dependency is on a person or a partner whom you can’t live without. Having this person in your life makes it bright while losing him makes you almost worthless.

One of the most dangerous cases of external dependency is love addiction, where the person is dependant on the state of love in order to feel good. In this case the person always feels bad except if he was involved in a love relation. This usually shows that the person is not feeling adequate on being alone and so he escapes to love, just to escape and not because he loves the other person.

Did that help?

Yes, am over dependant on cigarettes

Yes, I cant be happy without having a loving partner !!

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