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Shadow has tagged me, but I can't find something weird about me to write about. I gonna put it on hold for the time being. For now I'm going to present you with three awesome articles about our beloved Narcotics Anonymous or just NA to some. For the un-inform, in NA, we follow a program adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. More than one million people have recovered in AA, most of them just as hopelessly addicted to alcohol as we were to drugs. We are grateful to the AA fellowship for showing us the way to a new life.

The Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, as adapted from AA, are the basis of our recovery program. We have only broadened their perspective. We follow the same path with a single exception; our identification as addicts is all-inclusive in respect to any mood-changing, mind-altering substance. "Alcoholism" is too limited a term for us; our problem is not a specific substance, it is a disease called "addiction". We believe that as a fellowship, we have been guided by a Greater Consciousness, and are grateful for the Direction that has enabled us to build upon an already-proven program of recovery.

I hope you enjoy reading both articles as much as I do. All three articles are taken from http://substance-abuse-01.com. I thanked them for these wonderful articles. So, here it is;

12 Step Program Explained

The organization known as Alcoholics Anonymous is widely known for the great help it renders to people with alcohol addiction problems. The organization carries out the program through a foundation referred to as the 12 step program.

Numerous addicts attributed their successful battle with alcohol to the program. And as a result of its phenomenal success, a lot of people have included the 12 step program to help them combat other forms of addictions apart from alcoholism and drug. Generally, the 12 step program is beneficial to anyone who desires to have control of their lives and behavior.

The program consists of twelve levels, the first being surrendering power. When alcohol, drugs or other dangerous elements are present in a person's body, there is a tendency for the individual's life to spin out of control. And at this stage, such people feel the situation can still be controlled, but this is usually not true, as there are certain cases that simply can't be controlled, and accepting this fact is the initial step.

Both the second and third steps encourage the individual to look up to a superior power. And this is where lots of critics of the 12 step program spotted a flaw, claiming the procedure is too religious in nature. In fairness to them, they are not far from the truth, because the second step states that belief in a power by the individual is important, while the third preaches that an individual must place his entire life in the hands of the Supreme Being- God.

The next step, (fourth) is all about moral inventory and this too has a religious undertone, and no one knows this better than anyone who has sat in a confessional. The fifth level of the 12 step program urges the person to admit his guilt personally, his relatives, friends and colleagues, and lastly God.

The next step bears a very close resemblance to the first- surrendering power. However, instead of being helpless to the dangerous element, the person becomes helpless to God. The Supreme Being is saddled with the task of eliminating the unpleasant sides of the person's personality. This approach is obviously passive, and not surprisingly has come under the hammer of critics.

The next successive three levels can be summed up as consisting of atoning for the inequities of the person. This takes us to the tenth and eleventh levels. The former seeks another moral inventory, while the latter urges devotion and close ties with God. The last level of the 12 step program offers spiritual rebirth, and urges the person to proclaim his achievements.

Predictably, critics of the 12 step program are having a field day tearing the program to shreds. From claims of it being too religious, to assertions that the person is rendered powerless, because the situation is no longer under his control the instant he places everything in the hands of a supreme power.


The 12 Step Program Broken Down

One amazing entity I know of is the 12-step program. The 12-step program as I know it is also a durable, very popularly offered and used instrument for recovery. In short if I am to put it right, the 12-step program is a lifeline to many people.

This program was formed by the duo of Bob and Bill, two chronic alcoholics who came to the conclusion that by assisting each other and abiding with some fundamental rules, which include abstinence, and a higher power of your choosing, they can assist many alcoholics who need help from the throes of the condition.

This 12-step program kicked off as Alcoholic Anonymous, and later metamorphosed into a motley of groups like the 12 step program Narcotics Anonymous, the 12 step program ACA, Adult Children of Alcoholics, the 12 step overeater's Anonymous and a host of other groups that deals with issues like smoking, sex, addiction, etc.

Below are the 12 steps which anonymous "followers" adhere to:

1. Admission of being helpless over their addiction, which has left their life in a crisis.

2. Belief in the creed that a superior force that supercedes theirs can help bring back order into their life.

3. Resolution to submit to the will of the Creator.

4. Embark on an honest and in-depth introspection.

5. Coming out clean in the presence of the Creator, men, and ourselves about our inequities.

6. Ready for the benevolence of the All Mighty to wipe off the inequities.

7. Praying to God to eliminate our faults.

8. Collate the list of all human beings we have offended, and subsequently seek their forgiveness.

9. Seek out such people and make peace with them, unless if doing so will jeopardize their life or that of others.

10. Continue to do soul searching and when faults are discovered, admit such instantly.

11. Pray and meditate for better relationship with God, and praying for the wisdom to submit to His will and the capacity to carry out such will.

12. Hoping that the spiritual resurgence will enable us practice the steps and preach it to other addicts.

These 12 step program anonymous emphasizes principles rather than the personality, and is totally free, although a basket is passed around during meetings for voluntary donations. The inference we can make from the 12 step program is a procedure that demands nothing, abide by the steps, and obtaining a sponsor.

To avoid any controversy, we will leave you with this saying by one recovered addict that depicts the best of the 12 step recovery: do not appropriate anything nor harm anyone, and for those new to the procedure, he has this message for them: Nothing is required from you other than to sit down, keep mute, and be attentive.


The Fellowship Called Alcoholics Anonymous

What we all know as Alcoholics Anonymous is actually nothing more than a fellowship of men and women who have resolved to steer clear of any intoxicant, remain sober, and assisting others attain the same status. Alcoholic Anonymous, AA for short, was conceptualized in 1935 by two alcoholics, who else you say?

Both resolved to quit drinking and assist others to make similar a resolution. Not longer after this, local chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous started springing up in almost every part of America, and around the globe.

The Alcoholics Anonymous through its website located at alcoholics-anonymous.org estimated that it has on its books an excess of 100,000 groups comprising of about 2 million members globally. These groups are sustained by voluntary donations and do not demand any fee for registration from new members. The only thing that makes anyone eligible to attend a meeting is the will to quit alcohol and attain a sober status.

The usual practice almost anywhere is for alcohol addicts who resolve to quit the habit, to seek treatment on their own. This might have emanated as an order from either a court or from their work place. Either way, the addict will get the needed support from the expected quarters- their families. However this decision might as well be as a result of the addict being at a very low ebb, and the alcohol causing disruptions in his life and that of his family.

If such person seeks treatment in an inpatient center, it is mandatory to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the side effect of this is the probability of the treatment coming to naught if the addicted is not willing to cooperate. Most alcohol addicts usually try to quit the habit several times on their own, until they decide to seek assistance, and this is where Alcoholics Anonymous comes into play because its door is open to anyone that decides to quit drinking and stay that way. The treatment regime is centered on a 12 step program that assist the addict to return back to their normal sober status.

In the U.S, Alcoholics Anonymous hold their meetings in almost every city at various locations that are donated by churches and private or public meeting facilities. The standard practice is to urge members to share their experiences, albeit if they are willing to do. If you are a new member that is serious about dumping the habit, then you must seek out a sponsor who will put through the process. Such person will be at your beck with only a moment's notice if you need them when you are feeling low and need encouragement to forge on.

The whole concept of Alcoholic Anonymous is based on abstaining from alcohol gradually, so it is imbibed into members that they can only take a drink at a time. No wonder the slogan "one drink is too much and yet a hundred are not enough" echoes perpetually in the ears of convalescing addicts. The common objective of all alcoholics is to attain a sober status, irrespective of race, social status, and geographical location. And the anonymous bit about AA is the fact that whatever issues are discussed in their meetings are not for the consumption of non members.

The process of recovery is a long one, but with support and motivation from the expected source-the family, an addict can weather the storm and quit the habit for good. They only need to let things evolve nature, which is the best route for a successful recovery process.

Many addicts across the globe are beneficiaries of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and have remained sober since they sought help. Anyone who needs more information about this fellowship can check them at www.alcoholics-anonymous.org or contact the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous' chapter in your locality.

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