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I have had the privilege to know a very talented recovery writer, Terry D (formerly of NA AA RecoveryZone) that has been so gracious as to agree to share his personal experiences as to how he applied the Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps to his life in recovery. Starting with Step One and moving through the Steps, you will discover the wonderful benefits that all Twelve Step Programs offer. The true ability to be Happy, Joyous, and Free from that chains that once bound us. The chains of addiction and alcoholism.

Step 8 of Narcotics Anonymous By Terry

Step 8 of NA is the process of forgiveness that we desire from our guilt-ridden past. We now make every effort to heal past embarrassment, dishonor, and humiliation from the people in our lives. All the people that we have harmed or ill-treated in the past are now given an open invitation to provide us their forgiveness, or basic acknowledgement.

In Step 8 of NA, we organize a list of all the people that we’ve harmed, and we equip ourselves to make direct amends, which occurs in Step 9.

For this Step to work suitably, we should not be unenthusiastic to include certain people in our list. It is stated clearly, to make a list of ALL the people that we’ve wronged. Writing the list shouldn’t be difficult, but the preparation for the willingness to make amends may take additional exertion.

At this point in our recovery, we had admitted our wrongs, and furthermore, we humbly asked our Higher Power to remove those shortcomings. By now, it should be exceedingly apparent in our lives that the process of recovery has changed us into positive, motivated, faithful, hopeful, and spiritual people.

We now do what’s necessary to continue growing on our journey. We have learned to accept our disease of addiction, and became aware of the necessary measures that need to take place to ensure our persistent status of being clean and serene. Our spiritual and intellectual expansion has brought us a new sense of enlightenment, expectation, and inspiration to continue on in our journey.

Fear or disinclination to before long face the people that we’ve wronged shouldn’t hold us back. We are positively changed, improved individuals that are now ready to rebuild our relationships, and make an effort to mend our past afflictions.

Recovery is the process of rebuilding all the things that we had lost in our active addiction. We started the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous totally focused and unwavering to do what was necessary to positively progress in our recovery. We in actuality needed time to work on ourselves, to remodel our moral makeup, to strengthen our character, and to eliminate the chaotic behaviors of our active addiction.

We followed by the suggestions of the program, and we honestly, and thoroughly undergone the revitalizing course of action. At this juncture in our recovery, while completing the first 7 Steps of NA, it is suggested that we make this list, and obtain the required willingness to complete Step 9 of NA. In this Step, we are in preparation of the amends that is soon to follow.

While making the list of all the people that we’ve wronged, we ought to make sure to utterly reflect on our lives to ensure a detailed list. A quiet and peaceful surrounding, with a lucid frame of mind will aid us to more easily complete our list. Keep reviewing the list to make sure that everyone is listed.

Once that process is complete, it is now time to evaluate our thoughts on each individual, and then, I would advise that we write down next to their name all the things that need to be recalled and admitted. A list of all the wrongs to each person will help us get geared up to make the direct amends.

We need to acquire the tools necessary to humbly admit our faults, and see what can be done to restore the relationship, if sought-after. We review all of our dealings with each person and prepare ourselves to make amends, which is the next Step.

As we honestly and humbly work this Step, we acquire the traits we’ll need to become willing to make the amends. Step 9 of NA, is the direct action procedure, so for now we prepare ourselves for the amend process to take place. A sincere and meticulous list will ensure a more victorious attainment in the 9th Step.

This whole process will give us a newfound peace that will bring us happiness, hopeful expectancy, tranquility, contentment, and a serenity that will set our spirits free. As we rebuild past disgrace, we are allowing the affliction to heal because it’s out into the open, and we execute our part in the healing process.

Now in our recovery, we are better able to build strong, and affectionate relationships with our family and friends. We also get the opportunity to make amends to all the other people that had crossed our path.

We obtain the willingness to courageously, and fearlessly move onward to continue advancing in our recovery. Balance and peace is created as a result of these Steps. We enter a new realm of life, and we start to envision the spiritual enlightenment that we’ve been striving for.

Through the process of Step 8 of NA, we are finally able to set in motion the amends process that will ultimately liberate us of past guilt, regret, indignity, embarrassment, dishonor, remorse, heartache, pain, misery, and all turmoil from the people in our lives.

Like all the Steps, start this process in an honest manner, and know that in the end, a tremendous positive growth transformation will occur. Make sure to be willing to make all the amends before we begin Step 9 of NA. This is just another Step in this proven program that will bring us long-lasting harmony and personal escalation.

Thank you, my name is Terry, and I am an addict

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twodogsblogging said...

Thanks for this post. Step 7 and 8 is where many of us go astray, unsure of how to proceed.

Anonymous said...

thank you terry, i got a lot from this post.
i am on my 8th step, in the workbook.
i have named a lot of people and places, but i feel a bit stuck. haven't worked on it in over a week. i keep beating myself up, but i suppose i am right where i need to be.

Anonymous said...

Extremely refreshing to communicate with someone
so blessed,and passionate about staaying clean.

Anonymous said...

Thank-You. I am reading Step 8 list (part 2) tonight with my Sponsor. It is a long list and I am happy to do it. There is freedom in honesty,acceptance and forgiveness of self/others. We stay clean all over the world - shining rays of light : > )

Anonymous said...

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