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This Blog is designed to give you basic knowledge and awareness of the 12 Step programme. Not only will you be led through each of the 12 Steps, but you will also be given my personal thoughts and feelings on each topic as it applied to My Journey To Recovery.

Step 5 of Narcotics Anonymous
By Terry D

Admitting to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs is the objective of Step 5 in Narcotics Anonymous. Admitting our wrongs thoroughly in a manner reminiscent of this will heal us of guilt, indignity, regret, alarm, resentment, animosity, jealously, and countless other obstructions that may thwart our forward progress in recovery. Acknowledgement of our sins will guarantee us God’s forgiveness, thereby enabling us a safe, protected passage down the path of ongoing recovery. For us to disclose to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the precise nature of our wrongs will necessitate an act of proper humility on our part; however, humbling ourselves brings us superior attentiveness and candidness that will unquestionably bring us liberation of the bondage of our past sins.

After writing down our personal moral inventory in Step 4, we are now ready to mend our past wounds through confession and humility. This confession process is truly life giving. Once this act has been accomplished, a new source of guidance and protection will thrive in our journey. All obstructions are set aside from our path, and we obtain complete insight, understanding, and direction from our Higher Power. We will get more in touch with our spirituality and sense of purpose that will provide us with the additional drive that we need to excel. I cannot stress enough the importance of carrying out Step 5 in our recovery.

Personally, I was very timid and frightened of painstakingly completing this crucial Step. It took awhile to gain the nerve to initiate this Step, but when I finally admitted my wrongs, a sense of relief and pleasure filled me like never before. It was a very awe-inspiring occurrence for me, but the act itself wasn’t as bad as I pictured. For me to sincerely, and entirely follow through with this Step, I had to eliminate all unenthusiastic thoughts from my mind. I told myself that completing this Step would only generate additional expansion and improvement in my life, and in my upturn. I set aside the false pride that was trying to surface. I quieted my mind, while asking my Higher Power for the audacity and vigor to put together a thorough confession.

I then started admitting my wrongs to my Higher Power to begin with. I read my personal inventory, while recollecting all corrupt situations that I could commit to memory. I started with my childhood, and then admitted my wrongs all the way to the present, while asking for God’s forgiveness and mercy. I wasn’t able to complete that whole procedure in one session, but I in due course told God each and every one of my wrongs that I could possibly remember, particularly those wrongs that brought me annoyance, bitterness, guilt, humiliation, and sorrow. After I admitted my wrongs to God, I chose my sponsor to admit my wrongs to. I trusted my sponsor with this information, and I was meticulously open and straightforward; what a relief I felt after the course of action was concluded. It would take pages for me to portray the feelings and events that took place. I will, on the other hand, stress the magnitude of completing this Step.

Admitting our wrongs is intended to set in motion the reparation process that is to later commence. Until we own up to our wrongdoings, our Higher Power will not forgive our sins. It is imperative that our Higher Power grant us the strength and audacity to confess our sins, so He can further help us on our journey. Other results of admitting our wrongs include the removal of temptation to insensitive feelings from those people that we’ve ill-treated, and to encourage us to become humble in nature. Admitting our faults promotes our self-assessment. Admission furthermore ensures our spiritual advancement, which is ultimately the central factor in our positive development in recovery. Forgiveness from those that we’ve sinned against will cure our conscience, and allow us to move onward in our quest for progressive recovery, personal growth, and spiritual advancement.

To admit the exact nature of our wrongs, we should include all the aspects of sin that we’ve committed, such as our wrongs against people, community wrongdoings, private offences that recurrently overpower us, detrimental mannerisms of makeup, devastating tendencies, persistent faults, infrequent blunders, weak points, and all other faults or weaknesses of character that we can summon up. Simply, sins against God or against people, huge sins or minor sins, or intentional sins or minute sins. Through this process, God removes our guilt, throwing it away into the depths of the sea. God covers our embarrassment, and disposes our liability, leaving us with no more to pay, while cleansing us of all unrighteousness.

If we decline to follow through with this Step, our unconfessed sins will haunt us, resulting in the demise of our body and spirit. We will have to continue paying the penalty of our wrongdoings. We will be deficient of strength and peace of mind, leaving us feeling feeble and depressed. We will lose all sense of joy and completeness. We will become perturbed and besieged with the dishonor and guilt caused from our unconfessed sins.

By completing Step 5 of Narcotics Anonymous, we gain God’s forgiveness, supervision, and strength. We obtain complete forgiveness, clearing our debt from precedent wrongs. We become open to receive the blessings of our Higher Power. We receive God’s safe and sound refuge. We gain God’s cautious counsel. We receive God’s unconditional love and support in our recovery. And, foremost, we choose God’s blissful victory as an alternative of sin’s catastrophic demise.

To put declaration of guilt in practical requisites, we should address everyone implicated; stray from ifs, buts, and maybes; declare the precise nature of our wrongs; accept the pain that we’ve created; stomach the effects; alter our conduct; and receive God’s reconciliation. Through these Steps, we release the burden that our addiction brought us. We step out into the spiritual realm, acquiring the much-needed additional assistance that we need to continue moving ahead in our recovery.

From the familiarity that I’ve gained from completing this Step, I’ve learned that facing this Step with fear is redundant, and trepidation will obstruct our detailed confession. We must be open, candid, and wholehearted when beginning Step 5. There is no need for disinclination or apprehension because after you complete this Step, a feeling of relief and healing will engulf us like never before. This is a life giving experience that will promote a heightened level of positive intensification in our recovery. Stand strong, and know that God is behind us, waiting to supply us with His full forgiveness. We will become open to receive God’s astuteness in our daily endeavors. The opportunities for personal and spiritual advancement will be unending. You will be converted into a grateful recovering addict like I have become. I have never had the increased amount of awareness, knowledge, and understanding in my life than I do now, especially after completing Step 5 of NA.

I want to emphasize the immense amount of serenity and freedom that we will receive while working this Step. All of the baggage from our past is uncovered for the healing process to commence. At this stage in our recovery, all that is required of us is the confession of our wrongdoings - to ourselves, God, and another human being. As we then Let Go and Let God work His miracles, we are provided the necessary means to move on to Step 6 of NA. Our Higher Power gets us geared up for the 6th Step, in which we become entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character. The 12 Steps are constructed in a way that guides us in our recovery process. As we pursue in this established route of recovery, we will be proficient to achieve triumph in our hunt for total recovery. And in the process, we will acquire a better, more enlightened outlook of ourselves, our life, our purpose, and of the direction that we are being guided towards.

I personally would suggest that all members of Narcotics Anonymous should undergo these Steps at their own pace. Rushing through the Steps will only generate trivial alteration in my opinion. We will get out of our recovery what we put into it. If we unwearyingly, thoroughly and honestly work the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, we will be rewarded with all the benefits of recovery; a more satisfying standard of living; a more in depth perceptive of our true essence; a more open insight of the everlasting opportunities accessible to us; a more loving relationship with our Higher Power; healthier overall relationships with family and friends; all the benefits of a spiritual awakening; a happier, more peaceful way of life; increased expectation and assurance that God will continue showing us the line of attack; a superior sense of identity, and the influence of affirmative contemplation; heightened vigor, valor, devotion, drive, astuteness, and the knowledge needed to perpetually progress in our revival.

Never again does the recovering addict have to continue trying to fill the empty void inside of him. The tools and knowledge that we receive in the course of working the 12 Steps completely fills that emptiness. All the qualities of true delight and contentment are available to us. Step 5 of NA is a major Step in our recovery process. I previously listed all the benefits of working Step 5, and the knowledge essential to thoroughly complete this Step. Keep it trouble-free, take it one day at a time, seize the opportunity, and candidly tread forth in faith, relying on your Higher Power to supply you with the audacity and power necessary to engage in this Step. I hope that my suggestions help you to understand that fear will only stall the thorough process. Let Go and allow God to demonstrate the way. This will be a major milestone in your recovery, and good luck to all. Thank you for allowing me to be of service. My name is Terry, and I am an addict.

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Red said...

From Durban South Africa. Thank you very much for your blog. I was reall taken gy it and can relate to the importance of this step and the freedom you experience when walking through with it. I was clean for 9 months and lived in misery holding onto things before the pain got to much and i was forced to let go. Insane but i need to feel the pain to let go, like most of us.

Thank you once again

Peace and Love

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