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The general principles of the 12 Step program is discussed, as Terry D share his experience, strenght, and hope to all who desire positive change. Terry D is an active member of the 12 Step Fellowship, and he has done extensive research on all aspects of recovery, personal growth, spiritual development, and positive change.

It is my intention to share the knowledge that Terry D has gained, so that you too can gain the level of awareness and understanding that can lead you to a successful recovery.

Most addicts, alcoholics, and the like have tried to quit on their own, and it is nearly impossible to stay clean and sober without the loving support of the 12 Step Fellowship. This is a proven program of success, and with it, you can't go wrong. We have a saying when I was doing TC Class. It goes like this: "I can do it but I can't do it alone!"

Step 3 of Narcotics AnonymousBy Terry D

Through personal reflection from the first two Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, we acknowledged our powerlessness and unmanageability resulting from our addiction. The first two Steps brought us enlightenment of our disease, and we became open and willing to allow our Higher Power to lead the way. As we came to accept our powerlessness over drugs and alcohol, a relinquishment of self-will occurred, allow us the opportunity for positive change to manifest. Honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, and acceptance were the Spiritual Principles involved through working the first two Steps. From that point on, we must take action in our recovery for the remaining Steps to work their miracles. It was our self-will that blocked the entry of our Higher Power to shed the light of truth.

Willingness is essential for Step 3 to commence its wonders. Our decision and willingness to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God disconnects us from our addictive patterns – our false pride, arrogance, selfishness, dishonesty, and the insanity, among other things, that inhibited our control over our lives. As we allow God to lead the way, the bondage that once imprisoned us fades away. We begin to get in touch with our spirituality, realizing that true growth and development results from the awakening of our spirit. We come to know and understand our true essence, free from destructive ailments. The road to recovery begins from applying Step 3 into our lives. Applying the Spiritual Principles associated with each Step allows us to positively progress in our journey. At the challenging and difficult times in our recovery, it is through Step 3 that we acquire steadfastness, ability, patience, and an awakened mindset to battle the perils we encounter.

From the spiritual enlightenment that results from applying Step 3 in our lives, we come to recognize the negative characteristics that inhibit our further growth and development. We become willing to let them go, and to rely on God to free us from their grips. Through faith we can quiet the voice within that causes us turmoil and stress, releasing the ties that bind them together. And through faith we strengthen our relationship with our Higher Power. As time goes by, we come to know God’s Will, and we strive to follow in the direction that it leads us. Through faith we step aside, allowing God to work His miracles. The process of acceptance silences the unnecessary worry over the things that we cannot change. In times of stress, when we apply our newfound faith, we are filled with energy, and we become reconditioned, revitalized and enlivened. Hopeful expectance fills our vision. Spiritual reflection becomes a way of life, enlightening our path, showing us the way to serenity.

Before you commence your journey, bear in mind that the reconditioning of your mind is very important to stay in connection with the Hand of God who will lead you. God alone has the ability to rise above the confines of our mind to carry us into the realm of the spirit. A person who attains the essential knowledge of God’s all-pervasiveness will unlock the doors to true freedom and happiness. Personally, I had to gain knowledge and understanding of my true essence within before I obtained the ultimate enlightenment that I was searching for. It was necessary for me to clear away the binding attitudes and thoughts to continue stepping forward in my recovery. Clarity of mind allows one to experience the innermost joy that lies at the heart of our spirit.

With the help of my Higher Power, I was capable of intensifying my spiritual awareness, and was irrevocably competent to retrieve balance in my life. The emptiness that once consumed me was replaced by the all-knowing power of God. I started to establish a secure, solid foundation with its base held together by the loving Hand of God. I possessed the ability of spiritual acuity, which greatly enhanced my intellectual perception of this world, my role therein, and the direction that God was leading me. It had become apparent that my previous past character defects and shortcomings were eliminated, and that the primary motive of my new, clean and serene existence was to take pleasure in life, achieve my goals, live in love, and to follow in the direction of my ever-lasting source of strength. A newfound serenity had replaced the fears, inadequacies, and failures of my active addiction.

The benefits of my total relinquishment of self-will were plentiful. A new, courageous state of mind motivated me towards positive growth, and helped me to rebuild my integrity. I learned to pursue the achievement of righteous goals that would lead to continual advancement in my recovery. I became open-minded, patient, and willing to incorporate any new ideas, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and actions that would promote my healthy lifestyle. As I began letting go of old resentments, fears, doubts, failures, and self-centered ways, a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders, enabling me to strive towards the new freedom that was uncovering itself before me.

I had an entirely new outlook on life. All the Spiritual Principles that I learned to apply to my life from the program of Narcotics Anonymous had given me a new life, free from the bondage of active addiction, and free from the agony of character demoralization. Through actively working Step 3, I freed myself from the grips of my old ways, and gained the knowledge and ability to step resolutely forward in my recovery, with a new, positive mindset that escalated me beyond the limitations of the past, and set me free from false pride, anger, and all hostility. The results of my surrender to my Higher Power were extraordinary. I was finally relieved of all doubt, and I became very trusting that my Higher Power wouldn’t let me down, or allow me to become besieged, but instead, would bring me serenity, victory, spiritual illumination, and a joyous freedom that knows no bounds. The God of my understanding is a remarkable God. Today, I am a grateful addict, who is evermore indebted from the rewards of Step 3 in NA.

You too can achieve prominence. Never tolerate reservations to encroach upon your new center of attention. Be unrelenting in your search for ongoing recovery, and personal and spiritual expansion. Through working and applying the Steps into your life, you can free yourself from the pain of active addiction, and all of its destructiveness. It is uncomplicated and simple to follow in the path that the 12 Steps will lead you.

Awareness and readiness to apply the Spiritual Principles of Narcotics Anonymous will replenish your mind and spirit to an increased level of awareness that will enable you to achieve greatness in your daily endeavors. God can do for you what you couldn’t do for yourself through incorporating Step 3 into your life. Know that through the power of the Divine Essence, recovery is possible; and, our perceived limitations of the past can be set aflame and tossed into the depths of the sea, never again inhibiting our forward growth. It is comforting to know that our past destructive lifestyle is no more. The new liveliness that is all-pervading is propelling us towards triumph. And it all started from the absolute surrender of our self-will. This decision to step into the spiritual realm will ensure your unending recovery and personal growth. Take pleasure in the benefits of applying Step 3 of Narcotics Anonymous into your life. Thank you, my name is Terry, and I am an addict.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

Anonymous said...

Terry D. are you still there? I am not a substance abuser, but found your words incredibly true for my calling. You have a gift. Use it.

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