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I was constantly searching for "the answer"-that person, place or thing that would make everything all right. I lacked the ability to cope with daily living. As our addiction caught up with us, many of us found ourselves in and out of institutions. As addict, we are people whose use of any mind-altering, mood-changing substance causes a problem in any area of life. Addiction is a disease which involves more than simple drug use. Some of us believe that our disease was present long before the first time we used!

Step 10 of Narcotics Anonymous By Terry

After making our amends in Step 9, we now move on to Step 10, in which we continue to take personal inventory, and when we are wrong, we admit our faults without delay. This particular Step should be practiced daily to ensure a steady course in our recovery.

As we now live by the new Spiritual Principles that we’ve learned so far, we can be even more certain that the knowledge, strength, courage, faith, and hope can be utilized in our daily lives as we continue to move forward in our recovery. All the skills that we’ve learned thus far can help us to steady our minds eye toward the destination that we seek.
As we maintain a sharp, persistent focus on our goals, desires, and ambitions, we start to prepare ourselves for the many rewards to come. We continue to work the program to better all aspects of our lives. As we employ this optimistic mindset, we start to notice negative traits of character that may still hinder our positive growth.

During the process of Step 10, we become critics of our own character. The character flaws that still plague us are scrutinized, and we do our part in their removal. Humility is still a principle that we have to utilize, as we continue to take personal inventory.

We’ve learned through the course of working the Steps that we must accept the things that we cannot change, and we use our newfound awareness, strength, and courage to change the things that we can.

As we continue to take personal inventory, we reflect on all the knowledge and wisdom that we’ve acquired through working the previous Steps. Every day becomes an adventure, as we strive to achieve the desires of our heart.

Our new and true inner voice directs our every step on our march towards everlasting joy, peace of mind, and personal freedom. We come to realize that all of our experiences have led us to this point, and that we are precisely where we’re supposed to be right now.

Righteous living, integrity, honesty, and positive motivation become a way of life. We start to become more secure in our recovery, and we start to appreciate the foundation that we’ve built.

To continue traveling down the right path, it is suggested that we not only continue to take personal inventory, but that we also promptly admit our wrongs. Our plate has been cleansed through working the first nine Steps, now we have to maintain and preserve our uprightness.

In order to uphold our improved state of being, we must admit when we’re wrong, and do our utmost to correct our character flaws, while we continue to abide by the suggestions of the program. We begin to become comfortable with ourselves, with our new way of life, and all of the tools that we’ve learned thus far on our journey.

We’ve come to understand our disease of addiction, and we’ve learned how to rise above its deadly grips. We continue to live and to learn, to work the Steps, to go to meetings, to keep in touch with a sponsor, and to associate with clean and sober people who are supportive of our recovery.

As we continue to live upon this strong and secure foundation, we know that life awaits with all its wonders. We no longer have to live in fear and regret. We’ve transformed into spiritual beings, which are ready and willing to achieve the desires that drive us forward. Imagination and vision expose a Light that’s bursting of new and exciting adventures.

As we sail towards the horizon, we refuse to allow the winds of misery to knock us off our course. The picture of our destination is within our grasp. An ever-present Protector that ensures our safe and sound passage is guiding us. We can’t go wrong, as we strive forward in our recovery.
To thoroughly work this Step, we begin to reflect on each day. We get in touch with ourselves on a deeper level, as we start to recognize our inner workings. As we reflect on our day, we bring to mind our attitudes, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, actions, reactions, interactions with other people, our sense of self-confidence, and self-esteem, as we acknowledge the good and the bad through the course of the day.

This is our personal inventory, and we especially need to make sure that we didn’t wrong others, and if we did, then we need to admit our wrongdoings. This is Step10, the action step that maintains and enhances our personal development.

All the Spiritual Principles that we’ve learned can be put to use as we march onward in our recovery. Day after day, as we work this Step, we positively grow in the direction that we’re led. Our meaningful, serene existence becomes a way of life.

Today, after already completing the 12 Steps, I continue to work Step 10 on a daily basis to uphold my sharp focus, and to continue down the road to positive change, and spiritual growth. Day after day, I see the wonders of the program revealing itself.

I was once an out-of-control addict, and now I’m free – enlightened to this new way of living. My fellow addicts and alcoholics, Step 11 and 12 is soon to come. Now let us thrive on, and enjoy this splendid way of life.

Recovery is a continuous journey, one of growth, enlightenment, and positive motivation. We never forget to maintain our secure foundation, as we strive to do our best throughout each day.

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