Addiction Recovery: Five Ways You Can Fight The Addiction Stigma And Regain Control Of Your Life


Do you know why many of the addicts turn back to their same old habit? It the same old blues again and again to most of them. It's because people still cannot accept them especially their very own family. Even a recovering addict who wants to turn to a new leaf. I know because I face the same problem before. As for me, I just don't give a damn what people gonna say about me. All I want is to stay clean and sober. Eventually people began to accept me for what I am. It ain't easy but you got to be persistent.

For us to exhibit persistence on our journey to recovery we should hold resolutely and consistently to our objective or undertaking regardless of any obtacles that possibly will stand in our line of attack.

Somebody said, "Triumphs without difficulties are empty. Indeed, it is difficulties that make the triumph. It is no feat to travel the smooth road".

Here is an article by Dr. Larry Smith for your reading pleasure. Take note to all recovering addicts, we should contantly be encouraged, affirmative, and participate only the best to unfold as we reside within the integrity developed through our thorough loyalty to remain clean and sober. Love you all. Well, here goes;

Many people who suffer from addiction (chemical dependency) continue to believe it is dishonorable to be addicted. They attempt to conceal, minimize or deny it. It is quite apparent that people suffering from mental illness and addiction fight not only the disease but the stigma attached to the disease.

Denial to admit the severity of the problem and fear of social embarrassment are two major reasons for not seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction. It seems that the majority of the general public believes that addiction is caused, at least in part, by moral weakness.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to fight the addiction stigma and regain control of your life:

1. The truth lay in the Facts; Not Public Opinion

The American Medical Association has recognized alcoholism as a disease since 1956. Whether or not society thinks it is a disease or not, alcohol abuse causes over 100,000 deaths in the United States and Canada each year. (A conservative estimate to say the least) “It is time for people in recovery to help change the way society views addiction. Let them know that addiction is a disease and that treatment works.” (William C. Moyers)

2. Acceptance

Acceptance is the decisive key to help you fight the stigma of addiction. Read over the following quotes and put them into practice immediately!
Accepting does not necessarily mean 'liking,' 'enjoying,' or 'condoning.' I can accept what is—and be determined to evolve from there. It is not acceptance but denial that leaves me stuck." (Nathaniel Branden, American psychologist)

When you're a beautiful person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.” (Sasha Azevedo)

3. Read Stories of Hope and triumph over adversity

It is an absolutely powerful experience to observe somebody with a similar affliction triumph over adversity and turn tragedy into triumph. There are countless examples of persons recovering from addiction that are now hailed and proclaimed as heroes. Keep your mind, body and spirit focused on what is possible. Do whatever it takes to keep moving forward by taking action. Read stories of hope and triumph over adversity on a regular basis and reignite the burning spirit of hope that lays within you!

4. Help Others:

Every single person on this planet has challenges. Each one of us has the potential to help another person with his challenges. It is an absolute gift to know that your actions have helped somebody else face and overcome a challenge. The greatest gift you can give another person suffering from addiction is to share your experience, strength and hope. By helping others, you not only help them but you also help yourself.

5. Count Your Blessings

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street;
I met a man who had no feet.” (Ancient Persian Saying)

Can you recall a horrendous experience that helped you to develop new skills or abilities? Perhaps the horrendous experience pushed you to develop the incredible resources and powers that were lying dormant and untapped within you.

I recently heard the story of a courageous man recovering from addiction who was also challenged with a speech impediment (stuttering). He was very grateful to be clean and sober but still humiliated to speak in public. His deep sense of gratitude for what he already had allowed him to overcome his speaking challenge! Today, he speaks in front of thousands of people on a regular basis with only a slight stammer.

There is without exception somebody else who has bigger problems than you. Be vigilant and take stock of what you have on a daily basis. Be grateful for what you have and you will be given more. However, if you are not grateful for what you already have, it shall be taken away from you.

Overcoming addiction is not an easy process. However, it is possible to recover from addiction by applying the above principles to your daily life. Be grateful for what you have and take action now!

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Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Thanks for the post and the continued sobriety. We are all in this together...

Shadow said...

hey! i woke up one morning some time ago and couldn't find my favourite necklace. my heart pounded, and i ran around the house frantically looking for it. fortunately i found it. and then i realised, this is how bad i feel when i loose a necklace, how would it feel if i lost my son, hubby, our home etc. if i didn't stop drinking... it was a turning point for me....

Anonymous said...

there is a new 12 step recovery program for drug addicts called drug addicts anonymous it works it really does

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