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My auntie and me were very close. Even until now, we were very much attached to each other. One thing I like about her is that I can talk or discuss whatever subjects under the sun. There will be no taboo topic. I can even discuss about sex with her without embarrassing each other.

This story took place back in the year 1977, when I was sweet seventeen. While waiting for my Malaysian Certificate of Education's result, I came to stay at her house in Damansara. Eventually I end up as her handy man.

She was a beautiful forty-seven year old lady back then and successful too. She was a doctor with several self-owned clinics under her belt. She was the eldest of two children by my Grandfather's (on my mother's side) Tok Lang Ali. Her younger brother was still a student, studying Law at University Malaya. He was seldom at home, leaving my aunt taking care both of her parent.

Both of her parent, Tok Lang Ali and his wife are both too old to take care of themselves. Both of them needed constant guidance but my aunt can never trust especially a foreigner to take care both of her parent. She would rather do it herself.

That was how I eventually end-up as her handy man. Her house was in Damansara, a high class and elite residential place. Just by looking at her house, we knew she was successful. She had everything. She has the look, young, wealthy and all the necessary ingredient to make her successful but she was missing something.

Yes! That's right. There was no Man of the House. It keeps me wondering, how could a beautiful and successful lady stay single?. I have thought of asking her. So one fateful day I entered her room. I couldn't believed what I saw on that day. She was so busy playing with herself and deeply engrossed that I doubt she knew I was in her room watching.

Not to embarrassed her and me especially, I sneaked inside a closet and waited for her to finish. Whatever happened while waiting in the closet, are things I have no special desire now to tell in detail. After she was decently dressed, I came out of the closet. She didn't show any sign of surprised gestures that got me thinking, was she purposely performing a show for me to watch? I would be lying if I said I was not turn on at all! What do you expect from a seventeen year old boy?

When I managed to speak, I told her to get the real thing, get married and live happily ever after. The word 'marriage' does surprise her. She had no intention to get married after all because according to her, marriage will destroy her live and she was happy living the life as it was!

For conversation sake, I told her to marry someone stupid who will not boss her around like a husband should. Someone who will be content living as a second fiddle to her. Someone who will be afraid to ask for a divorce when thing got bad. Especially someone who can took care of her parent when she was off to work!

She had a good laugh when I told her just that before she became serious again.She confessed to me that she's willing to sacrifice her life for her parent sake. She preferred staying as a spinster so that she can take good care of her parent. According to her no man, even as her husband can managed her parent well.

It was common knowledge, when you are in love, a man will pledge whatever agreements even including to act as a maid to her parent after they got married! At first I couldn't accept her explanations but it took me nearly twenty years(nineteen years to be exact)for me to agree with her. Only now I can fully understood what she had been trying to say to me on that fateful day when I was seventeen year old!

Now I am happily married with a lovely lady from Sayong. She used to be my motivator and she's the reason I'm embarking on this Journey To Recovery. Without her guardian I don't think I could stayed on track and made it on the other side safely. In fact I owed her my life. That is why I love her very very very much and I shall do whatever it take to make her life meaningful for having a husband like me.

This is my second marriage. My former wife was a beauty from Karak and she is a dental doctor. With her I felt as though I'm having my very own personal dentist who took good care of my teeth periodically. But my marriage didn't last long because she had to do what she had to do and I have to do what I have to do!

I have tried everything to save my marriage but due to outside influenced, she finally got her wish. I felt no regret about it now because I had done everything in my power to make my marriage work. It is Allah will. Why not Allah grant me my prayer if He has something more worthwhile waiting for me after the collapse of my marriage with her?

I had no regret, I've come with a smile and I go with a smile too. Maybe one of these days I'm going to Blog about my Dentist!

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