Afterthought II


Now I know why married couples live on their own and not living under the same roof as their parent. Mainly because living with your mother-in-law could be like living in hell. That's what I felt right now.

Believe me, I'm not trying to condemn my very own mother-in-law or anybody associated with her. I'm maybe down right now but who knows, in a day or two I shall be her good buddy. This is a rambling old man letting off steam in the best way possible. So, be a Blogger. It will do you good.

I know it is against the teaching of Islam to make enemy with your own mother or you will not even get to smell paradise. I knew that but to err is human and I'm just an ordinary old man who had nothing to show to the world is liable to make mistake. Yaa Allah, astaghfirullahal adzim wa atubu ilaik.

My mother-in-law definition of a successful man are those who has a fat tummy and a round face and also hold a nine to five job. In which case, I have neither. Compared to her sons, daughters, sons and daughters-in-laws, I'm just a nobody who had nothing! Who am I compared to a millionaire, doctors, lawyer, business corporates, Head Master of a school and even to a High Court's Judge? Not forgetting an Attache for the Malaysian Embassy in London!

How do you explained that you are doing a home base business and now for the past five months surfing the Internet trying to self-educate yourself learning to do business online? Even though I don't earned millions but I do earned enough money and having enough money and enough time to do what I want, when I want. That's my personal definition of wealth and I think it pretty much captures the biggest benefits of wealth.

Do you think Bill Gates, who is worth billions,keeps his job as CEO of Microsoft because he HAS to...or because he WANTS to? I think it's safe to say that Bill Gates has enough money and enough time to do what he wants, when he wants, because Bill Gates has created true wealth, not just income. In a word, true wealth is freedom.

Chuck Feeney is in the same financial league as Bill Gates. As the founder of hundreds of duty-free shops in airports all over the world, Feeney is worth billions. Or I should say, he WAS worth billions. In 1984, Feeney donated 99.5% of his $3.5 billion fortune to a charitable foundation. Today he is donating his time and his money to worthy causes all over the world.

Both Bill Gates and Chuck Feeney understand that true wealth means having total freedom to choose how to spend your time...and your money. Gates is choosing to spend his time creating more wealth, while Feeney is choosing to spend his time giving his fortune away. The common denominator that enables these two men to make two very different choices is true wealth.

Certainly the word wealth means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, wealth isn't just about being able to buy things, although that's a nice side benefit. To me, true wealth is synonymous with freedom.

Sometime I just couldn't take it anymore. I would asked, pleaded, begged, appealed my wife to move out and rent a house somewhere else but my wife will never do such a thing and asked, pleaded, begged, appealed to me to make friend again with her mother!

As for your information, I am a very friendly type of person who can adapt to any kind of situations. My wife knew this because she has seen me in action in numerous occasions. That's why I made a promised when I was courting her that I shall stayed with my mother-in-law after we got married. I thought I could wooed her with my charms but I was wrong. My mother-in-law has NEVER liked me even before we were married and I guess she never will!

To her I am just a lazy SOB who is wasting time in front of the computer doing nothing and using my wife paycheck for my own used! That's why I chose not to speak to her rather than say anythings that I shall regret later on.

Now she's telling everybody how I have been avoiding her. I realised I'm not a good son-in-law like the rest but I could never win her heart. Nothing that I do is right to her eye but deep in my heart I knew I could never hate her.

How I wish to lead a wonderful fruitful life during these last phase of my life. Sometime I just don't know what to do anymore. Maybe a joke will sober me up. They say laughter is "Chicken Soup For The Soul." Jokes and comics are said to relieve some of that "stress" that we all experience from time to time. Hope the humour below will be enjoyed by everyone. So here goes:

Going Home

A man, whose level of drunkenness was bordering on the absurd, stood up to leave a bar and fell flat on his face.

"Maybe all I need is some fresh air," thought the man as he crawled outside.

He tried to stand up again, but fell face first into the mud.

"Argh," he said in frustration, thinking, "I'll just crawl home."

The next morning, his wife foung him on the doorstep asleep.

"You went out drinking last night, didn't you?" she said.

"Uh, yes," he said sheepishly. "How did you know?"

"You left your wheelchair at the bar again!"

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