Were You Told The Truth?


Scott Boulch the author of "The Death Of AdSense" and "Life After AdSense" said "All Truth Passes Through Three Stages. First, It Is Ridiculed. Second, It Is Violently Opposed. And Third, It Is Accepted Being Self-Evident."

Please don't get me wrong. Let the record state that I don't accept nor do I reject Scott Boulch's view on AdSense. Furthermore, I'm not well-verse in AdSense, let alone to judge who's right and who's wrong. I'm just the innocent bystander watching from the ringside observing "The Clash Of The Titan."

In the red corner, we have the Nada Guru, Scott Boulch who is not satisfied with the reign of AdSense and openly declared the reign of AdSense is death on August 1st, 2006. Now he is the champion of "Click Flipping".

In the blue corner, we have the Mayor of World Village himself, the Ultimate AdSense Guru now defending the title by saying, "The Kingdom Is Very Much Alive!"

As predicted, the clash of the titan has definitely stirred up some controversy in the Internet Marketing and Business Forum, Web Masters and the Non-Web Masters all around the world.

As I have stated earlier, I'm just the innocent bystander. I thought after my name has been banished from the all-important list of names controlled by the kin of my faithful wife in Kedah, the story will stop there and then. For those who can't make head or tail what I'm talking about, click here.

The latest news I heard is that, she has been very busy calling and sending messages to all of them that was listed in her VIP list of names. And one of them is my esteem mother-in-law!

Of course I'm to be blamed for being rude. I should humble myself and talked nicely especially to those who has an alphabets of "D" and "r" before their name! Especially to those who has been working very hard day and night to help me earn my living! Now, due to my ignorance, all helps are to be terminated officially.

"I heard and I obey," I told my mother-in-law.

For a person who has not the decency to say a simple "thank you" to all my good well wishes, she has the 'balls' to say that she has a prospect for me to join my Network Marketing Programme! I could just heard myself said, B.S!

By her cunning scheme, she has validated herself not to render any services to me coz I had turn off her offer! In other words, her good deeds has expired the day I said, "I don't give a @#$%.......".

But then who am I to say all that. So let's carry on what Joel Comm has to say about that.......

Thousands of unsuspecting Internet marketers have been believing untruths about Google AdSense.

But now you know the truth.......

AdSense is ALIVE!

Google will earn OVER $10 BILLION in ad revenue in 2006.......

.......and they are SHARING it with SMART site publishers!

A couple of years ago, Google's stock went public at $100 per share.

The naysayers said, "That's too high!" What a stupid investment!"

Today, Google stock is worth OVER $400 per share!

Did you listen to the naysayers then?

Will you listen to the naysayers now?

I might be ridiculed, threatened, unsolicited, second guessed, discouraged violently opposed and so forth now but when truth be told.......

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