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Here is another groundbreaking news for Malaysian. As you have already known, Google has accepted the Malay Language for their ads in AdSense even though they are "In Testing". This is a wonderful development to help those who can't really write contents in English on their websites or weblogs.

So far Google has accepted Arabic, Thai and other languages. These will open the door to those who has the capabilities to create in those languages beside English or any other European Languages. And these will also open a very wide opportunities to make some money!

So, let me share with you all especially Malaysian, the groundbreaking news that we have waited all these while. Here goes:

Internet search giant Google's Hong Kong subsidiary is looking to recruit authorized resellers in South-East Asia for it's AdWords and AdSense web-based advertising programme.

Crid Yu, Google's Hong Kong head of sales, said companies interested in becoming authorized resellers will have to go through a certification process.

"The process will train the applicants on how to approach client," he said.

Applicants, he said, will be chosen based on their knowledge of AdWords and AdSense. "Authorized resellers must (also) demonstrate quality of service."

Yu said interested applicants can apply via e-mail to

In Kuala Lumpur recently on a recruitment drive, he said Malaysia is a potential market for AdWords and AdSense because the country has high Internet usage.

"The Internet population in Malaysia has hit the 10 million mark with 62% of users living in the urban areas," he said.

"Malaysia also spends about RM4 million online advertising annually," he added.

Source: The Star

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