Well, I'm not well at all. For the past four days I'm not feeling well. My head felt as though a jackhammer had been driven right through it. Oh boy! Do I felt so weak?

At first I didn't notice what's wrong with my Blog. You would too if you looked at first glance. The latest post showed no problem at all but when you visited the rest of the posts you will noticed some irregularities at the bottom of each posts.

There you will realized that the line "Link To This Post" is not activated. I mean when you point your mouse at that line, no hand image are shown. Then they are two lines of words that are visible on them posts which are not suppose to be there.

The words are "CREATE A LINK" and "<< Home". I tried my very best to make it disappear but it wasn't about to obey me. I tried out all that I had learned in my journey to self-educate myself but it's still wasn't enough!

What can a newbie like me do when faced with this kind of obstacles except to seek help. So I composed an email and sent it to Blogger Help Group and to my new found friend, DarkUFO. I have yet to receive his reply but I know and I'm confident he will be with me to stand by me.

I know there are many die-hard fans of the TV series of LOST. As a tribute to all die-hard fans of LOST and especially to my friend DarkUFO, I have linked myself with LOST's homepage. Click the link and enjoy.

Early this morning, my faithful wife took me to the Kuala Kangsar's General Hospital. I finally relented to her plea to see a doctor after the fever I'm having did not subside.

When my name was called I was taken to see a Hospital Assistant's trainee to take my blood. When I asked what for? I was told it was for Dengue's blood test. To be honest, there is only one thing that I'm afraid of.

Yes, you got it. A hypodermic needle! There is a story why I'm a little bit of phobia when it come to syringe. When I was young and foolish, I befriended a group who uses hypodermic needle as their tools of trade! In short, I had vast experienced when it comes to syringe.

And when this young new trainee come and touch my hand, I knew I shall be in deep trouble. I tried to tell him that he won't find my vein at the usual place but he would not listen. So, what can I do? I held my breath and let him do his job.

Bad choice. After piercing both my arm without success, I felt myself turning green. Not green with envy but green as in HULK!

I was really in pained and to make matter worst, I was fasting too that day! Oh God, please forgive me for losing my temper but I have to do it myself. I knows my anatomy well enough to know which part of my body will make my vein visible!

Anyway I would like to thank Dr.Lim Voon Lee and her staff for a job well done even after I blew my top.

I only realized my mistake after I published this post. It was normal after all. All this while I thought there must be something wrong and I had spent hours at it trying to remedy the situation.

Then I thought back about this topic that I sent to Blogger Help Group. How stupid am I not to realize earlier? I presume I must be bombarded with sarcastic words for being so stupid but I was wrong. I'm turning green again but this time from shyness!

When I came back to Blogger Help Group, only Rhubarb answered my question. He told me that it was perfectly normal and leave it just like that because it suppose to look like that!

I felt bad about myself for thinking like that. The way Rhubarb answered my question, it was in a nice orderly way. It compelled me to leave a reply. So I told Rhubarb how nice of him to answer my question and thanking him for his thought and concerned.

I'm a newbie and I'm on a journey to self-educating myself to be a savvy webmaster one of these days. So, AdSense Forum and Blogger Help Group are the natural places to go and learned because my first adventure are with Google's AdSense and Blogger.

I have been an avid reader to both places and I have come across how a stupid question was treated. Maybe to them it was stupid but to a newbie like me, it's not. But don't get me wrong, if you want to learn about AdSense or Blogging, both places are a great place to seek knowledge. I thank you all.

Last but not least, to Rhubarb for his thought and concerned.

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