The Feeling is Mutual


I don't know what to say. I don't know whether my life is about to change or not. Whether it's gonna benefit me or curse me down to the lowest peak of my life.

Lately, it has come to my intention that I have been receiving lots of email bearing good news, how my life is about to change in a true rags to riches success story.

All those emails come from all over the world but mostly from countries in Africa and the Netherlands. Every one of them carried a banner saying that I have money waiting in the bank just waiting for me to disclose my bio data and the money will be mine worth a million plus in US Dollar. Never once the offer is less than a million.

That is a lot of money. Even $1 000, it is still a lot of money. With that kind of money, I could buy all the ebooks written by Joel Comm and more.

It keep me wondering, am I that blessed that people all over the world is offering me money, Banks saying that I have won lottery prizes that I had never once bought a ticket, a lucky draw that I have never anticipated? Why the sudden attentions?

And the most amazing email I received is from a very rich but dying old lady. She told me that she is going into an operation for a disease or two and will not comes out alive. She has instructed her very prominent lawyer that she is leaving a 5 million plus US Dollar will to ME! Can you believe it?

It has become my habit on every occasion's, I would sent a sms (short message system) using my mobile phone to every friends, relatives, brothers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws, in-between-laws and so on.

The last time I sent out a message was on the coming month of Ramadhan. As usual I sent out a message to every one wishing them all the best during the fasting month and as usual, I would never received a reply especially from those who are closes to my adoring wife!

Then I received a message from her kin in Kedah. She was joking and having fun telling every one that she is moving to Thailand on a short notice to become their Premier! I doubt those message were for me coz to her, I'm just a nobody for her to joke around and furthermore she has never replied my sms before so why should she do it now? Then I realized those messages were not meant for me!

When I told her I don't give a @#$% who's she gonna be, she retaliates. My name will be struck off from her VIP List (ha! ha!) and some more. That's when I told her, the feeling is mutual.

Back to the story, how could anyone has my email address? As far as I know, I only gave my email address whenever I subscribed something from a Web Master but with a clause. My email address will only be used by them and would never be sold, rented, borrowed or what-so-ever to a third party!

There must be something wrong somewhere and what harm will it do me if I gives out my bio data to comply to their wishes? I shall leave all that to you readers, you will be the judge to that and I shall appreciate all your comments.

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