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A lot of people asked me, what are you doing spending most of your time in front of your PC?

Well, how do I answer that question?

For one thing, I'm not wasting my time playing GAMES. You know games that you played with your Play Station. I'm not great with the technical stuff so I don't play, PERIOD. I created this Blog for me to express myself. I'm not selling anything, in fact I don't have any product to sell. Well maybe I'm selling informations.

Do you know that writing a blog can be fun and exciting? And it can also be rewarding. Maybe you need to consider implementing the following suggestions in your blog.

Make Money Tip #1 AdSense
AdSense is an incredible service offered by Google to help you make MONEY and help others advertise as well. This is a type of advertisement offered by Google where they share their revenue with webmasters or the owner of a website who put Google Ad in their blog or website. Google will pay for every clicks which bring traffics to their clients. In other words, Google pays for every clicks by Google AdSense to LEAVE your website! Basically, with AdSense you choose several ads that blend or complement the information talked about in your blog. Then, when individuals clicks the ads that are present in your blog, you get paid. This is a great opportunity to make money without really having to do much.

Make Money Tip #2 Affiliate Marketing
This is another great way to make money. It work on the same premise of AdSense where the web surfer has to click on the affiliate website's link and when they do so they are redirected to the link they clicked on. You will be paid affiliate income for the click and if they make a purchase when they are on that website, you will be paid a commission which you has made with the affiliate programs which you had joined.

Make Money Tip #3 Blog Ads
This also is not too different from AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. In a sense blog ads connect web surfers with advertisers. When any ads placement are made, you will be paid a commission that had been agreed upon.

Make Money Tip #4 Business Blog
You can used your blog to write about any topic that you are comfortable with and important to you. It also can be used as a tool to make you money by advertising your business services. Make your blog a business blog by focusing part of your blog on your business services. This way, you can still communicate whatever it is you need to and make money as well.

When it comes to making money from your blog you can do so easily with these tried and proven true tricks of the trade. Whether you utilize AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Blog Ads, a Business Blog or a combination of all of the above, you will certainly benefit and make money. Do not delay and start implementing these types of money making strategies in your blog ASAP! Not only will you be making money but your blog will become more popular as well, insyaAllah.

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