The best tool for a Network Marketer to use in using time and effort are what
we called leverage.

That's what J. Paul Getty was getting at when he said, "I'd rather earn 1% of 100 men's efforts rather than 100% of my own"

That's why leverage is so powerful - you earn a little from the efforts of a
bunch of people.

The most often told story in Network Marketing's meetings or books to illustrate the concept of leverage are the story of a lumberjack and the chain saw. The story goes like this:-

One day a rookie lumberjack went to buy a saw at the local hardware store. You see, all this while he is getting chewed out by his foremen for not meeting the quota of timbers cut. He told to the young sales clerk, ''I need the best saw you got and I'm willing to pay whatever the price is.''

The young sales clerk went to the back of the store for a few minutes before carrying it with him a shining brand new chain saw. "This is the best saw on the market," said the young sales clerk proudly. "It will cut thru' trees like a knife thru' butter. It will cut a month's worth of timber in a day or I shall give back all your money, guaranteed!"

The excited rookie lumberjack paid the clerk promtly, grabbed his shining new saw and headed back to th forest.

Exactly a month later, while the young sales clerk were busy attending to his chores, he heard a loud commotion at the front-desk. Then he heard the angry voice of the rookie lumbejack, "You! I've come here to return back the saw and I wanna my money BACK!"

The lumberjack looked as though he had not slept in weeks. He looked awful in his shreaded and torn clothes stained with blood, sweat and tears.

"Wh-Wh-Wh-what happened, man? You look terrible!", said the frighten young sales clerk.

The rookie lumberjack put the saw onto the counter and said, "Tis here @#$%&* saw you sold me. You guaranteed it could cut a month's worth of timber. I've using this *&%$#@ saw for the whole month now and I can't even cut a day's worth of timber in a month and I want my money back!"

The young sales clerk was dumbfounded and apologized sincerely, "OK, I agreed. I shall give you back your money coz I'm a man of my words. Let's see here, maybe I can figure out what's wrong with your saw."

The young clerk gave the pull rope a quick pull and the chain saw comes alive with a tremendous noise- ''B-B-B-R-R-R-R-R-R-R! ! !"

The young lumberjack jumped back from the counter as though he had been hit, shounting over the roaring noise of the chain saw, "WHAT IS THAT SOUND?"

No wonder the rookie lumberjack looked terrible. He had been trying to cut down trees without turning on the chain saw. The story above do tell us about the awesome power the word leverage is, only to those who knows how to use it.

The chain saw is obviously a great tool for leveraging time and effort. You know exactly what I mean, if you ever tried to cut up a big tree using a hand saw. The rookie failure didn't result from lack of talent or effort but rather from a lack of knowledge! In order to take full advantage of leverage, we have to have the knowledge. Otherwise, we will end up like the rookie lumberjack- we will still trying to get ahead working harder trading time for money, instead of working smarter by leveraging our time and efforts.

By doing the right kind of leverage in the right situation, we can move mountains.......... Think about it before you go to sleep tonight. The key word is knowledge. Whatever you do, you gotta have KNOWLEDGE!

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