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Even though my blog is not perfect but I decided to have a go at it. I posted my 1st blog on Sunday August 27th with the title "Just Blogging" (like just married). Linda Bruton of might say, "it is like simplified rehashes of Internet Marketing 101 for beginners. There hardly a fresh thought or ideas to be found. I doubt she will publish it if I sent her my articles but I will sent her an e-mail like I send to Joel Comm.

Whatever it is, I am very proud and happy with my 1st article. And I wanna share my happiness and joy with Joel Comm who gave me the inspiration to create my very own blog. So I sent him an e-mail telling him that his name was mentioned in

Not long after that I received a reply from telling me that they had never heard about me and told me to register if I want their services. I was dumbfounded for quite some times before I realized that Joel Comm and InfoMedia are the same.

But the problem is that I never wrote to InfoMedia but to Luckily I still kept the e-mail that Joel Comm sent me for confirmation to subscribe for his newsletter.

After several e-mails to and fro with InfoMedia, at long last everything was verified but it left empty. The joy is no more there.

It is my fault really. I should educate myself more about computer and Internet. So, to any 'gurus' out there who have the time to teach me a thing or two about computer and Internet, I would be most grateful.

After this, it is my intention to build my very own website. My niche would be about Network Marketing. I want to tell all about Network Marketing especially to my countrymen/women in Malaysia and those who speak and read the Malay Language. Please give me your comment so that my website will be the best place to visit!

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