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So what are you waiting for? Are you worried you will not succeed? Why not look at it like this. If you try to succeed in your own business and fail, the most you will lose is a little money. And not much with the low start-up costs (in Network Marketing).

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to risk your life savings when starting a business. The knowledge alone, that you will gain from simply attempting your own business will outweigh any financial loss by far.

That is not to say it will be easy. Success can sometimes be a difficult thing to sneak up on. Perseverance is a major asset for anyone starting their own business. After all, failure, as well as success, is a part of life. As the old saying goes, if at first you do not succeed, try, and try again. This saying would not be so popular if everyone succeeded the very first time they attempted anything.

I have read somewhere, a bit of American history, a story that had kept me going during my own start-up phase. You see, early on, I had serious doubts about Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing. Just like Saiyidina Omar r.a before he embraced Islam.

While still working my steady 9-5 job I often thought, "What am I doing? I am not an entrepreneur". Even though I am stuck in a less than thrilling job and living from paycheck to paycheck!

Well I was wrong. ANYONE can be a successful MLM or Network Marketing's entrepreneur especially with the help of Internet.

Around the time my doubt was reaching a peak, I happened to read this story. It turned out to be just the encouragement I needed. I still remember it clearly as though I just read it. So, here goes the short version:


  • 1831 - Failed in Business, Bankruptcy
  • 1832 - Defeated for Legislature
  • 1835 - Sweetheart/Fiancee Dies
  • 1836 - Defeated in Election
  • 1836 - Nervous Breakdown
  • 1843 - Defeated for US Congress
  • 1846 - Defeated again for US Congress
  • 1848 - Defeated once again for US Congress
  • 1855 - Defeated for US Senate
  • 1856 - Defeated for US Vice President
  • 1858 - Defeated again for US Senate


  • 1860 - ELECTED PRESIDENT of the US of A!

See, you cannot fail....... unless you quit!

Now that you know the worst that can happen (and it cannot be as Honest Abe had it) concentrate for a moment on the best case scenario.

If you succeed, and more than 70% of all new entrepreneurs do, you will no longer have to rely on others for your income.

You will be able to work the hours YOU want right in your own home.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have faith in yourself, work hard, and you may be surprised how easy it can be.

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