Porn Addiction

Nowadays porn sites can be easily surf via the Internet. As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer, porn sites are readily available. You can either browse it for free or pay certain amount of money to view porn videos to your heart content!

Have you ever feel that you can't get through a day without wondering what's new on the porn sites? Or you cannot do any work without first watching your favorite porn shows Then I'm afraid I've bad news for you. You might asked, does all this mean you are suffering from porn addiction? Well, to answer this question it's all depend on your definition of addiction. That said, addiction is essentially defined as the desire to repeat behavior, and the inability to stop a behavior that may have harmful consequences.

Porn addiction can begin in a number of different ways and lead to a myriad of practices. Some porn addicts have one specific unwanted behavior. Others have dozens. What separates porn addicts from healthy sexual adults is the presence of a compulsive behavior. People who deal with porn addiction often feel out of control and unable to manage their sexual impulses. Frequently, once an impulse has been satisfied, a person with porn addiction will experience a great wave of shame, pain, and self-loathing.

Porn addiction is also dangerous because it can lead individuals to put themselves or others in potentially harmful circumstances in order to satisfy their sexual impulse. Not only that, porn addiction can also caused the inability to achieve erection. Some even indulge to excessive masturbation!

So the biggest questions in considering whether you suffering from porn addiction depend on the following traits:

1. Can you quit watching porn sites when you want?
2. Do you have to, or feel compelled to watch porn?
3. Is your porn sites watching having harmful effect on your life?

Usually most addicts claim they can stop performing an addictive behavior whenever they want. But all too often they never try out this claim. So if you think you may be suffering from porn addiction, the first test you should be doing is to turn off your computer for a week, and see what that feels like.

This also helps to answer question #2. If in that week, you find yourself aimless, lost without your porn sites, feeling like you should turn the computer on every time you pass it, you may have taken the first step toward breaking porn addiction.

Question #3 requires some thought and perhaps some journaling to consider how porn addiction might be affecting you or your loved ones. Of course, one harmful consequence of watching too much porn is that it means you move around less. Thus watching a lot of porn sites is linked with a sedentary lifestyle. If you find that you are significantly overweight and watch a lot of porn sites on the computer, you may be manifesting a harmful symptom of porn addiction.

As well, porn addiction tends to rob you of the ability to significantly contribute in conversation with the people in your lives. Does your spouse seem remote? Do you have friends? Is your love life non-existent? The last question may seem frivolous but actually studies have shown that porn addiction tends to reduce frequency of sexual intercourse.

Inability to communicate with a spouse may result from your eyes and attention being glued to the porn sites far too often. When watching porn sites interferes with your relationships and diminishes communication time with family, you might consider porn addiction the cause. As well, if your porn addiction keeps you from making or keeping friendships, this is also considered a harmful side effect.

Often people use computer as escapism, and porn addiction is simply escapism carried too far. Conquering a habit like porn addiction is particularly difficult because watching porn sites or porn videos are easily available. Therefore, it may be more difficult to get this particular monkey off your back, since you are likely to be exposed regularly to many porn watchers.

Addiction also is challenging to break because we get short-term benefits or rewards from our addiction. A cigarette smoker may fully be aware that he or she is creating long term health issues, but the mental and physical benefits of that “one cigarette” overcomes considering long term effects.

If you find that watching porn sites is the dominant figure in your life, then perhaps the time to break the porn addiction has come, especially if you fit the description of an addict. This is not an easy path, but one should not be ashamed. The first step is ridding yourself of access to computer, and then working with others, like a good counselor, who can help you break free of this porn addiction. You many find that breaking porn addiction ultimately brings you exceptional rewards.

As with any addiction, it is often helpful if not critical to obtain some kind of support and professional advice. Help groups can offer a great deal of free information and support through regular group meetings for addicted individuals. Those dealing with porn addiction may also find it helpful to contact a physician, counselor, or therapist.

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